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  • #1. How Jyoti Changed her life after Online Basic Angel Course
  • #2. How Angels helped Jyoti to break the pattern of Future Uncertainties, Lack of Self-Love, Negative Thinking Pattern, Lack of Self Worthiness, and Lack of Confidence
  • #3. How Angels helped Jyoti to get her stuck Salary
  • #4. How Angels helped Jyoti’s mother in finding jewelry Box which she lost in Marriage function
  • #5. How Jyoti healed confidence and relationship issue of her friends with Angel Healing

Meet Jyoti Khutal based out of Mumbai. She is 35 years old. Jyoti always wanted to overcome her lack of confidence, fear of future uncertainties, lack of self-love, repeated negative thoughts and Lack of Self worthiness. However she realized the need for divine intervention and mentorship to overcome her issues. In the lockdown period she lost her job, her salary was stuck. One day she was surfing the law of attraction youtube videos to manifest good job and marriage during Covid Period. She saw my video on Youtube about how to invoke Angels for help and registered herself for the Free Angel Introductory Program followed by Online Basic Angel Course.

As a result she has received her stuck salary and successfully breaks the pattern of future uncertainties, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Self worthiness, Lack of Self Love and her negative thinking with the help of Angels. Today she is helping people with Angel healing.

My Life has changed after Online Basic Angel Course

Since my childhood I was very confused, shy, frustrated, complex of myself, and lack of confidence personality. The reasons are my parents and their negative thoughts. Even they are both frustrated in their married life and they both are egoistic and stern personalities. They always underestimate me. I still remember when I was studying in seventh standards in the preliminary exam I got 23 marks out of 25 in the Sanskrit subject. When I came home from school to sign my progress card, my parents had a terrible quarrel that day. My mom got angry and she started beating me. I got injured badly, my left hand was fractured and I fainted for two day. The whole incident happened in front of my classmates. She thought my mother was my step-mom. After recovery when I had joined my school, my friend told me that my father is a policeman. We file a complaint against your mom and send her to prison. I felt ashamed. I had suffered a lot because of my parents.

I changed my life after an Online Basic Angel Course. I started to take help from Angels for small things and I experienced good and effective results. Now I am a confident and positive thinking person. Thank you so much Angels and Nitin sir.

Angels have helped me to break the pattern of Future Uncertainties, lack of self-Love, Negative thinking pattern, Lack of Self Worthiness, and Lack of Confidence

Fear of Future Uncertainties: I always have the fear of future uncertainties due to a negative and confused mind. I always think about my future “Can I do something in my life “because when I wanted to do something in which I had interest and I wanted to go two steps ahead my parents always pushed me back. They never supported me. They always say why you are wasting your time and money on useless things. And I obediently accepted what they told me as truth. They always want me to become an engineer or doctor, a government officer like my siblings. They always said that if you become an engineer or doctor you will get a good job and a husband.

Lack of Self Worthiness: Unfortunately I failed to fulfill their expectations and they always upset and hated me. They never tried to understand and always said even now also because of your qualifications (graduation) you will not get a good husband. And really their affirmations come true. I didn’t get any good and desired marriage proposal. Hence I always think about my future. If I get married, can I live a happy life, can I adjust to the boy whom I marry, can I understand him, and a lot of other things. I was always thinking I am not good enough. Everyone always criticizes me, no one is never there for me, I have no talent, I can’t do anything right. Because of this negativity, I attracted those people who took my benefits emotionally and financially and I faced many problems in my life.

Lack of Self Confidence: I always suffered from lack of confidence as my parents never appreciated me and always underestimated me. Always compare with our friends and cousins. Because of their nature I always stay negative and I attract negative people in my life who take advantage of my emotions and feelings after graduation. I always wanted to become a successful government officer because I was preparing for the Maharashtra public service commission (MPSC) competitive exam. I appeared four times for the exam but I was disqualified for the post because of getting less 2-3 marks every time. I never realized that I had the potential to crack the exam because I carried the burden of not being able to do anything good in my life and whatever beliefs became true for us. My friends always laughed at me and always teased me.

Lack of Self Love: Once I got a marriage proposal from matrimony, that boy was always talking with me on the phone. On the starting day the boy’s behavior was very good with me but later he demand for sex but when I refused his demand he showed his real nature. He always scolded me and showed me my mistakes. He was never interested in me. He always tried to prove me wrong and how I am idiot and stupid. I just simply wanted to marry him and live a happy life. Unfortunately one day we had a terrible quarrel and I encouraged myself to tell him “You are neither my boyfriend nor my husband. You don’t have any right to talk with me like this and I disconnected the call.” I don’t know what happened to me that day. I always listen to him quietly but that day I felt this is not going well and stopped to talk with him. I think my Angel guided me for the same.

