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  • # 1. How Sapna started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How has Sapna been able to overcome issues in her life with the help of Angels?
  • # 3. How Sapna helped her sister-in-law in curing back pain and digestion issues?
  • # 4. How Sapna brought a ten-year-old girl out of depression with the help of Angel meditation?
  • # 5. How Sapna helped her husband to get the stuck money back with the help of Angel healing?
  • # 6. How Sapna helped her friend’s brother to get the stuck money back with the help of healings?
  • # 7. How Sapna cured her and her son’s injury with the help of Angels?
  • # 8. How Sapna healed a plant that was about to finish due to insects?

Meet Sapna Aggarwal, who is 38 years old, based out in Siliguri, West Bengal. She is a housewife and mother of three children. She was going through anger, self-worth, self-love issues and was unable to overcome them. Though she had lots of responsibilities on her and she used to fulfill them, but was not praised or appreciated for her work. She used to feel lonely even while being with her family. She was short-tempered and was struggling with her anger issues. Thereby, she used to take out her frustration on her children.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels and complete Angel courses so that she can overcome her issues and attain self-worthiness. She wanted to lower her anger as well with the help of Angels.

As a result, she started connecting with Angels. She got hold of her anger and temper issues. She started loving herself and having faith in Angels. She knew that Angels are there for keeping her safe from anything wrong.

1. This is how I started my journey with Angels

During my pregnancy, I was very lonely. My relatives were least supportive during those nine months. My relatives were hardly bothered about me and never used to ask about my health. My husband and my daughters looked after me during the entire journey. During that time, I just stepped into spirituality and used to chant the Gayatri mantra. I use to read articles on spirituality, and one day I got to know about Nitin sir while attending a webinar. Though I was determined not to spend money and wanted to get knowledge for free, something touched my heart, and I got myself enrolled in the Basic Angel Course followed by a Nine-step process.

On the very first day of the course, I saw Angels. I was returning from the market, and suddenly my eyes went on the sky, and I saw giant figures. Yes, they were Angles, and I was so surprised to see them. I asked my daughter to look, and she was also shocked to see. I got a very positive feeling that Angels are there to help me.

2. I have been able to overcome many issues in my life

After marriage, my life changed upside down, and I was trying to adjust to the change. After several years of marriage, the issues were coming up with my relatives. I used to feel lonely and shared the same with my husband. My relatives always use to have one or the other issue with me. During the lockdown, I became highly depressed and gave up on hoping for something positive in my life. It seemed that things were going beyond the way I wanted them to be. After doing Angel courses, I feel very calm and composed. Though my relations are not so good with my relatives, I have learned to let go of things. I don’t mind whatever they say or do and even don’t pretend even if I feel bad about something. My life has become peaceful.

3. I healed my sister-in-law for back pain and digestion issues

My sister-in-law was suffering from severe back pain, she consulted many doctors, but nothing was working on her. She shared her problem with me and asked her to come, and I will apply healing to her. This was my first healing, so I was nervous, but after the healing, she felt better, and after 4th healing, she was perfectly fine. She was shocked to experience the change because even after the best treatment, she was not able to cure.

A few months before, she came to our place and told us that she was suffering from gastric and acidity issues. She was foody but was unable to enjoy her favorite food. I decided to provide her healing for that. After healing, she ate something and had no problem. She was very happy and thanked the Angels to help her. She finally got recovered from the issue that was bothering her. After this, I started doing healing for my friends who were going through mental trauma. Everyone felt the change after healings and showed belief in Angels.

4. I helped a 10 year old girl in coming out of depression

That girl came to through my sister. She was a single child and took birth after several years of her parent’s marriage. She was very intelligent and was the topper of her class. During the lockdown, she went under depression because she had no siblings, and staying at home alone took her to depression. She started losing memory and was unable to memorize whatever she would learn. I applied healings and asked her to do meditation as well. I made her understand that she was a magical girl. After three healings, the results were visible and amazing, and she got perfectly fine. Recently, she scored very well in her academics. Her parents were very happy to see their child back to normal and found this is not less than a miracle for them.

5. I helped my husband in getting stuck money and solving a case

Due to the mistake of my husband, a client went through a major loss. The loss was going on for the last five years, and my husband was ready to pay for the loss. I did his healings and gave switchwords as well. The case in which he was expected to spend 6-7lakhs, got settled in just one lakh. This was something supernatural for him, and he was unable to believe that his money has been saved. One payment was there which was stuck, and he lost hope to get that. After applying healings, the payment got cleared, and my husband was very happy. Today, he asks me before doing anything, and I take guidance from Angels for him. Angels have helped my husband a lot, and we hope them to keep showering their grace on us.

6. I helped my friend’s brother to get the stuck money back with the help of Angel healing

My friend called me and shared about the amount that is stuck. She shared how worried her brother was because the amount was huge. I applied healings for stuck money, and after a few days, he received the first installment. My friend and her brother were taken aback; because the amount which was not getting cleared after so many efforts got cleared so easily. She was so happy with the results and she also asked me about the procedure to join Angel courses. Today, she is also doing Angel course followed by a 9-step process and is very happy with the results.

7. I did healing for my foot injury and injury for my son

I was returning from somewhere, and the moment I reached home my foot twisted, and it swelled as if there was a fracture. I got worried and had pain at the same time. I did healing that night, and till morning it got better. The next day, I went to the doctor for tests, and everything was fine. I was so happy and relieved at the same time.

Once upon a time, my son got a severe injury on his eye, and it swelled very badly. I immediately applied healing and the swelling got cured. I apply healings and do prayers whenever anything happens to my children. I believe that Angels keep my children safe from accidents and negativity.

8. I healed one of my plants which was about to finish due to insects

One of my plants turned black due to insects, and others also started becoming the same. Suddenly, I thought of healing that plant and started the process. I saw around 80% changes after the first healing. After the next healing, all the insects vanished, and beautiful flowers started blossoming in it. Even today, that plant is the one that has beautiful flowers, and I feel very happy. This experience was one of the surprising incidents for me that made me feel that Angels can do anything.

I would like to thank Nitin sir, for teaching me value and enabling me to connect to the Angles. Of course, the biggest gratitude goes to the Angels that have helped me in changing my life. Today, I feel fulfilled and have positive thoughts.

I would like to say to all the women to raise their girls, not by teachings things for others, teach values and things through which they can make their life better. Teach your sons to respect girls and value them.

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