Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Rumi started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How Rumi mastered her emotions and helped her children to improve their memory?
  • # 3. How Rumi’s approach towards life changed after completing the Nine-Step Process?
  • # 4. How Rumi manifested her job with the help of Angels?
  • # 5. How Rumi helped her husband in removing financial blockages?
  • # 6. How Rumi enjoys a peaceful atmosphere at home and the office?
  • # 7. What Rumi has learned after completing the Nine-Step Process?

Meet Rumi, based out in Dubai and works as a sales manager in a pharmaceutical company. Though she was happy with her professional life but was encountering a lot of health issues. She was going through psychosomatic issues. She knew that though she is taking medicines, they are not going to help her out, she needed something else. She felt the need to work on herself and her emotions, thought processes, and patterns.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she can deal with her psychosomatic issues and emotions. She felt that Angels can help her out to solve her emotional problems. She wanted to improve her health and live a healthy life.

As a result, she communicated with Angels and feel an amazing change in her health. Her health challenges were something that she wanted to overcome and was able to do with the help of Angels. She was out of anxiety and all the worry. Now, she knows that she just needs to do her job and Angels will take care of the rest.

This is how I started my journey with Angels

I used to read a lot about Angels and feel interested in reading them. After reading, I felt the need to communicate with them. After some days, one of my friends Sanjana shared a link to attend a webinar of Nitin sir. That webinar was a session about Angels. So, it was like a never-ending session for me. Though it was a 1.5-hour session and I felt the difference between what I was reading and what sir was telling. Besides this, I felt that the program had everything about Angels. It was something that for the first time I encountered Angels. Today, I just close my eyes and feel Angels around me.

So, after the introductory program, I enrolled in Basic Angel Course followed by Nine-Step Process.

I have mastered my emotions and helped my children to improve their memory

With the help of the Nine-Step Process, I have learned how to respond rather than react. Earlier, I was very aggressive and used to react even in small situations. The course helped me in managing all these issues and making my life better than before.

Besides this, I asked my children to watch Nitin sir’s course, which helped my elder daughter who is in 8th grade to learn long mathematical formulas. So, my children and I were benefited from the course and made our life better. This was the best thing that happened to me.

My approach towards life changed after completing the Nine-Step Proces

Whenever things used to get wrong, it would get worried and tense rather than doing something. I was very pessimistic and used to think negatively always. Now, I have completely changed and don’t worry about anything. I am more positive today than before. My choice of words while communicating has changed. I know that the words that I choose can create a better world for me. I have helped my husband to remove financial blockages. All in all, I can see a positive transformation in my life.

I manifested job with the help of Angels

I was doing a job already but a lot of challenges were coming due to the pandemic due to which I had to resign. So there is a gap of 2-3 months between my new and previous job. During that gap, I did Angel healing courses. I did counseling mastery and NLP during that time. With the help of all these things, I was able to manifest a new job in the same field.

I helped my husband in removing financial blockages

My husband is also a sales professional but works in a software country. He was not getting the incentives that were supposed to be given to him by the company for the last 4-5 years. Due to this a lot of financial constraints were taking place and financial blockages were happening. I suggested my husband to join NLP and some other Angel courses. After completing all that, now, his boss has started giving the huge amount that he was supposed to get. Not the whole amount has come but it has started coming. My husband is so surprised because he had lost hopes before that he will get those incentives and that amount. So, I can say that Angels have helped us to get bring financial stability.

I enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and at the office

Now, I am so happy because we have a peaceful environment in our family. Everyone tries to listen to each other peacefully and consider each other ideas. So, we enjoy a beautiful atmosphere at home, and at my workplace, I have learned to manage things.

I have a cordial relationship with my colleagues and customers. Moreover, I am more focused on certain things that are highly important. With the help of Angels, I have achieved more mental clarity.

I have learned many things after the Nine-Step Process

Now, it has been more than 7-8 months and I feel the confidence to achieve everything in life. I feel there is nothing that I cannot do. I consider Nitin sir as my mentor and know he is there whenever I will get stuck somewhere. I am highly optimistic and can make life much better than before.

I would like to say to other women that self-love is very crucial. They should love themselves. Usually, we keep ourselves equipped with caring about the world rather than caring about ourselves and forget ourselves. They must know their worth and try to know their capabilities. They are not only made for household chores. They must realize that they have more potential. Above all, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Lastly, they must learn to master emotions and create destiny.

For those who don’t complete their entire journey of Angel courses, I would like to say they need to take an action. There must be no procrastination because this will not let them achieve anything. After doing these courses, their life will definitely transform. If they think that with the half journey they can achieve anything, then it’s not possible. Action is required with a proper schedule, plans, and budgeting finances. This will make them learn something for their personal growth. Be the action taker and take it as soon as possible.

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