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Hello everyone, after posting the video and blog on how to be happy, a few people were asking even after trying they are not able to keep themselves happy. They have become like this so today I will be sharing some tips through which you can break your old pattern and live happily.
Our brain needs answers for anything we want to do, it needs strong logical satisfaction to take action and receive benefits. Unfortunately! These things are being applied to basic human chemistry these days. So here I am sharing the benefits of why you should keep yourself happy even in tough times.
1- YOU ATTRACT MORE HAPPINESS – This is a universal law, Things grow where energy (focus) flows. When you start keeping yourself happy, the universe starts giving you more opportunities to be happier. Doesn’t it happen in general, if you do the things you love to do anyhow new circumstances arise to do it more? I love to do counseling because it gives me satisfaction when people get better. So I automatically attract more new people who genuinely need my help. When you start living an upset life and often feel hurt, more people and situations will arise to make you hurt. Slowly and slowly your affirmations will start becoming like that,’ everyone I meet betrays me, I am destined like this or so on’. And it attracts the same thing more. Be happy.
2- YOU START CREATING MANIFESTATIONS – The emotion of happiness creates very high positive energy in your aura. Your health improves and the wavelengths of mind also expand. It increases the power to Manifest. Your deep down desires start taking the shape in reality. Let me share my own experience, I always wanted a high-quality projector so that I can see movies at home or for my work, etc. It was expensive, but recently I manifested that projector (real cost 300,000/- rupees)  only at 90,000 rupees. I will share soon my full story. That’s what I wanted to say, the universe will give you things to become happier if you start becoming happy. 
3- YOU GET CONNECTED WITH DIVINITY- You start experiencing the spiritual connections, people who are the path of Spirituality connects easily with their spirit guides, guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascendant masters, etc. It doesn’t mean that when you are low you get disconnected from the divine, it’s just the receiving power becomes less. The power of wisdom and guidance becomes low. Stay happy and positive for yourself.
I will still say don’t doubt what you will get in being happy. Universe has created you to be happy and enjoy this life. Happiness starts with you.
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