Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Veena started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How did Veena got courage with the help of Angels?
  • # 3. How Veena started Fighting for her children?
  • # 4. How Veena helped her brother in getting married to the right girl?
  • # 5. How Angels saved her family during the trip to Tirupati?
  • # 6. How Veena helped her husband in getting the payment with the help of healings?
  • # 7. How Veena helped her friend in getting the right life partner with the help of Angels?
  • # 8. How Veena helped a girl to get her dream job?
  • # 9. How Veena’s life changed after Angel Courses?

Meet Veena Baheti, who is 36 years old and based out of Secunderabad. She is a housewife and a healer. She learned reiki and then completed the Angels blessings workshop. After she lost one of her relatives, she contacted Mr Nitin to know if there was something that remained unfulfilled for that relative. After completing the Angel blessings workshop, and felt calm.

However, she felt the need to talk to the Angels and know if the person she has lost is in peace or not. After the Angel blessings workshop, her curiosity rose, and she wanted to know more about Angels.

As a result, she invoked Archangel Zadkiel and was extremely surprised by the way that she communicated with him. She felt as if there was some positive energy that helped her in expressing all her concerns.

1. This is how I started my journey with Angels

After my first encounter with Archangel Zadkiel, I started communicating with my Guardian Angels. I even saw them in my vision, I saw myself standing, and in front of me, a giant figure was standing. I even saw a smaller version of that figure. After the vision, I got very scared and was unable to understand what happened. After a few days, I realized the image was my Guardian Angel. From then, I got the feeling that my Guardian Angel is always there to help and support me.

2. Angels provided me the courage and made me realized the things that were going around me

I would like to thank Angels for giving me the courage to speak the truth. Gradually, all those people went away from me, those who were creating problems in my life. Till today, Angels keep all those people away from me who try to give me negativity. Today, I speak the truth and don’t feel afraid to speak it in from of anyone.

3. I started fighting for the benefit of my children with the help of Angels

Earlier, I couldn’t speak for the benefit of my children and use to keep quiet, but today, I speak fearlessly, even to my husband. My daughter had asthma, and the doctor asked me not to go in public. Due to this, I use to miss family functions, and my husband was one of those who was not supporting me in this. Meanwhile, I was getting the courage from Angels and was determined to be there for my daughter because she needed me. By the grace of Angels, my daughter started recovering, and I started socializing. All I can say is that no one was there for my support; I was only there to stand for my child. I was able to fight from the situation all because of the courage provided by Angels.

4. I gave detachment and ideal partner healing to my brother

My brother was being pressured by the family to get engaged to a girl of their choice, but he was not sure about her. He was being pressured to such a level that he even planned to do something wrong with himself. He asked me to do healing for him, and I applied detachment healing with ideal partner healing for fifty-one days. I was able to do this after completing Advanced Angel Course. With the help of healings, he got to know that the girl and her family were not genuine. I can say it to be my first success of the Advanced Angel Course. After applying the healings, I saw tremendous change in my brother, and he started leading a happy life. Finally, he got a partner of his choice, and he also started believing in Angels.

5. During my visit to Tirupati, Angels saved my family and me from an accident

We were traveling at night, and it was dark everywhere. Due to the dark, the driver was unable to see the track clearly. Just one hour before the accident, I took Pyramid Protection, and I even don’t know why only this protection came into my mind. We got saved by a few inches; otherwise, all of us would have gone into the ditch. We got worried and finally thanked Angels for protecting us. This was not less than magic for me.

6. My husband got his payment cleared with the help of healing

During the lockdown, my husband was supposed to get a huge payment, but he was worried at the same time whether he would receive it or not. Due to something, he was not getting the payment and couldn’t do anything because of the lockdown. I applied obstruction healing, and he got around 90% of the payment. Now, only 10% is left. Both of us were surprised and happy at the same time. This task happened only because of Angels.

Angels provided financial aid and encouraged me to read Bhagwat Geeta

I am very happy to share that a few days back we have bought Baleno, which we were unable to purchase due to financial problems. But after invoking Archangel Michael, the situation changed, and we bought it during the lockdown. A few years back, I was unable to read Bhagwat Geeta even though I had an interest in it. I was unable to read it due to some family issue or any other thing. After doing Angel courses, I started reading it, and the environment of my house turned accordingly. I am glad to share that I have read the book and feel so calm and satisfied. Reading Bhagwat Geeta is something that I was very fond of it. Once again, I would like to thank Angels for encouraging me to do so.

Angels helped me in getting a perfect house and protect my family

I was required to shift house urgently and wanted my new house according to the Vastu. I was searching, and one day my house helper suggested me a house nearby. I can say Angels helped me in the form of my house helper who searched the house for me. When we went to check the house, it was exactly the way I wanted. We shifted to our new house, and it turned to be lucky for us. This is something highly miraculous for me, and I got the house by the blessings of Angels.
I apply healings and protection for my husband and children. Many times my husband comes and shares how he got saved from an accident. While stepping out, I take protection from Angels for my children. They help me in shopping as well.

7. I helped my friend in getting the right life partner

My friend was a widow and had two children. She wanted to settle down again, but no one was ready to accept both her children. She came to me and shared her concerns. I gave her switch words/ phrases and asked her to put them under her pillow. After few days, I got to know that she got a perfect life partner for her who was ready to accept her children as well. Today, she is leading a happy and satisfactory life by the grace of Angels.

8. As a healer, I helped a girl in getting her dream job

She was one of those who use to come to me for Reiki, and she shared about her dream job. I applied healings and Reiki for her, and she got the job. From then, she also started believing in Angels and showed interest in joining Basic Angel Course. I talk to her even today, and she discusses that getting the job was something that she believed can never happen. The most surprising element was that the manifestation was successful on the 18th day of healing and the total duration was 21 days.

9. My life changed after doing Angel courses

I felt a 360˚ change in my life in terms of happiness and relationship with my husband. Those who use to bring problems in life call me and ask for help. It feels like Angels have filled my life with happiness and are always there as my support system.

I am thankful to God that I met Mr Nitin, who helped me in communicating with Angels and added value to my life. Angels have vanished all the problems in my life, gave me clarity, and make me feel happy, which I was missing earlier. Today, I am confident and emotionally strong.

I would like to add that women should be strong and never give up because if we are not happy, we can’t keep others happy.

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