Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Vaishali started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. Why Vaishali upgraded to Nine Step Process?
  • # 3. How Vaishali enjoyed her trip to Kashmir without any health issues with the help of Angels?
  • # 4. How Vaishali helped her children in gaining concentration and clearing stuck money with Angel’s help?
  • # 5. How Vaishali recovered from COVID-19 with the help of Angels?
  • # 6. How Vaishali cured her friend’s injury?
  • # 7. How Vaishali gave protection to her friend and protected her from torture at the workplace?
  • # 8. How have Angels helped Vaishali to live a healthy and happy life?

Meet Vaishali Vijay Pathare, who is 43 years old, based out of Thane, Maharashtra. She wanted to overcome her health issues because she was an asthmatic patient. Her condition was so terrible that she couldn’t walk a few steps. She used to feel breathless and was highly upset due to this. She was also worried about the studies of her children. She wanted them to be focused on their studies and concentrate on their studies.

However, she felt the need to communicate to Angels so that she can improve her health and cure her asthmatic issues. She sought help from Angels so that she can let her children focus on their careers and studies. Moreover, she also wanted to help her friends and bring solutions to them.

As a result, with the help of Angel healings, she felt a lot of changes in her health issues. Now, she is not required to go to the hospital. She doesn’t feel worried about her children and health. She no more feels that she has less breathing capacity. She gives protection to her family members and feels everyone is safe now.

1. This is how I started my journey with Angels

I got to know about Angels through one of the videos on YouTube. Initially, I ignored those videos because I did not have any idea about Angels and how they can help us. Every time I use to see Nitin sir’s video on the top. Initially, I was confused about whether I should do the Basic Angel course or not, but finally, I started it. From then, I started feeling better. My health started tuning better in the pandemic situation when my friends use to advise me to take retirement. After healings, my health is much better, and I don’t feel the need to go to the hospital. Every year I was required to get hospitalized during the monsoon. But Angels started giving me the strength to recover and prevent such a situation.

2. This is why I upgraded to Nine Step Process Course

I tried to learn Reiki from somewhere else but was not able to understand it. After learning from Nitin sir, I felt the positivity and encouragement to learn more. It was as if things were settling in my mind very easily. I liked the way of teaching, as there was no confusion or doubts during the learning process. I felt highly positive and even felt that I could live happily. I used to say to my husband to take care of children after me because I will not live long. But after doing the course, I did not feel such things.

3. Angels helped me to have a safe and enjoyable tour of Kashmir

My husband was very worried about my health and advised me not to come with him. I assured him that Angels are with me and I will be fine. We went to Gulmarg, and I spend almost 5 hours there without any difficulty in breathing. I was fit and fine during the entire journey. Though winters are not favorable for my health, still I was fine there. This miracle happened all because of Angels.

4. I helped my children in gaining concentration for studies and clearing stuck money

My son has a concentration problem, and he used to let go every time. I was very worried about his future and was looking for something through which I could increase his concentration. Finally, I applied Angel healing, and he started being concentrated. Recently, he has given his online exams and scored very well. I am so happy to see him concentrated and thank Angels for this because this could not have been possible without them.

My daughter is in the banking sector, shared that there was a huge amount of hers that was stuck. So, she asked me to apply healing for it. I applied healing and we saw the magical result within half an hour. The money got cleared and all of us were surprised. She said it happened because of Angels; otherwise, there could have been a major loss.

My children ask for healing, even for small problems like headaches or pain. They don’t ask for medicines, only for healings. They ask me to send Angels for exams and other important things.

5. Angels helped me recover from COVID-19

After I was tested positive for COVID -19, my husband was very worried because I already have an asthmatic problem. Though I had no symptoms, I just tested to make sure everything was fine because one of my friends was tested positive, and I was in his contact. My husband wanted me to hospitalize because of the asthmatic issue, but I said there is no need. Until I was tested negative, I applied healings and kept praying to Angels to keep me healthy and fit. Even my friends also believe that I am alive because of Angels.

6. I cured an injury of my friend

We were going for a tour. My friend was about to sit in the taxi, and her hand was pressed by the gate of the taxi. It was very painful for her, and she almost thought that her hand would not work anymore. I calmed her and took her hand in mine. I applied healing and prayed to Angels to recover her hand. Within ten minutes, the pain was gone, and she felt as if nothing happened to her hand. She and her daughter were shocked to see the miracle.

7. I gave protection to my friend to protect her from torture at her workplace

My friend called me and shared that she was tortured a lot at her working place and she was very depressed due to this. I asked her not to worry, and I applied healing to her. Within a few days, she called me and told me that she had been transferred. Also, she was given an increment of Rs 25,000. Besides all these, she was also given a house by the office. My friend was so happy, and she thanked Angels for this help. She believed it to be not less than a miracle because all the things happened that she wanted within a few days.

8. Angels have helped me in living a healthy and happy life

Earlier, I had health issues due to which everything was disturbed. Now, I am leading a healthy and happy life. I give protection to my husband whenever he goes for his official trip. In a pandemic situation, we don’t feel fear to step outside because we know Angels are there to protect us. Also, I did Angel healing regularly for my parents’ result of which they are safe and secured during this pandemic situation from CORONA. All their friends were affected but they were safe. My parents are old age and my father is already a patient of diabetes and high blood pressure. Due to regular Angel healing it did not affect them. I am highly grateful to my Angels.

Also, with the help of Angels, my new home is being constructed in Nashik. This is something that I always wished for. This was my dream that came true with the help of Angels. I go to the office in the pandemic situation also without worrying about anything. With the help of Angels, I have relationships, love, and many things. I feel nothing is impossible for me, and I can achieve anything in my life.

Lastly, I would like to thank Nitin sir, who has been a mentor for me and provided guidance to connect to the Angels. Though I had tried to learn Reiki, the way he teaches is fabulous.

I would like to say to all the women to stay positive and believe in Angels because they will get miraculous results. I must say that Angels are a source of power that remains with you to protect you from everything. When Angels are there, you need not worry about anything.

For those who are unable to take action in their life and leave Angel courses without completing them, I would like to say that they must gather the courage to fight from the challenges and take the required action. When Angels have done miracles for me, then they do the same for those people as well. It’s just they need to take a step.

As per me there should be one mentor in our life who can guide us in our tough situations. Thank you Angels for taking Nitin Sir in our life who add so much value in their student’s life.

I knew nothing about Angels earlier and today I am proudly say that I am an Angelic channel and helping so many people through Angel healings.

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