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  • # 1. How Seemma started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How Seemma realized a change in her life with the help of Angels?
  • # 3. How Seemma help her friend in curing vertigo with the help of healing and her husband to recover from an injury?
  • # 4. How Seemma’s son was able to score better with the help of Angels?
  • # 5. What forced Seemma to choose Angel courses?
  • # 6. How Seemma felt strengthened after invoking Angel Michael?
  • # 7. How was Seemma able to overcome issues in her life with the help of Angels?
  • # 8. Seemma strongly believes in Angels

Meet Mrs Seemma Jain, who is based out of Mumbai but keeps relocating due to her husband’s job. She is a healer who has brought transformation to the lives of many people. Initially, she was not determined about becoming a healer, but she had a curiosity about telepathy and has a keen interest in learning about it. She got to know about reiki and joined the course; from 2007 her journey began as a healer. The most difficult thing in her life was her inability to express herself, later she overcame it after completion of Basic Angel course. She was searching for a guru who could provide her life-long support, which she was missing before meeting Mr Nitin.

However, she realized the need to communicate with Angels so that she can get timely guidance and a life-long support system. She felt that after communicating with Angels, she would be able to lead a more happy and peaceful life.

As a result, she enrolled herself in the Basic Angel Course Online followed by Nine-Step Process. Gradually, she realized a change in herself and she was able to express herself and help others as well in changing their lives. She realized that people were going through bigger problems, and she was in a better position than them. She realized her life became easy and everything started happening smoothly.

1. This is how I started my journey will Angels

I always knew about Angels and how they can help us in our difficult times. But I doubted the Angel courses and did not had much knowledge about them. After contacting Mr Nitin, my first question was whether I should choose Angel course or not. But he cleared all my doubts within a few seconds and got enrolled in the Basic Angel Course.

After learning about healings, I applied that on my father, who had a lump in his throat due to which he was unable to eat. I did the same for my mother, who about to appear for open-heart surgery. They came to me, and both went through surgeries. Today, I feel so surprised that everything went so smoothly that we didn’t realize it even. I used to pray to Archangel Gabriel to provide mental strength to my parents. After that, my father got appointed as president of the Jain Association, and he got a purpose in his life, which he was missing earlier. I would like to say that all in all, I got miraculous results.

It has been six months that I have started learning healings, and today I am a professional healer and getting results from healings.

2. I realized a change in my life after Angel courses

Earlier, I use to feel fear about everything and how it will happen. I did not had much confidence. I was missing someone who could take me to the lights from the darkness. After communicating with Angels, I realized as if someone is there to manage tasks for me. Today, I even don’t think about solutions because I get them immediately from Angels. It feels as if there is a new version of mine. As a healer, I have seen transformations in the lives of my students and how they are leading a happy life today.

3. I helped my friend in curing vertigo with the help of healing and my husband to recover from an injury

This incident happened twelve years back when my friend was suffering from vertigo but was not able to go to the doctor. I applied healing on her, and she got fit and fine in just one healing. The next day, she did not felt the need to go to the doctor. She was so surprised that she also started believing in Angels.

My husband got an injury, and the doctor asked him to wear a supporting element on his neck. I just applied two healings, and he got perfectly fine. This was not less than magic for us.

4. My son was able to score good marks with the help of healings

We were new in Nagpur, and I had finished learning how to make a wish box. I got a call from the school that my son is very weak in English, and I need to pay attention to it. I started applying 21 days of healing, and within a few days, I got a call from the teacher who informed me that my son performed very well and is going to get the prize for his outstanding performance. The next day, my son shared his experience that he was called on the stage, and a lot of appreciation was given to him.

5. Life support is something that forced me to go for healing courses

After getting links to the videos from one of my knowns, I watched all of them and got to know things about Nitin sir. After my teacher left, who used to teach me reiki, I felt as if there is no one to support me and I found that support in Nitin sir. His aim to cater to mankind is something that touched my heart, and I felt the need to pursue Angel healing courses.

6. I feel strengthened after invoking Angel Michael

Till today I apply healings to my parents, and when pandemic cases are increasing, I pray to Angel Michael to stay with my parents and protect them. I feel strengthened and stronger. I don’t feel worried or fear about anything. While traveling I do not forget to ask Angels for protection, and they make my journey easier for me. Today, I feel protected and believe that Angels are always there to protect me from dangers.

7. I have been able to overcome many issues in my life with the help of Angel courses

Earlier, I was emotionally weak and used to cry on small things. I used to get hurt easily and feel worried and panic in challenging situations. After the Angel courses, I feel much stronger and have become calm. I don’t feel the need to worry because I know Angels will help me in getting out of the situation with a permanent solution.

8. I Strongly believe in Angels

I have a very strong belief in Angels and would like to suggest others as well. They are invisible souls that cannot be seen easily, but yes, there are Angels in human forms, so we cannot neglect the fact they are present in one form or the another. After these courses, I feel much better and handle challenging situations on my own.

I would like to say that all women should feel powerful and take help from Angel courses if they are facing a lack of confidence. Do not get panic otherwise, you will not be able to get solutions and handle everything with calmness. They can learn healings and choose that as their career as well. These courses will help you in helping others as well. There is more probability of finding best friends in this field.

I feel blessed to have Nitin Sir as my mentor who is always there as my support system and I feel very positive with him. Finally, I would like to thank Angels for helping me always.

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