Reiki Grandmaster, Angel healer, NLP Coach, Motivational Speaker, Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Consultant.

Brishti is a B.sc second-year student, who is also a Reiki Grandmaster and Angel Healer, NLP coach, Motivational Speaker, Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Consultant.

She has been able to solve a lot of issues of her life like depression, hair fall, insomnia. Besides, this she has removed personal problems and many more with the help of these courses. Her personal problems caused her a lot of loss, which she turned into a profit with the help of healings.

Through these courses and healing, she cured her mother’s stress and grandmother’s spondylitis. For this, she performed reiki healing and Angel healing. Finally, she started getting positive results. The success rate of her healings goes up to 100% sometimes.

Today, she can cure psychosomatic diseases like anxiety, depression, addiction, and many more. She can help a lot of people in overcoming their health issues without any medication. Due to her capabilities, she has gained recognizable popularity within his family and friends.

Brishti was going through a lot of personal issues a few months back. Because of those issues, her mind was disturbed to an extent that it started affecting her studies. She wanted to concentrate on her studies but those problems would not let her do so. She was feeling alone and suffocated as she would not share it with anyone. Her connection with Angels took her to another level where she gained her strength and confidence. With the help of Angels, she got the right guidance and took her life to a positive turn. She overcame all those personal issues that were bothering her and were making it tough for her to move on. Today, she is an optimistic person with positive thoughts and aims. She is an embodiment of positivity and encourages people to become like her.

Though Brishti is quite young, she has helped people with psychosomatic diseases. She came in contact with people who were going through depression, and anxiety. She helped them through Angel and reiki healings, which started showing positive results within a few days. People started getting enlightenment about what they were doing and how they can change their lives. She even handles those cases for whom doctors also give up and medical science fails to provide solutions. Her healings have left a positive result in the minds of those people and they decided to invoke Angels for guidance. She also has mastery in curing other health issues that people find tough to treat. She is on the way to get a lot of success in the healing industry.

Brishti helped her mother and grandmother in overcoming their health issues. Her mother was going through a lot of stress due to which her health started getting affected. She was unable to find a solution for her mother and could not see her in this condition anymore. Finally, she decided to apply Angel healings and the stress of her mother started vanishing. After a few days, her mother got absolutely fine and fit. Whenever her mother goes through any health issues, she applies healings to her. Her grandmother was also having spondylitis and she was in a lot of pain due to this. Her condition got better due to Angel and reiki healings. Improvement in the health of her grandmother and mother was not less than magic because things were getting worse. Healings acted swiftly on both the problems and they got fine.

Brishti helps people in overcoming physical and personal issues with the help of healing. Because she has a vast knowledge of various courses, she helps people in dealing with day-to-day problems. Some people even get surprised at the way she helps them in countering issues of life whether they are related to health or personal life. Today, a large number of people come to her for healing themselves from several health issues. Usually, people with anxiety and depression approach her so that they can break their patterns and develop positivity within them. With her help, they work on their personality and start developing positive thoughts. Today, she is a motivation and inspiration for many. She even inspires children of her age to do something productive and valuable in life.

Brishti aims at helping women and girls who don’t take a stand for themselves. She sight to do something for them so that they can also become confident and bear its abundance. She has a desire to promote women’s empowerment in a different manner. As of now, she doesn’t have many plans but will surely have them in the future. She wants to become a motivational trainer for them and bring more women to the field of healing. Also, she wants to help children of her age who go through a lot of stress due to studies or no clarity of career. Though her age is young, her aims are high and she will achieve them with the help of Angels. Today, she is a strong girl who is enough for herself and can become a support for others. With the help of guidance from Angels, she is leading a happy life where she feels no more alone.

In terms of her achievements, Brishti has performed successful healings for her mother and grandmother to get them rid of their health issues. Besides this, she worked for herself in dealing with some personal issues, which were not less than a hurdle for her. At this age, she has done a lot for herself and other people. She wishes to do more for other people as well who fail to get proper help. Her mission is to make society free from addictions and bad habits so that everyone can enjoy their lives to the fullest. With the help of healings, she concentrates on her studies very well. She has made her life better than before and aims to do the same for others. Though she has completed a sufficient amount of courses but is ready to learn more if something is left. She is not just a young girl but a motivation for many.

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