Table Of Contents
  • #1. How Angels Saved Shobna’s Life in Local Train from Death
  • #2. How Angels Had Protected Shobna From Her First Husband Who Sold Her To 3 Men
  • #3. How Shobna Connect With Angels
  • #4.How Angels Saved Fine of INR 6 Lakh ( DHS 29000) Imposed By Dubai Police in Dubai
  • #5.How Angels Helped Shobna In Paying her Son’s Fees, her Rent and her Bills
  • #6.Q & A with Shobna

May be you have so many questions in your mind now that how to talk to Angels?, I also want to talk with Angels, It is a great pleasure to talking to my Angel, Am I able to talk to Guardian Angel?, how can I connect with Angels?, I have heard that Angels Communicating through numbers, Tell me the ways Angels Communicate with us, how to communicate with Angels?

Meet Shobna based out of Dubai. She is 45 years old and working as a Real Estate Agent. Shobna always wanted to achieve clarity on purpose in life but she faced unforeseen events & failure in her past.

She was suffering from Loneliness and Negative thoughts because of her situations and circumstances, wanted to do something in her life but she was really confused and have no clarity – what to do, how to do, why to do, when to do and where to do, She had no Life Purpose and lack of Self Love too. Moreover she was struggling in her business also.

However, she realized the need for divine intervention and guidance and joined Basic Angel course followed by 9 steps process.

As a result, Shobna was able to gain clarity, purpose, guidance & success for a more purpose full life. Today she is confident; know her purpose and having so much self love. Today she teaches people how to remain positive in any situation. She is working towards betterment and be a Successful business woman. Her life has completely transformed with the help of Angels.

Read Success Story of Shobna that how Angels saved her life in Local Train from death, how Angels had protected her life from her First Husband who had sold her to 3 men, how she encountered her Guardian Angels, how Angels Saved her fine of INR 6 Lakh (DHS 29000) imposed by Dubai Police, how she paid her son’s fees, her rents, her bills with the help of Angels, How She has transformed her life from housewife who was suffering from domestic violence to successful business women with the help of Angels.

Angels Saved My Life in Local Train from Death

Since childhood, I used to listen about Angels in my school but it always felt like fairy-tale. Below incidence assures me the existence of Angels. During my divorce court case fight, I used to travel extensively by local train and once I was waiting for the local train and I missed three trains because of overcrowding, so I thought of boarding in next train anyhow. Next train came and I got in it and I was the last one hanging out. Suddenly my hand got off from handle I was hanging on and I thought I will be no more. In that one second, face of my children flash in front of me, how they will survive without me, how they will handle themselves and so many negative thoughts. But somehow one hand came behind and pulled me back into the train. Someone saved my life. I still get shivers, it was an Angel who saved me and I am alive today. When I look back and see how my tough situations were taken care of.

Now, I know my Guardian Angels were protecting me and I know their names and everything related to them because of Nitin Sir’s divine guidance. Thank you my GURU.

Angels Had Protected My Life From My First Husband

Today I am proud and happy that I am divorced from my first husband. He was a stepping stone for me. I am what I am today is because of him. Life is beautiful and it teaches everything with great sacrifices. As per me, every incidence is a life lesson. Life is full of choices though there are many incidents out of which I will tell one. When I was struggling to come out of my first marriage and was worried how will people react till in Jan 2011 when my husband decided to exchange me in the loss of gambling game, that was the time I took my kids along with me and left him without any other thoughts. In my married life, I was like a frog in a well. My first husband called three people to our home and I was scared because of the way they are looking at me. He told me his bad intention on my face and decided to break this marriage anyhow.

This relationship of 23 years was not easy to forget and leave. The roots of emotional wounds were deep and stubborn. Every day was challenging during that period of a relationship. It was more abusive. When I was almost at the last stage of my divorce process, I understood this man will bargain with me because he knew I won’t let my kids with him and there was property under my name which I saved it. I had security even if he will lose everything in gambling still I will have my shelter to protect my kids. So I kept it and didn’t let it sell during his demand.

Even after all this, he was sticking to his offer to choose between my kids and that property. I choose my kids, though life was difficult after that. Today, I and my children have completely forgotten the past and do not live in fear anymore. I have forgotten most of the incidence. I thank him for what he has done to me and changed my life. My tough time is my best teacher. Now Angels direct me, I am surrounded With Angels.

