Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Angels helped Jayana’s father in departing his soul
  • # 2. How Angels helped when her car shut down suddenly on the way to her son’s hostel
  • # 3. How a big accident averted with the help of Angels
  • # 4. How Angels helped Jayana to release addiction of her client
  • # 5. How Angels helped Jayana’s son when he was not getting any conveyance to reach the school for the exam
  • # 6. How Jayana did advance healing courses with the help of Angels when her husband refused to support her
  • # 7. How Guardian Angels of Jayana helped her during her journey to Mumbai
  • # 8. Angels helped me in managing and handling workshop
  • # 9. How Angels helped Jayana to get rid of her unwanted thoughts

Meet Jayana Sevak based out of Gujarat. She is 45 years old and working as a Teacher. She wanted to do something for her and others wellbeing but she faced a financial crisis & her inner critical voice.

However, she realized the need for divine intervention and mentorship to overcome her issues. She used to hear a lot about Angel through her sister and she used to say that such miracles happen through Angel. One day she saw my video on Youtube channel about how to invoke Angels for help and register herself for Basic Angel Course followed by a 9 Step Process.

As a result, she overcame her issues of financial crisis, fear & inner critical voice. Now she is a strong believer in Angels. She is helping people with Angel healing.

How I started my journey with Angels

I am a teacher and I teach in class X and XI. The students in my school come from very poor families. I always try to give them a good education. I always felt that I should add some value in their lives. But I never had any idea of how to do it? As per my understanding, I used to explain to the students.

My sister, who did both Reiki courses and Angel courses, I used to listen to them often and then I had no faith in all these things, but I used to watch videos on YouTube and one day suddenly Nitin Sir’s videos came on youtube and I was very much impressed with his videos and I started watching his videos. I want to get Angel messages, I messaged Nitin Sir and he added me on the broadcast list. I also used to get Angel messages every day and some of his meditations also come. And I know that these are very important for the students to enhance their concentration. These Angel meditations have changed my life a lot that is why I started to meditate with my students when I was in class. I used to listen to the experiences of students when they meditated , so I used to think that meditation of Nitin Sir is sacred, so courses will be even better and without any single thought I joined Basic Angel Course followed by 9 step Process. Today I am helping people with the help of Angels and under Nitin Sir’s guidance.

How Angels helped my father in departing his soul

After examination my father was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. According to his age liver transplantation and Chemotherapy was not possible. The doctor gave the medicine and also said that he would have vomiting with blood. When the doctor talked about blood’s vomit, we were all afraid that how would we see it? But with the help of Angel and Reiki, we saw this miracle happen that they had not done blood vomit. I gave him healing and did the aura cleansing regularly.

Due to liver failure, he now had a problem in the Heart and then the infection had spread to the kidney as well. On September 9, I messaged Nitin Sir that if I have such a condition for my father, what should I do with it? Sir said that invoke Archangel Azrael and we started invoking Archangel Azrael who is responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after death. On September 5, at 11:00, my father left us forever. I am grateful to the Angels in departing his soul for his further journey.

Angels helped me when my car shut down suddenly on the way to my son’s hostel

Returning from Udaipur in 2016, my car’s AC stopped and the car also shut down. In those days my son used to study in Abu and we had to leave him at the hostel at 4:00 pm. I had also done a basic crystal course, so I also had Shiva and Shakti crystals and my mentor had told me that if any type of difficulty arises, then it breaks, then suddenly I also noticed this and when I saw one of them, my crystal was broken. My husband was taking help by calling a toll free number, at the same time I called my sister and informed her about this incident. She invoked Angel for us as she knew the process of Angel healing and then the company provided the car. Also came and the second miracle happened that when we called in the school, Sir told us that our car is going off the same road, then you send your son to that car.

I did not do an Angel course then, but I got this miracle of Angel from my sister’s help.

A big accident averted with the help of Angels

It was April 2019, when we were going to leave my son in Ahmedabad. Two-three days ago I was having an intuitive thought that our car accident may happen and as soon as we got out that day we must have gone 35/40 km ahead and suddenly bumped a wooden stick in the car, no one was there and our car tyre burst and immediately my husband stopped the car. Thanks to the Angels for protecting us as I took Angel protection before starting the journey.

Also I always ask help from Angels whenever I go shopping and I get things at a good and low price.

Angels helped my client to release his addiction

After learning the Online Advanced Angel course from Nitin Sir, I did my client’s first healing. My client was addicted to sweets. That client had such a sweet addiction that he did not feel relieved until he could eat something sweet. When she could not get anything sweet, she would eat sugar. When I started his Angel healing within 20 days, this problem of his sweet addiction was solved. It was a miracle.

Angels helped my son when he was not getting any conveyance to reach the school for the exam

My son had gone to Ahmedabad for an exam and that area was such that he was neither getting any Auto nor any bus there. He called me. I called Angels and within no time he got an auto. The auto driver drops him on the highway road and does not take a single rupee. It was quite surprising but Angels come in human form as I have studied in Basic Angel Course. Thanks to my Angels for helping my son.

I did all the courses of Nitin Sir with the help of Angels

I wanted to do all the courses of Nitin sir but I did not have so much money and my husband refused to give me. So I took the help of my four sisters. Everyone gave me money. My husband didn’t know about that. I did all the courses. Through the healing of Angels, I returned the money to all of my sisters. Thanks to Angel for fulfilling my desire and making me confident, competent, self-worthy, authentic and self-independent healer.

My Guardian Angels helped me during my journey to Mumbai

It was my first experience that I had gone all alone to Mumbai to learn Basic Angel Course from Nitin Sir. My return ticket was not confirmed but with the help of Angel, I got the RAC ticket. And the seat number was 55. A man who is sitting on the same seat said that you sleep upstairs and I will sleep down. It was really an amazing experience because it was my first time when I was travelling alone.

Angels helped me in managing and handling workshop

I am not confident enough in some situations. Once I was given the task to handle a workshop in school. I did not feel confident about how I could conduct this workshop. I had no idea at all. I asked for help from Angels. By the grace of Angels all the arrangements did well. I received an appreciation from the Principal too.

Angels helped me to get rid of my unwanted thoughts

Previously, before doing any work, I used to think that what someone will think about me, what someone will say about me when I do this. But now after becoming Life Coach, I have started doing all the work, no matter what people will think about me.

Earlier I did not have any clarity about what to do, how to do, why to do and when to do but after doing the courses from Nitin Sir now I know about my life purpose. I am very thankful to Nitin Sir and Angels for their divine guidance.

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