Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Lalita connected with Angels?
  • # 2. How Angles helped Lalita in overcoming her unwanted thoughts?
  • # 3. How Lalita got relieved with Arthritis, Anxiety, and Diabetes with the help of Angels?
  • # 4. How Lalita got a government job with the help of Angels?
  • # 5. How Lalita healed her mother with Angel healings?
  • # 6. How Lalita got tenants for her 2 houses within 15 days, which were empty from the last 6 months?
  • # 7. How Angels saved the life of Lalita by saving her car from a major accident?

Meet Lalita Khatri, who is 45 years old, based out of Kota, Rajasthan. She is a principal in a government senior secondary school. Before this, she was a lecturer in a government school. There was always something that was with her, and she believes they were Angels. It’s just she didn’t know much about them; that’s why she was unable to realize that they were Angels. Before connecting with Angels, there were a lot of issues going around in her life. Unwanted thoughts use to chase her, and she wanted to get rid of them.

However, she felt the need of communicating with Angels so that she can get the right guidance in her life, and overcome the issues that she was facing.

As a result, she realized a drastic change in her life and everything started tuning in her favor. She got everything that she wanted in her life. She feels blessed and fortunate after connecting with Angels.

1. How I connected with Angels

I got to know about Nitin sir through one of my friends named Meenu Sharma. She was my classmate during my B.Ed. She was connected to Nitin sir and shared her interview with him in our group. I liked that video a lot and started searching on Youtube and watched some of his videos. After that, I enrolled myself in the introductory program. One night, I watched one of the videos and slept after that. The next day, when I work up, I saw a feather, and my belief got firm that Angels are there with me.

2. How Angels helped me to overcome my unwanted thoughts

Before doing the courses, I use to feel as if my mind was working all the time. I use to over think those things that were giving me stress. Even after sleeping, I used to feel as if I have not got rest. I was so disturbed that peace was away from me. I shared my concern with my husband as well, but there was no solution to my problem. After completing the courses, I feel so calm and relaxed. My over thinking has vanished, and I feel light now.

3. How I got relieved in Arthritis, Anxiety, and Diabetes with the help of Angels

I was going through anxiety, and the issues were the same that were leading to over-thinking. I guess both anxiety and my health issues were interrelated. I use to get anxious about small things instead of searching for the solution. I have a diabetic issue as well, and I take insulin twice a day. Arthritis began after I delivered my daughter in 2004. Since then, I am suffering from this problem. After completing the courses, I have realized a magical change. Earlier, I use to take pain killers due to pain in joints, and arthritis was troubling me a lot. Now, the frequency of pain killers has reduced. I am sure one day I will stop taking insulin and will get completely fine. Now, I feel extremely happy due to this tremendous change in my health.

4. How I got my government job with the help of Angels

Getting the job was a very challenging task for me. It was in the year 2005, when my daughter was born, I was going through arthritis issues. I went under surgery for that, and my health was very unstable. Issues were going on with my mother-in-law, and she was least supportive. I was in my paternal house for physiotherapy, and one day I got a call from one of my friends that the paper that we were supposed to give, which got cancelled due to some reason, is giving us another opportunity. She added that RPSC has released admit card for some of the students that applied for the first-grade lectureship. My parents left the house where we use to live before my marriage, so I called my neighbor and asked if someone has received my admit card. I got to know that admit card came, but no one received it. I called my brother and asked for a solution.

I shared with my brother that I don’t want to lose a chance. Somehow, I started my preparation, and only twelve days were left in the exam. I spend two days collecting the syllabus. I utilized every minute and did my best. Finally, I gave the exam and left rest on the divine power. On the day of the result, I got a call that the result is out, and I have cleared the exam. I was on top of the world and was now supposed to appear in the interview. Some of my relatives advised me that I should collect money because without bribing, I cannot clear the interview, but we were going through financial crises. I joined classes for the interview, and my husband supported me in joining the classes. I appeared for the interview, and it was very long. I came out and discussed things with my brother. I was confident, but still, I was worried about what would happen. Finally, I got selected, and I feel that all this happened by the grace of Angels. They encouraged me to do the hard work.

5. How I healed my mother with Angel healing

My mother got an injury in the tailbone, due to which she was unable to walk. After completing the advanced course, I thought of doing healing for my mother. I did healing for fifty-one days, and after that, positive results were visible. Her health started improving, and I counseled her as well. I made her understand that what we speak, the universe gives us back, so she needs to always say that she is fine. Today, there is a lot of improvement in her pain due to Angel healings.

6. How I got tenants for my 2 houses within 15 days with the help of Angels, which was empty from last 6 months

My 2 houses were empty from 6 months, and EMIs were going, so we were in a problem about how EMIs will go if they will remain empty. Suddenly, I thought of Angel’s guidance and invoked them to help me. After fifteen days, tenants came into both houses. It was not less than a miracle for me, and Angels are the ones who helped me in this.

7. How Angels saved my life by protecting my car from a major accident

It was the first time when I had asked Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to give me protection. I was driving and saw in the rear mirror that a car was coming in speed. I lowered my speed, and the car overtook my car. After that, it got hit by the divider of the road, and a major accident happened. I got saved by an inch, and at that moment, I realized that they were Angels that saved me; otherwise, I could have met with a major accident. From that day, I ask for protection from Angels before stepping out of the house.

I would like to thank Nitin sir, for providing me with valuable guidance and Angels for protecting me. They have provided me with courage, because of which I always feel that I can do it.

I would like to say to all women to identify their strength and try to become independent for their happiness. Take out time for those things that make you happy and it could be anything like dance, music, exercise, or anything. Education is something that is very important, and all women must try to have it in any way.

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