Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Surbhi started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. Why Surbhi felt the need to know more about Angels?
  • # 3. How Surbhi shifted to another city in the pandemic with the help of Angels?
  • # 4. How Angels helped Surbhi with day-to-day problems and in improving relations between her husband and brother?
  • # 5. How Surbhi helped a couple in finding their son with the help of Angels?
  • # 6. How Surbhi helped her client in getting a new job?
  • # 7. How Surbhi helped a cloth merchant in overcoming debt with the help of Angels?
  • # 8. How Angels fulfilled Surbhi’s dream of getting a house?
  • # 9. How Surbhi experienced a change in her emotions after completing Angel courses?

Meet Surbhi, who is 41 years old, based out of Delhi. Earlier, she was a web designer and developer. She lacked confidence and had a fear of failure. She had financial insecurities, which were turning into frustration. She was feeling helpless and was looking for a way to overcome all her challenges and lead her life peacefully. She was getting signs from Angels but recognized them later. She believes Angels were there to help her out; it’s just she needed to be conscious about their presence.

However, she felt the need to communicate to Angels so that she can gain confidence, overcome her fear, and bring a change in her life. She wanted to seek help from Angels and move on the right path in her life.

As a result, after communicating with Angels, she started getting guidance from them. She started experiencing miracles in her day-to-day life. Her fights with her husband also reduced, and they started having a good relationship.

1. This is how I started my journey with Angels

One day I was checking out my Facebook and my eyes went on a video about tarot cards. From there, I got to know that Angels are there. Gradually, all the information came to me about how Angels help us, how they show us their presence, and what all signs they give. It feels like Angels were themselves trying to help me out. I realized that I was getting all the signs like feathers at unexpected places. After that, I started praying to the Angels to keep showering their blessings on me.

I asked Angels to provide me with a mentor who can give me the right guidance so that I can help others as well. The same day I got a message from Nitin sir’s team for a webinar. After attending the webinar, I enrolled myself for the Basic Angel Course followed by a 9 Step Process.

2. I felt the need to know more about Angels

After completing my Basic Angel Course, I learned a few things like what are the specific Angels and how to invoke them. I got a little idea of how I can take help from Angels to help my family members, but I had no idea of how to help others. Also, there were some major issues in my family that I wanted to solve with the help of Angels. Though Angels were helping me, I wanted to connect to them more. So I enrolled myself in the 4 Step course and continued my journey. After completing this, I was clear that I want to complete 9 Step Process as well because I wanted to help my family and others.

3. Angels helped me to move from one city to another

I shifted in the pandemic situation, which was very challenging, but I was able to do it with the help of Angels. Angels were guiding me to shift because it’s for my good. Though it was a fearful situation due to the pandemic, I had faith in Angels and followed their guidance. After shifting, I realized a positive transformation in my life. I am thankful to the Angels that, with their help, I shifted easily and smoothly. This is one of those decisions that I took without consulting others, which proved to be a blessing for me, and that strength came from Angels.

4. Angels helped me with day-to-day problems and improving relations between my brother and husband

I started invoking Angels for even small things. I used to invoke them for things that were misplaced by me. I used to ask them whether I am doing right or not. In short, I started asking them everything. While relocating, I asked Angels to help me in finding a new house. Even for the admission of my children to the new school, I asked help from Angels.

My husband and brother did not have good relations for the past 15 years. I used to feel bad about this and finally invoked Angels. Today, they have a cordial relationship, and everything is going very well. It feels as if there was nothing in the past, and I am very thankful to Angels for this.

5. I helped a couple in finding their son

A couple contacted me because their son left home and was missing for three days. His mother was very stressed and in pain. The couple was highly stressed out and not in a position to listen to anything. I advised them to have faith in Angels, and I started praying to Angels. The very next day, they got their lost son. The couple was very happy and shocked at the same time. They thanked the Angels for helping them.

6. I helped one of my clients in getting a new job

He lost his job due to the pandemic situation and was sitting at home without a job. He was very depressed and lost all the hopes for getting a new job. He contacted me and shared his problem. I applied healings to him, and the miracle happened in the next ten days. He got a call for the interview, and he got selected for the job. This was something next to impossible for him because due to the pandemic, there were less job opportunities. From then, he started thanking Angels.

7. I helped a cloth merchant to overcome his debts

One of my clients was a cloth merchant, and he was under a debt of Rs 25 lakhs. He went into depression and couldn’t think of a way to get out of this situation. Then, he contacted me and shared his problem. I applied healings to him, and after the first session of 51 days, the results were amazing and visible. He paid half of his debt. After the second session of the same duration, he paid all the debt and got free from the burden. Gradually, his business also started flourishing, and he started earning more money than before.

8. Angels fulfilled my dream to have my own house

I always had a dream to have my own house but felt that it was something next to impossible. I applied Angel healing, and within a few months, we booked a house and soon shifted into it. This is one of those manifestations that came true, and I believe it to be one of the achievements in my life that I have been able to gain with the help of Angels.

9. I have experienced a change in my emotions after completing Angel courses

When I joined the first course, I was emotionally weak and was going through a bad phase. I had a feeling of loneliness and felt as if no one is there to support me. Financial insecurities were an add-on to all this. I had a lot of confusion regarding my career because I had resigned from my previous job and was thinking about how will I get a new job in such a situation of the pandemic. After completing all the courses, I got clarity in life and got to know which direction is appropriate for me. I have seen a boost in my confidence, which makes me feel that I can face every challenge without any support. All this has made me emotionally strong, due to which I do not depend on others for emotional support. I feel I am enough for myself and can help others as well with the help of Angels.

I believe I would not have done the 9 Step course; I would have stuck in the same situation. I feel this course is an important element that has helped me in overcoming all the challenges. This course encouraged me to take action so that I can have clarity in my life.

I would like to say to women that being a woman in India, they need to keep themselves emotionally, physically, and financially strong. After taking care of all these things, life will automatically get balanced, and everything will move smoothly. You need to take action for yourself because no one else can do it on your behalf. Have strength and try to achieve all your dreams. Never give up on them. When you are balanced, you can take care of your family very well.

For those who get stuck in their life, I would like to say that develop self-love. Once you are determined for something, you will get ways to do things.

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