Today I bless him for what lessons he has given in my life and I came out of it. Angels gave me the strength to fight for my self-respect and gave me justice. I pray to God that no one goes through this much pain, women should take the forward step against any activity that wounds her self-respect, irrespective of what society think. My children have been a great support in every phase of my struggle. Today I am confident that no one can rule over me.

This is How I Connected with Angels- I Am Grateful That My Friend Suggested Me For Online Basic Angel Course

Life has been tough during corona. I was missing myself and I was trying to understand my existence. I was becoming confused day by day. Suddenly, it happened, I met Sanjana. She is also an Angel and she told me about Nitin sir and manifestation with the help of Angels. She said that she will send me video and when She sent me Nitin Sir’s video of Free Angel Introductory Program, I felt I have to do this and I just followed my instinct. Now I feel Angels have pushed me because I don’t watch videos as such but I took immediate action for my well-being and today I am happy about my decision.

Angels Saved Fine of INR 6 Lakh ( DHS 29000) Imposed By Dubai Police in Dubai

This incident happened in Dec 2020 after joining Basic Angel Course. Mahesh (my second husband) had a fine of Dhs 29000 (INR 6 Lakh) on credit card and there were a police case and court case on him and we were called at the police station in Dubai to settle fines otherwise there was a travel ban. So we went there to face the situation. As soon as we entered I felt my Angels are with me, I could hear the name of my Angel. I said to myself “oh so you are here with me” and I started praying please do the right thing and after some time I got drained thinking what will happen?

Mahesh was being interrogated inside and I was waiting at the reception area of the police station. After one and a half-hour of interrogation, my husband came out and said: “let’s go”. I asked what happened, how much fine they were asking for, what they had said to you’. He said ‘I don’t know what happened, let’s go, we are free now’. The Police officer said ‘you are free to go without paying any fine; the case has been closed in the police station and the criminal court’. My God! He was my Angel. My Angel’s name has the same name “Abdula”. I can’t explain the shivers and chills I get. There is no more proof required. It was a miraculous experience.

My life is full of Angels and Miracles. They always guide and guard me. Such experiences build your faith more and more and I feel blessed to experience all of this.

Angels Helped Me In Paying My Son’s Fees, My Rent and My Bills

For two years I was struggling to close deals in real estate, my deals were not completing every time and I was unable to deal smoothly. It’s been a while I have closed deals and from the moment I started Angel healing, my obstacles are decreasing day by day. Before coming to India in January 2021, I was struggling to pay my son’s fees and rentand bills but by God’s grace and healings, I have paid bills and fees. Things are better now and improving day by day, my deals are in progress and I am looking forward to my big achievements in life.

The occurrences of solution for any problem has become very natural, just surrender your problems to your Angels and they will guide you. Nitin Sir has been a mentor, a guide, a guru and an inspiration to me.

Question & Answer with Shobna

Question # 1: How was your marriage – Love marriage or Arrange marriage?

Answer by Shobna: So when you are more conservative and restrictive, children may take the wrong decision as I took. Though I learned a lot but still restricting others up to a point creates suffocation. This is how it all started.

I belong to a very conservative family though I had loving and mature experiences. My dad had a very struggling childhood as he was earning from a young age. We had a joint family of 10 people and my dad was the strictest person. We were not allowed to talk to outsiders or make friends especially the male friends. He had a very conservative mind-set, I still remember at my childhood my father used to say you should laugh after putting your hand on the mouth and I questioned him how it is even possible. I got slapped!

My dad and mom used to come home by 5 in the evening and all of us (siblings) were there in the house by 4:30 so that it looked like we never went outside.There were some of the moments in my childhood that I remember that I stole secretly like going to have fun with my friends by taking mom’s permission in absence of dad.

One day when I was coming back from my friend’s house and one guy followed me and since then he was behind me to talk. He presented himself intimidating.

But because of disconnecting nature from the outer world, I didn’t have the right way of knowing people correctly. He said he likes me and want to marry me. I thought he gathered courage and seriously likes me (he became my first husband.)

I never tried interrogating him like what job he does, how and where he lives. After some time he opened up that he had a business of liquor and he didn’t have to much struggle. He said, “In our house, women get everything they want, they just have to make food for their husband and take care of children”. At first, I felt awkward because my mom was an independent and working lady.

