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  • # 1. How Manmeet had transformed her life with the help of Angels
  • # 2. How Angels helped Manmeet in making good relationship with her siblings
  • # 3. How Angels helped Manmeet in her job transfer
  • # 4. How Angels helped Manmeet in her transfer of job
  • # 5. Q & A with Manmeet Kaur

How Manmeet had Transformed her life with the help of Angels

Meet Manmeet kaur based out of Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. She is 49 years old and working as a teacher in Guru Harkrishan Public School, Nanak Piao, Rana Pratap Bagh.

Manmeet kaur wanted to make sound relations with her siblings and colleagues and also remove negativity but she faced toxic external and internal environment. They (her Siblings and Colleagues) didn’t effort to help her get out in her negative emotions. They wanted to compete with her, even if she was not competing with them. Even she was completely in different field, they wanted the same things she should do. They had tried to steal her identity. Not only friends, same thing she felt about her Brother and sister also.

Because of this environment, she had number of issues she was facing in her life like feeling of loneliness, fear of future uncertainities and insecurities, lack of self worthiness, issue of self doubts, wanted to do something but confused, suffering from so much negative thoughts, lack of confidence, suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, weak belief system, lack of self Love, Low energy all the time, no motivation, no life purpose and many more.

However, she realized the need for Basic Angel Course followed by 9 step process through online.

As a result, Manmeet kaur was able to heal relationships with her siblings and colleagues, she overcome the depressive state of mind, she was able to create her own identity, her own path & now she is adding value in the other’s life and keen to accomplish the rest of her goals.

Angels helped me in making good relationship with my siblings

I am a 49 years old, unmarried and teacher by profession. I am a person who was enjoying her life in her way. I was the happiest person in my life. All my happiness vanished with the day when my mother got paralyzed attacked in 2005. She was not able to move and speak also. It was strange to everyone she able to spoke my name only SIMI (my nickname). When she died in 2012, I realized I’m alone. My elder brother and sister were not supporting me as usual. They started fighting with me due to my marriage. They wanted to live separate because they do not wanted to live with me and not want to take my responsibility. Finally they went to live in a rented house in 2016. At present, I live with my father.

Actually there is a two-year gap between my brother and my sister and I was born after ten years. There is a decade gap between them and me. I was a pampered child. Brother and sister both are same age group so both understand each other very well. And for me don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t go here, don’t go there. Except for mummy, No one had time for me to sit and ask me about myself.

I was in ninth standard when my sister got married and after three years my brother-in-law died in a road accident. My sister came back home. That time she had one and half years old daughter. A few years back my brother got married and he had also a daughter but relationship between Bhai and bhabi was not smooth. My bhabi not felt nice when my brother gave importance to our sister rather than bhabi. My brother and sister-in-law got divorced and their 2 years old daughter went with bhabi.

These were two big issues for our family. After that, Dad and mom started to see matches for me. A lot of proposals came but my family members refused for all. They did not even try to ask me for my choice.

Didi’s daughter, my niece was growing and Didi started to think that her daughter will not get married until I get married.
Now more problems had increased. Mummy couldn’t bear.

My sister and brother got together and both started venting their anger on me. Since childhood, they did not like me as I was born after 10 years.

I usually asked my mother……. आपने मुझे born ही क्यो किया? मै unwanted संतान हू ना?

When a family fight after your mother dies, it can feel like a secondary loss. You’re trying to cope with the death of your loved one, and suddenly your support system is not only unsupportive but a source of additional stress. Dad is supportive but not in all terms.

Mummy was gone at night and in the morning the same day I saw mummy in white clothes, all her hair was also white and she told me “Simi I am going” and one day later she came in my dream she was lying in a stretcher and was crying, after that, they never come in my dreams.

I was not like that I was earlier after my mother’s death. एक हसने बोलने वाली , गुमसुम हो गयी. There was no one near me who would help me and support me in this situation. Inside and outside Home people were not kind to me. Even my so-called friends also left me.

I turned into a negative person with aggression, sadness, feeling of loneliness, fear of future uncertainities and insecurities, lack of self worthiness, issue of self doubts, wanted to do something but confused, suffering from so much negative thoughts, lack of confidence, suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, weak belief system, lack of self Love, Low energy all the time, no motivation, no life purpose and many more because of my environment.

One day, I came to know about angels first time through my colleague, she is a Reiki practitioner. I was not much aware before. Later on, I saw a Nitin sir’s video on Youtube which is related to Angels.

Due to pandemic lock down, I grabbed this opportunity to learn online. I afraid of loneliness, and wanted to keep myself productively busy.

I didn’t want to live when my mother died. Today I am alive just because of Angels and some Earthy Angels also. I invoked my guardian angels and asked for help. They helped me to overcome from suicides thoughts. I used to invoke Archangel Michael also for protection.

When I am doing healing with Angels, relations with my brother and sister who was worst, are turning into the better side.

I want to say these healing bring miraculous changes in your life.

Angels helped me in my transfer of job

In July 2019, I transferred to another branch of my current school in Hargobind Enclave which was very far off to my place. I used to have a lot of trouble to go there. I was trying a lot but nothing was happening. Then I asked for help from Angels. My father talked to his friend to get my transfer back. My father’s friend knows the person who is the chairman of the school committee. Chairman talked to my school principal. The principal impressed with my work, she didn’t want to transfer me back but when he told about my problem, she agreed. Then all the circumstances went to the favour of mine. I came back to my previous school. This was my biggest achievement, manifested it with the help of angels.

Angels helped me in getting my stuck salary

During pandemic lock down when salaries had stuck. I resolved the issues of salary with the abundance healing of Angels which I have learnt in the Angel Course. I get my salary after that healing.

Q & A with Manmeet


Answer: There have been two unsuccessful marriages in our family, and my father is afraid that something may go wrong with me. So he didn’t took an interest in my marriage aspect. On another hand no one came in my life, so I could say that I have to marry him. Mummy’s disease has also been a reason.


Answer: Pressure: yes, all these problems have happened to me. The pressure was put on me from my brother. He wanted to marry me with an alcoholic. When I refused, I was hit with iron bangle on my head. Seven stitches I got on my head.

Embarrassment: yes, I have been made to realize from time to time that I am not married, so I have no existence of my own. This feeling was given equally from both the external environment as well as from my family.

Unequal treatment: yes, my niece who lived with us could do everything, she could go anywhere, she had complete freedom to roam anywhere but they didn’t give me the freedom to do anything.


Answer: I want to give this message to all women like me that you should make your own identity. You just need to believe yourself, you need to trust and everything will be fine.

I have transformed my life with Angels. When you relate to the Angels and ask for help from them, all your work will automatically done.

I get so many queries from people like how to talk with Angels, Is it safe to talking to my angel, how to talk to Guardian Angel, Is there any process of talking to your guardian angel, If we learn the process online is it possible to talk to your guardian angel online, how to communicate with Angels, What are Angel Communication numbers, How Angels communicating through numbers, What are the ways Angels Communicate with you, How to connect with Angels, Is it possible to connecting with your Angels.

The Answer of the above questions are Online Basic Angel Course

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