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Hello everyone here I am with another topic on the Angel. Today we will discuss about Angel number and what message they carry. Numbers are also energy and any repetitive sequential numberis angel number and through them, Angels want to convey you some guidance. These numbers carry message only when you see them randomly and unintentionally. Maybe on a watch like 11:11 or so, on the phone, newspaper, books, other texts, number plates, even on currency notes etc.

Let’s start knowing the meaning of every sequence number, the sequence may carry 3 or more digits.

000- It means a new beginning, new opportunities, ideas etc. It can be in your finances, relationships, health, job, career etc. Angels are guiding you to become more receptive and aware.

111- It means new manifestations. Sometimes a lot of things are in our thoughts and emotions; Angels are giving you signs that it is the time to get them manifest.

222- Angels are saying it’s time to take the actions. No more only planning, it’s high time for executions. Look up for the resources, become conscious and achieve what you want.

333- Angel Guidance is saying you tolook inside your natural capabilities and potentials. We all are healers, we all have physic abilities and high intuition power. When you work from the natural talent or potency you create miracles. Let’s look within our natural abilities or other talents you have.

444- Angels and spirit guides are with you, blessing and protecting you.  Enjoy your life fully without limiting yourself, take the necessary risk and grow.

555- A big and sudden change is coming, life is going to make you ride new dimensions. Increase your flexibility, adaptability and inner strength.

666- Take a break and maintain the balance between your spiritual and materialistic world. Angels are telling you to get connected within yourself to get a better outside world.

777- Archangel Michael is showing up for you in the time of crises. He is always shielding you and blessing you. Just get connected to him.

888- Infinite abundance on your way, unlimited resources, opportunities, ideas are getting attracted in your life. Make a good utilise, create miracles.

999- The circle has been completed, you have achieved what you want. It’s time to go deeper and find your life purpose. The time of transformation has come.

I hope I was able to decode the meaning of numbers easily, so next time hold your heart and use your brain in the right direction whenever you see these Angel numbers. If you want to know more about it you can watch my video.

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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