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  • # 1. This is how Sukhwinder started her journey with Angels
  • # 2. How Sukhwinder started the 9 Step Process?
  • # 3. How Sukhwinder helped her mother to get her case solved in court?
  • # 4. How Sukhwinder got her stuck money around 5000 pounds from the share market with the help of Angels?
  • # 5. How Sukhwinder started doing meditation after the Angel course?
  • # 6. How Sukhwinder repaired her washing machine with the help of Angels?
  • # 7. How Sukhwinder overcame challenges in her life?

Meet Sukhwinder, who is a teacher based out in England. She is a mother of three children. She is a very busy woman who felt difficulty in finding time for herself. Being a teacher of children of 3-5 years, it became very challenging for her to manage her house, children, and profession. She was looking for a way through which she could take out time for herself. She knew a little bit about Archangel Michael but never went into depth. There were some problems going on in her house. Besides this, she had anger issues due to her busy life.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she can manage things properly and lead a smooth life. She wanted guidance in her life so that she can do everything properly and easily. Moreover, she wanted a guiding force in her life who can guide her and help her in controlling her anger.

As a result, she experienced a significant change in my life. All the issues like time management and anger issues vanished on their own. She started getting guidance for whatever issue she needed. She learned tarot card reading and reiki from the courses and made her life better than before.

This is how I started my journey with Angels

I knew a little bit about Archangel Michael but never tried to know about him in detail. Finally, one day I thought to search about Archangel Michael. I started with youtube. I saw Nitin sir’s video and was highly impressed by the video. After watching the video, I felt the need to do the Free Angel Course. Someone even suggested affirming with the help of Archangel Michael. That’s why I wanted to get into the course. I completed the Free Angel Course and at the end of the video, I got to know about the 4 Step Process and 9 Step Process. I was very confused about whether I should get enrolled or not. I called my husband to help me out but he said it’s my wish and I should decide this. I invoked Archangel Michael to help me and I got signs from him. After that, I was determined to do further courses.

I started with the Basic Angel Course. Initially, it was difficult to learn about all the Angels but somehow, things got managed. After that, I realized a massive change in life and started feeling positive. I found a change in my anger issues, which were due to my busy life. Angel healings helped her a lot.

This is how I started 9 Step Process

After completing a few courses, I felt the need to complete the 9 Step Process as well. There were financial issues as well because I had to look after the enjoyment and expenses of my children. Besides this, I had time issues as well. But I was waiting for a clue whether I should start this course or not. One day it was snowing very heavily and my sister wanted to give a lift to me, but I said I wanted to walk. She even cautioned me that the road is highly slippery. But I walked and in the mud, I found a five pound note. In a place like England, it is rare to find a five pound note. I called my husband and shared the whole incident with him. It was so surprising that others didn’t found that note, and when I passed from there I found the note. I thought this is a sign from Angels and they want me to pursue the 9 Step Process. After the course, I started spending time with everyone. I sit with my children and husband. We enjoy a great time in the morning before going to our work. Today, I am leading a happy and peaceful life.

I helped my mother to get her case solved in the court

My mother’s case was going on in court. All of us were very worried because it was stuck; that’s why I applied Angel healing and got to know that the lawyer whom we hired for the case was not doing anything. After 10-15 days, we started getting results, and the case started again in court.

I got my stuck money around 5000 pounds in the share market

I thought of investing some money in the share market, and it was around 5,000 pounds. I had no idea of which share I should buy and even after investing money in it, I never use to check the share market. Not me nor my husband had time to check what was going in the share market. I thought our money had got wasted and I applied the healing for stuck money. After a few days, I finally got my money, and from that, I joined another Angel course, which was Angel Symbol Course.

I started doing meditation after doing the Angel Course

I always wanted to lead a peaceful life but was unable to do it. After doing the Angel courses, I found myself inclined towards meditation. After doing meditation, I realized that I started connecting with Angels more. It became a channel for me to get guidance from Angels. Even now, when I feel the need to communicate with Angels, I meditate.

Angels helped me in repairing my washing machine

It was a bank holiday and my washing machine got stuck in between, it was not spinning. Due to this, I couldn’t take out my clothes as well. We called many private companies but everyone refused to come due to the holiday even we were ready to pay extra. I drew the Angel symbol on the plug and applied healing. After some time, I found that something was stuck due to which the washing machine was not spinning. From that day, I started applying healings daily.

I have overcome various challenges in my life

Earlier, I lacked confidence due to which I never tried for my desired job in my field. After the 9 Step Process, I can realize a boost in my confidence and the job that I always wanted is being offered to me. I used to feel less energetic and after the Angel Symbol Course, I just found a tremendous change in me. Even during the lockdown, I utilized Angel symbols to remain energetic. I have been able to break the pattern of laziness. Moreover, I helped my daughter as well in gaining confidence and after one healing, she was filled with the confidence to do the best in her class.

I have been able to break the patterns of procrastination. Earlier, I used to delay things and was unable to get them done on time. Today, I manage all the tasks very well and get them done on time. I wish I had come to know about Angel courses last year, and today, I would have been a life coach. After the 9 Step Process, I help my family as well.

I would like to say to other women that if they want to understand the true meaning of life, they must do the 9 Step Process. All ladies must join this course if they love themselves and their families. This course can change your life by bringing a positive change. You should complete all the Angel courses.

For those who leave their journey of courses in the between, I would like to say that yes, sometimes problems come in life due to which many people feel the difficulty in completing the Angel courses. At that time, you need to take help from Archangel Michael for guidance. After invoking, you will realize the energy that will make you complete all the courses.

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