I tried to quit this relation in a very quiet manner, so I stopped talking to him but he started showing blood written letters. He wrote to me he will die, as I told you I was gullible so I believed him. During this many girls warmed me that “Shobna you are his 36th girlfriend he will use you and throw you”

As usual, I refused to believe. After these 7 years of our relationship, he sent his sister for a marriage proposal. My dad was against this marriage but I was so blind in love that for the first time I talked to my dad while having an eye connection. Dad knew if he will reject this proposal the guy will make it happen in the wrong ways.

I was stupid, I believed he will change. He didn’t let me study. Somehow I did the graduation that too from an open school, I never saw a college life. Everyone from my school knew my condition, I felt bad. All I get is the same environment after marriage; suffocation.

After marriage, he also used to treat me the same that no talking to outsiders, not going out if he caught me going out he used asked me several questions. This was all pilling up and made me feel burdened.

Question # 2: When did you know that your husband is into gambling business?

Answer by Shobna: As I said I was so disconnected with the outer world I never came to know that he used to play cards and gambling. Even after 3rd day of marriage, he couldn’t control himself he went to play and came late. That was the first day I came to know about this. I was so shocked and suddenly realised that I had come to jail with no escape. I was guilty that I said to my dad that my husband will change and improve himself. I was so shocked that my thought process is broken on how will I live here, what I will do now and so much. I was blaming myself for being ignorant.

He used to play cards all night and after marriage when became assured that his family will not let me go outside, his freewill increased more. I tried contacting her sister who was from Dubai, as he used to listen to only her.

Dubai is another story; he used to work there for some time. I thought now life will be smooth but he found some people and again started playing cards and gambling.

Question # 3: How you ran from your first husband?

Answer by Shobna: I had even caught him cheatingand he was sticking to his decision that I should be adjustable to his affair. I lost self-respect totally. I came to India in vacations and I asked him to purchase the property for the security of the future of kids as he was at peak of gambling. Then he returned to Dubai leaving me and my children and returned after 1 year. He was in so much debt that he started selling our properties and then the day came. He brings 3 friends with him to pay to settle debts. He was now totally into Gambling.

So when these men came, I understood he was going to plan something wrong. My senses or you may say my Angels were warning me, which I couldn’t ignore but at the same time, I had to plan my exit so that no one was harmed. Though there was no easy exit, I always used to fear society but I decided my kids will learn what they will see.I told my parents to take me out somewhere;they sent me to my cousin brother.

Question # 4: When you filed for divorce?

Answer by Shobna: On Feb 7th 2011, I came to Mumbai with my children and filed a divorce case. He played dirty games in that too, filed false allegations on my family and put my brother into jail for no reason.

At that time I remembered was many pandits and astrologers said he will not let you go, he will not give you divorce.

But that time I decided I will do what I want to do in my life. I fought and won.My children were and are so happy now.

Question # 5: How you have undergone 2nd marriage?

Answer by Shobna: My divorce case ended in mid-June 2014. Mahesh was in Dubai, he came to Mumbai and we filed for court marriage and after a month we got married. He always supported in my tough times. He was there to take care of me and my children, their school our cost of living in Mumbai and even my court case.

Mahesh was earning nicely so I started a course of real estate in Dubai and I registered myself as an agent at the age of 40. I started my career, I was a woman in four walls. I never knew how to talk and today I am a free woman, have my goals and living life as I want. I regret wasting my 23 years of life.

I was 21 years old when I got married first time. At the time of divorce, my elder son was 17years and younger son 12 years. My second marriage was at the age of 39 in 2014 August.Now today January 2021, elder one is 23 years and younger one is 18 years.

My Children, rock pillars, are still supportive in every way.

Sir, I am very lucky and happy today. Many are raped and killed I am still safe and I took actions at the right time.Life has taken tough exams and I have passed all, it doesn’t mean troubles will not come but what I feel now that no trouble is big.

Sir my sincere regards to you to give so much time to read. There are many hidden UNSPOKEN, going through all this.

One thing is sure life goes on.

A simple message I want to give to a woman who wants self-respect.

PLEASE RESPECT YOURSELF, if we don’t do it others will also don’t give respect to us.A forceful love belongs to trash.I don’t ask for love, respect and money because I have learned to earn all of these.Keep smiling, troubles will fade away.

Blessings to you Nitin Sir

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