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Hey friends, today’s topic is a little different, we will learn why we must love ourselves to survive better in this world. There are enormous benefits of loving yourself; you become the radiator of love and blessings, your health improves, your emotional and mental capabilities improve, the chances of success get an increase, and much more. We will discuss the main domains in points.
1) GRATITUDE – You must have gratitude for yourself. Personally when I wake up I thanks Tommy’s for his breath and body. This the last thing you can do, we are experiencing our lives because of this body so we must be grateful for it. We don’t realize little but main things, many people don’t have body parts or someone daily lost the life of their loved one. The blessings we are getting must be counted.
2) EXERCISE – here the time for action to be the expression. If you are grateful for your body you must take care of it. In the form of dance, sports, yoga asanas, exercise but be there. It releases endorphins that help in creativity, happiness, the immune system, etc. The frozen shoulders and arthritis are a very common outcome of lack of Physical care.
3) EAT HEALTHY- Taste matters but not at the cost of your health. people are becoming addicted to junk food, just for the little pleasure you give unavoidable pain to your system. Just before eating unhealthy food ask yourself, is it for your taste or your health. It will help in lowering your cravings.
4) APPRECIATE – A little appreciation for your right actions will give you motivational pills. For the new leanings, taking good decisions, after achieving target appreciate yourself. I do this after taking good counseling sessions. Don’t be in a rat race or hunger to achieve without celebration.
5) NO EXPECTATIONS- Keep your expectations from yourself, from God, and Angels. When you created unrealistic expectations from others you give your remote control for emotions. To become independent and emotionally stable you have to let go of your
Expectations. Though responsibilities and duties are altogether different from expectations. When you are in your job, or you have a family role you must pay attention. Expectations are something you asked for your comfort and happiness.
When you love yourself you reflect it and other persons will do love you for the same. For creating good vibes you can take the help of Angels. Angels increase self-love and self-worth. For more information feel free to contact me.

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