I never loved myself. I always try to keep him happy. I always think myself low in front of him. I never respect myself. After that incident I went into depression and I attracted more negative people in my life who cheated me financially. Because of my negative and lack of confidence in nature I faced many problems and attracted so many negative people in my life because of which I left the company also and I worked with another two companies. There also I faced the same problem and I became irritable by nature sometimes. I don’t understand why this happened to me.

I think the reason for my suffering was my unwanted, negative, and limited thought process only. I believe life is really very simple. What we give out we get back the universe totally supports every thought we choose to think and to believe I always tried to keep everyone happy except me. It creates a lot of self-hatred and this permeated every part of my life. I always complained about myself even though I had complex looks because I suffered from bad experiences.

In the lockdown period I got one good marriage proposal but that boy rejected my proposal because of my qualifications but I really liked him then I started to manifest him by using the law of attraction technique but I didn’t get any result. I came across the sir’s angel video and I watched many videos of related Angels. That time I only wanted to marry that boy. So I did his Free Angel introductory Program and immediately I did an Online Basic Angel course from him though I borrowed the money from my friend and I didn’t tell anybody in my home about this course. In the Angel course, I learned how to invoke angels for small as well as big problems. This course changed my thoughts and I decided not only marriage but also many problems I can solve with the help of course and with the help of Angels. Later I manifested that boy also in 21day Angel manifestation practice but one day I asked the question from the Angels is it right I manifest that boy; please Angels give me an answer. And surprisingly in our weekly session Nitin Sir said without any questing asking from him “Ask for the best from Angel not the particular one” and I stopped to manifest that boy. Because now I have learnt to love myself and started to do respect for myself , now I’m not running behind that boy. Now I changed my attitude and thought. Now I am confident and positive because Nitin sir’s blessings and Angel’s blessings are always with me and because of these courses I changed my mind and my parent’s mind and right now I am healing their life and I am getting positive results. I am also healing many of my friend’s issues. There was a time when they Laughed at me and I begged them for my help. Today I am healing their issues. Angels are so kind. Now I’m very happy and love my life and my parents. I am highly grateful to Nitin sir and Angels. I did Angel courses and became optimistic and changed my mind and changed my life.

I got my Salary because of Angels only

I was working in Mantralaya as a clerk on contract basis (Third party payroll). When the government declared lock down that time our office HR committed they will pay us March and April month salary but we received March salary only and they didn’t pay April month salary. When we asked about the salary, they replied we don’t have the fund hence we can’t pay. After 2-3 months we forgot about that salary. As I have already done an Angel course from Nitin Sir and after practicing in 21 days angel manifestation one day in which my energy was really high and one day I thought if I get my salary it is very good for me. Next day I went to temple and when I was doing worship of God I got a message on my mobile that my April month salary was credited to my account. Thank you so much Angels because of you I received my salary.

Thank you so much Angels and Nitin Sir because of you I live positive and Action taking life.

Angels helped me in finding Jewelry box of my mother

Many times I forget the things where I kept and I always invoke the angels and take the help. Recently we attended my cousin’s wedding on 8th January 2021. On 7th January, my mom started packing her clothes and gold jewelry. In a hurry, she kept her jewelry box in the bag and forgot where she kept it. One day before the ceremony, she started searching her jewelry box everywhere but she didn’t find it. The whole night she can’t sleep. She started crying .I invoked Angels to help us. The next day early morning we started our trip and we reached the hall when my mom opened the bag to change her clothes and she got her jewelry box. It was really magic for me and my mother.

Thank you so much Angel.

I heal confidence and relationship issues of my Friends with the help of Angel Healing

Now I have started to-do healing of people. Recently I healed my two friends’ problems with the help of Angel. They both are frustrated, and depressed. They don’t want to live their life because of their family problems. One of them is my Mantralaya friends. She was frustrated by her family members and relatives, she was also faced with the same problem like me: lack of confidence herself . And she was always confused about herself. Because of this habit she faced many problems in the office. The office people always harassed her. She can’t even take her own decision. I did her counselling and Angel healing. As a result now she is more confident and working in Mantralaya in a positive way now nobody harassed her and she is doing her job happily.

Another one of my friends who worked with me at my first company who always demotivated me and underestimated me and teased me about my marriage. She always said. Jyoti Teri shaadi toh Ho hi Nahi sakti aur jo karega vo koi pagal hi hoga and now I am doing her relationship healing to save her marriage with the help of Angel. I still don’t believe it. The person who is always negative and lacks confidence and always beg for help from others . Today doing the healing and counseling of people and giving them courage and strength to live a happy life. Because everyone has the right to live a healthy and happy life. I am happy and now I am not thinking about my future. Because now Angels and Nitin sir are with me. Mental peace is more important than anything and today I don’t have any fear. Thank you angel and thank you sir

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The Answer of the above questions are Online Basic Angel Course

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