Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Shailakha started her journey with Angels
  • # 2. How Angels cured severe backache of Shailakha maternal Grandfather
  • # 3. How Angels helped Shailakha’s Aunty to recover her Rs. 10 Lakh
  • # 4. How Angels helped Shailakha in saving the life of Dog
  • # 5. How Shailakha got her Accomodation in Kinnaur with the help of Angels
  • # 6. How Angels helped Shailakha’s Uncle in winning the court Case
  • # 7. How Angels helped Shailakha in getting his father’s hard earned money

Meet Shailakha Musafir based out of Shimla. She is 28 years old and working as a teacher. Shailakha wanted to save the life of her family members but she faced deceit & unexpected deaths in her family. She also wanted to get her dream job in Kinnaur but every time she faced an unwanted outcome.
However, she realized the need for Angel Intervention and did an Online Basic Angel Course followed by a 9 Step Process. As a result, Shailakha was able to overcome all her fears, guilt, past memories, lack of confidence & also manifested her dream job

This is how I started my journey with Angels

I am born in a typical Pahari family at Theog, Shimla.. My father was a government servant and mother was a homemaker. My alcoholic grandmother used to fight with my mother. My grandmother’s behaviour was not good towards me. She was partial to me. One day my nanu and nani took me away to Shimla. I received love and care from my maternal grandparents. I was not in touch with my mother and father . Only my father used to come to Shimla every weekend and my mother used to come once in a month.

When my mother was going to give birth to my brother, my grandmother threw her from home. She came to Shimla. My brother was born but he had a hole in his heart, he died after six months. After some time, my second brother was born but he had a deficiency of red blood cells. My parents used to travel Chandigarh every month for my brother’s treatment. My parents did all efforts but even after all the effort, my brother passed away.

Pandits and all came and they told my grandparents and my mummy papa that after seeing my Kundali that I am a Nagin, no one will ever live after me. The situation was not good all the time. I realized that one after the other all got away from me with whom I had affection, my brothers, my pet, my friend and my uncle. Nobody is with me. After fifteen years my sister was born but slowly my father’s health deteriorated, he got diabetes, diagnosed with a kidney stone and kidney function slowed due to high blood sugar. He had a heart problem also. On 5th August 2020, he passed away.

At that time my mother was in the village house, all the rituals of the father, which are done after the death of someone, were done by my uncle’s son, so the share of my father’s property was kept by my uncle. We got nothing. After four days of my father’s death, my bua passed away, then my grandmother passed away. I was very upset with the external environment but I feel that Angels showed me all this so that I feel strong.

One day my mother told me about Nitin Sir, a person who is a believer of Angels. That time I was surprised that in this century a person is there who believes in Angels! WHEN I saw sir’s video, firstly it was unbelievable for me that ANGELS EXISTS. I tried asking help from Angels as Nitin sir tells me to do in his Youtube videos and it works then I fill the form of the Free Angel Introductory Program. I attended that and was really impressed by the presentation and the details he gave in his free Angel Introductory Program were too good. I read the experiences of his students and it gave me courage if they can then why can’t I?

After Online Basic Angel Course and knowing about Angels that they are always ready to help if we call them. They will always do well for us. Angels help us in every situation, every moment of life; our Guardian Angels show us the right path. Everyone has their own guardian angels. I had negative thoughts about my career but now I have no such thoughts. Big thanks to sir and his counseling. I do Angel healings regularly to remove obstacles. Today I am so relaxed and happy. All my past painful memories have vanished because of Angels only.

Angels cured my Nanaji’s severe backache

Angels cured severe backache of my nanu that is not possible to recover without operation. He left eating. He was eating half chapati in a day. I did the Critical Health Angel Healing and now he is fit and fine. He can walk and eat properly. He can do his daily work. All the credit goes to Angels only.

Angels helped my Mausi to recover her Rs. 10 Lakh

My mausi’s 10 lakhs were taken by some person. I did healing of stuck money and after 2 months he gave the money where he was not returning their money from that past 4years. Angels are really so kind and help in every circumstance.

Angels helped me in saving the life of Dog

In my village leopards are widely spread. Dogs do not die from natural death but are always taken by leopards. In my neighbourhood one dog was almost taken by a leopard. Dog had a severe scar on the leopard’s teeth. Heavy blood loss was there and the dog was almost dead. Late that night I did the healing of that dog. The next day he was not that ok but at least he was alive. I did 4 days continuous Angel healing and the dog was 70% fine. I was so happy and thanks to Angels for recovering the dog. I cannot express the miracle that Angels did. The dog was not in a condition to survive because leopards teeth are very poisonous and today that dog is totally fine. All were amazed after seeing the dog because his skin from the throat was almost falling out with blood. I am very thankful to Angels for the same.

I got my Accomodation in Kinnaur with the help of Angels

I was transferred to kinnaur. All the things were new to me. Total cultural shock, finding room is a very difficult task. People usually spend 3-4 months in searching rooms. It is a very cold place in winter. It goes from -19 to -21 and surviving is very difficult here.

I was continuously invoking Angels for help. One of our known gave the number of a person for finding the room for me. I was shocked when I came to know his name was VAIBHAV which is the name of my Guardian Angel. I prayed to Angels and the result was in front of me. Vaibhav told me that there is no room near the market but there is a roof top room near the school where I have to go. After I joined the school, one big grocery store opened here. I came here settled and everything is alright here I should say too good. Vaibhav never met me again. He had some work so he gave the keys of the room in ROYAL BLUE cloth. I was really shocked it was Archangel Michael only. Thank you Angels for giving me continuous help.

I manifested fearless life, and Angel blessed me with a job where I always wanted to go to a kinnaur place . Angels are always with me, they gave me courage to face.

Angels helped my Uncle in winning the Court Case

I did the healing for my uncle’s legal case; it was going on for the last 10 years. Once the case was in the favour of the opponent but final submission of the documents the government agent came back from vacation and handed over the documents according to which father of my uncle is the real owner and the documents which were misplaced earlier but he didn’t know how it came and who took out the papers. It took 3 months healing but in the end he won the case and the property. Now he is the owner of the property. Many thanks to my Angels.

Angels helped me in getting my father’s hard earned money

It was my father’s money that was with the organisation where my father worked. So one day my mother called the senior authorities about my father’s pending money around 30 lakhs, so the senior person asked money from my mother indirectly only then he will forward the file. My mother was shocked; it was my father’s hard earned money that he was asking for 7 lakhs out of that. We got in so much tension. After learning the process of Angel Healing, I did the healing next week the file was transferred and the amount was shifted to my mother’s account. Lots of gratitude to Nitin Sir and my Guardian Angels.

As per my opinion, nobody is evil, and nobody is alone. Change is constant that you need to accept. It hardly matters what people call you, sympathise you like no male support is with you but you are self-sufficient. You do not need anyone to protect you. Time is very powerful. We are the characters and we have to play our roles well. So perform good without any fear.

Believe in Angels and keep rocking.

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