Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Ritu started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How Ritu was saved by a man from slipping who disappeared immediately?
  • # 3. How Ritu helped her daughter to get rid of nightmares?
  • # 4. How Ritu helped her sister’s family to recover from COVID?
  • # 5. How Ritu overcame anxiety and fear of health?
  • # 6. Why does Ritu thank Angels for giving her the opportunity to learn the Nine-Step Process?

Meet Ritu, who is based out in North Europe. She used to take tension for daily tasks and was looking for ways through which she can utilize her time because her kids used to go to the day boarding. She was feeling an inability to boost her self-confidence because she was a housewife. Moreover, she did not love herself. She used to overthink even small things and think as if she is wasting her time.

Therefore, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she can be productive in her life. She wanted to seek help from Angels so that she can boost her self-confidence and start loving herself. She wanted to eliminate the feeling of wasting time.

As a result, she found a drastic change in her life and her life turned out to be better for her. After doing Angel courses, she started loving herself, got her lost self-confidence, and got rid of daily tensions. She started using her time for better things like helping others and her family. She found a new side of her and is leading a happy life. She has felt as if she has moved to a better life step by step with every course. Now, she feels very safe and protected.

This is how I started my journey with Angels

I went to the nearby church and saw the picture of Archangel Michael. I felt attracted after watching that picture and felt the need to know more about Angels. But I was unable to figure out how I can know about Angels. One day I got to see a video of Nitin sir and he was telling about Archangel Michael. After watching the video, I decided to join Angel courses so that I can learn more about them. I started from Free Angel Introductory Program and kept on doing courses step by step.

I was saved by a man from slipping who disappeared suddenly

It was snowy outside and I was walking. Suddenly my feet twisted and I was just about to slip but suddenly a man came who was around 7 feet long and saved me from slipping. If that man would not have saved me, I would have gone through a major injury or fracture. The moment I thought to thank that man, he disappeared. I was unable to figure out where he went. I came to my home and thanked Angels because I believe he was Archangel Michael.

I helped my daughter to get rid of nightmares

My daughter had a habit of waking up in the middle of the night due to nightmares. She was facing a lot of trouble in getting sound sleep. One day she woke up and came to me with her problem. I asked her to invoke Archangel Michael before sleeping and from then, her problem of nightmares has gone. She is very happy now because Archangel Michael has helped her in getting rid of nightmares. Now, she can take sound sleep like others. I am highly thankful to Archangel Michael for this.

I helped my sister’s family to recover from COVID

My sister, her husband, and her son got infected with the coronavirus. My sister and her husband recover because they were vaccinated but her son was in a critical situation. His oxygen level was very low, so I applied healing to him and the results were visible within 2-3 days. Now, his condition is better and has started recovering.

I perform daily healings for my family as well, due to which all of us are protected. I feel highly protected and safe after these healings.

My elder daughter was able to give her senior secondary exams because of Angels.

Due to the pandemic situation, the examination for the 12th was canceled but my daughter wanted to give exams to score better. I was praying to Angels to turn the situation so that she can appear for the exams. After a few days, we got to know that the board decided to conduct exams for those who want to give exams. So finally, she got the chance to appear for the exams. I am thankful to Angels that they helped my daughter.

I overcame anxiety and fear of my health

The temperature goes -40 here due to which I used to feel inability in sleeping. Improper sleep led to headaches and I started worrying about my health. I was experiencing a downfall in my health. So, I started applying healings for this and invoking Angels. other than this, I started following audio commands by Nitin sir. From then onwards, I have felt a drastic change in my health. I am healthy now and fit extremely fit. Lastly, I would like to thank Angels for helping me to cure insomnia and leading a happy life.

All-in-all, I have been able to overcome anxiety and anger issues as well. I have been benefited a lot from meditation. My mindset has been changed entirely and now, I know very well how to keep myself motivated and energetic. I know how to keep my energy levels high and balance my energy. I can maintain my frequency and emotions because when we invest our emotions in positive things, we get positive outcomes. So I invest my emotions in positive things and manifest positive things for me.

I thank Angels that I got to do the Nine-Step Process

I am thankful to Angels that they gave me the opportunity to do the Nine-Step Process; otherwise, I had missed a lot of things in my life. Now, I feel that my life has become very easy for me. This course has helped me to master my emotions and once a person achieves this, it gets quite easy to deal with day-to-day small problems. I feel glad to share that I manage my day-to-day problem with the help of meditation and Angels. I was aware of all this earlier but now, I am glad that I came to know all this. I got to learn a lot of things from previous courses so I thought to learn more from this course.

This course has taught me how I can solve specific issues in life, which is not less than a miracle for me. After this course, even my children and husband are also happy. They have witnessed an amazing transformation in me because I used to be low every time.

For women in society, I would like to say that every woman must do this course because those who wish to learn new skills can learn them, can make their career as well with the help of Angels. Those who are housewives can learn how to help their family and themselves for dealing with daily problems. When they will be happy, they will be able to keep their families happy. They will get various benefits and there is no loss in doing these courses. They will not be required to think or take tension regarding anything. I can call it divine magic.

For those, who leave their courses in between I would like to say they should not do this because this means that they have got the divine magic but are not able to bring it into their lives. They can bring a lot of change in their lives through this. We make things difficult for ourselves and only Angels can guide us in the right direction.

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