Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Jyoti transformed her life
  • # 2. How Jyoti changed her life after Online Basic Angel Course, Advance Angel Course
  • # 3. How Angels helped Jyoti to improve relationships with her husband and mother-in-law
  • # 4. How Angels helped Jyoti to complete her school task
  • # 5. How Angels saved her son
  • # 6. How Angels helped Jyoti to break the pattern of Fears, Future Uncertainties, Negative Thinking Pattern, Lack of Self Worthiness, and Lack of Confidence
  • # 7. How Jyoti recovered from her lower back pain and Migraine

Meet Jyoti based out of New Delhi. She is 40 years old and working as a primary teacher.

Jyoti always wanted to improve her health and relationship with her husband. But she faced a toxic home environment & disrespectful behaviour of her husband and mother-in-law.

However, she realized the need for an Online Basic Angel Course and Online Advance Angel Course and she did Angels healings and Angel meditations.

As a result, Jyoti was able to improve her relationship and was relieved of her anxiety. She got relieved of her lower back pain, which was there for the last 4 years due to two cesarean deliveries.

Read the full story of Jyoti to know how Jyoti was able to improve her relationship with her husband, how she got relieved from her lower back pain, how she transformed her life with the help of Angels, how Angels helped Jyoti to complete her School’s task, how Angels helped Jyoti’s son to save him during cold winter night, how Angels Helped Jyoti to overcome her fear and much more.

Problems she faced by mother-in-law

Like every girl, I too had a lot of dreams and expectations for my marriage, but all my dreams were shattered from the wedding day.

Where the mother of the boy is so desperate to marry his son and that too of her choice of girl, where she feels the right fit for his son, and it is the same mother turned Saas known for her tantrums to her daughter-in-law?

By day one of my marriage, the behaviour of my mother-in-law was so weird. I suffered great trauma in my marriage life at the hands of my husband and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law used to speak ill and abuse me and my family all the time. I used to go out of school every morning at 7.30. But my superstitious mother-in-law made a condition that I would not go to the kitchen without taking bath and she takes bath first in the morning before me. My mother-in-law created a problem for me to reach school on time.

Difficult relationship with husband

My husband did not even support me and not understand me.

He always considered me as a wrong person. Her father-in-law also considered me wrong. I was not taken care of in my both pregnancies and after delivery also I was not taken care of by my husband, my mother-in-law and father-in-law. It was a time when a mother going to birth to a new life, she needed extra care but in my case me, I was not lucky enough to have. Both were the cesarean deliveries, due to this I suffered from lower pain and migraine. I had to face a lot of difficulties in pregnancies. One of them was surgery in which my gallbladder was removed. I continued to feel uneasiness. Whatever problems I was facing in my married life, all of them made me alone. I had anxiety about the uncertainty of the future. I had a fear of darkness. I felt lonely.

A Movement when the transformation begins

The day my mother-in-law slapped me, my face was swollen. My father-in-law and husband blamed me as usual then I decided that I would not tolerate any more oppression, I would transform my life for the sake of me and my children. I used to watch YouTube videos regarding Angel’s philosophy. During the pandemic lockdown, I decided to do an online Basic Angel Course, Advance Angel Healing Course and Change your mindset Course from Ruhhan World and transform my life into betterment.

Angels help me in my important School task

I needed to get a lot of printouts for my school task. My printer is an old model. Through this, a lot of printouts have taken out but some of my prints have not been able to be taken and then I called angels for help. In this lockdown, the company sent a serviceman. He checked and refilled the ink cartridges of the printer. Then I took out the remaining printouts.

Angel save my child during a cold night

It was a cold winter night and I was sleeping with my young son. After some time he came out of the quilt and was totally uncovered. I felt like someone was shaking and waking me up from my sleep, saying to me ,”Look at him ,he is totally uncovered”.I simply woke up, covered him up and slept again instantly.
In the morning, I realized that I was literally being told to do so. I was amazed.

My fear has gone with the help of Angels

I had a really big problem of fear.I don’t know what kind of fear was that. Was it fear of darkness, fear of loneliness, fear of future uncertainties or some other fear? I developed all these fears because of my past life bad experiences. I started doing Angel healings and things got really changed.

I was the kind of person, who was afraid of closing eyes and sitting alone in a room. Now I use to call the Guardian Angels and do meditation. I enjoy the company of my Guardian Angels.

My fear and anxiety has gone. It has now become easier to find things with Angel’s help. It became easy to calm my mind. Also managing time has become easier now, earlier it was a big task.

My energy levels have increased as both my mind and body are healed with the help of angels.

Connection with Angels

Now when I see my life 6 months back, there is a visible change. A path has opened now. A path of hope on which I am not alone, My Guardian Angels are with me now and with my angels I know I will turn out to be a winner. Angels help you when you ask them to do so. They are always around you whether you know it or not. My angels slowly opened one and then another fold for me to make my life easy. Now I am able to feel self-worthiness inside me. Each painful situation which seemed to steal my power and cast doubt over my worthiness is lovingly peeled away and replaced with Divine healing love by the Archangels and Angels, allowing me to feel light, confident and radiate worthiness once more.

Relieve pain with Archangel Raphael

I healed my acute lower back pain and migraine with Archangel Raphael and his healing power, his healing energy, and his amazing love.

Angels helped Jyoti to overcome her fear

Fear is a crippling feeling which can disable the best of us from successfully achieving our life”s work, goals, and dreams. I recovered from all kinds of fears, insecurity, patterns of loneliness, anxiety, and negativity with the help of angels of love Archangel Michael.

My relationships with my mother-in-law and husband are going to smooth through Angel healings.

Now I am able to feel self-worthiness inside me. Each painful situation which seemed to steal your power and cast doubt over your worthiness is lovingly peeled away and replaced with Divine healing love by the archangels and angels, allowing you to feel light, confident and radiate worthiness once more.

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