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Hey everyone, today I will be telling why most people suffer from the problem of insufficient money retention, repelling of money, low generation of money, etc. Basically why some people find that money doesn’t come to them.
The major cause is a wrong affirmation. ‘i don’t have money’, most of the people are chanting this for no reason. No matter if their bills show up, their expenses, or doing investment for other reasons while spending money or not spending the affirmation has become persistent. I want you to take 2 minutes and think about what you are getting by continuously saying ‘i don’t have money’? 
Have you ever noticed your feelings while saying this, when you will start to observe your mind you will find there is a feeling of lackness and emptiness? These feelings are of low vibrations and if you know the law of attraction is nothing but tuning into different frequencies. You will get what you feel not what you want. You will start attracting the events and people who will withdraw money from your life. In the form of debts, stock money, wrong investments, unnecessary expenditures, even in the form of health and relationships. Yes, it depends on you how you program your subconscious mind and at which lowest vibration you can reach. Let me tell you by example, a lady has a deep subconscious thought that what will happen to me if my husband leaves me, what I will do, how I will survive, from where I will get money for livelihood, etc. It will automatically arise the situation of separation, the blackness will manifest. Similarly, your money can drain I’m the treatments. 
I am sharing this from my past experiences, I had my worst time when used to use this affirmation. When I was doing my job for 10 years I had similar patterns, how will I survive, I have so many responsibilities, I have no money for this and that. It’s really important to change the affirmations consciously before it ruins your subconscious mind. Money is important whether you want to do social work or personal achievement. I am not saying that spend it on unnecessary or use it without thinking but just become aware that you don’t want to spend it here. That’s all, it’s unaffordable for now. But don’t say I don’t have money again and again. When I see people suffering from a poor mindset, I can connect it with my past and all the things I share is only because I don’t anyone to suffer as I did. 
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