Change Your Mindset Webinar

This webinar is systematically design to make you understand the importance of right mind-set. It is very important for all of us to change our infected and poor mindset and ensure that we live healthy and prosperous Life.

Why This Webinar is Important for you

  • Practical Assessment : You will do the Practical Assessment of 6 different areas of your life
  • Self-Worthiness : You will know the Power of Self Worthiness in the webinar
  • Action Oriented : You will learn action steps that you can implement immediately and become action taker
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m
27-Sep, 2020

Nitin Mohan Lal

What Will You Learn At The Webinar

Changing your mindset is a journey where we learn to look inward of ourselves, identify and discover garbage we have accumulated so far and replaced it with new healthy learnings and patterns which can lead us to a peaceful, healthy and successful life.

In the program of changing your mind-set, you will be learning:

✅ What is Conscious & Subconscious Learning?
✅ How our mind works and why we suffer in our life?
✅ How beliefs and behaviours are formed
✅ What is the definition of success?
✅ How can we become successful?

Don’t Compromise with Your Passion and Life Changing Opportunity

What Gave Rise To This Webinar?

Unfortunately, most of the people are facing many mental and emotional issues which hamper their growth in any aspect of life. Keeping that in mind I have come up with the solution to introduce you with CHANGE YOUR MINDSET webinar which gives you the insight that how and what levels changes can be brought that to improve the quality of your life.
During the time of lockdown, the cases and requests for consultations have increased rapidly because the breakdown of the mental structure started becoming more rapidly. To increase the awareness of a strong mind-set, I have come up with this webinar.

Through my own personal journey, I have learnt that the only thing which decides your success or downfall in life is your own mind-set. Because of many social influential and personal experiences we generally get stuck in poor mindset and continuously start getting the same low-level outputs. This becomes a vicious cycle until and unless we thrive to change our mind-set in the best possible way which can lead us to financial growth, career, better relationships, health and balance in life.

We’ve already helped over thousands of people by equipping them with knowledge to drive REAL RESULTS!

13-Nov' 2020 08:00 a.m- 9:30 a.m

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Don’t miss the opportunity

About Nitin Mohan Lal

I am a common man who thrived to achieve a big goal and success by contributing to the lives of people.
That’s why now I am leading a successful entrepreneur life and respectable title of an absolute mentor.
I have changed the lives of many people through my guidance and the right approach which I used to make myself at the place where I am right now. I have
Mastered many energy modalities and become one of the finest healers. I am
a Reiki Grand Master, Tarot card reader, Angel channel, switch-
Word consultant, mind trainer, panic healer, motivation speaker and an author.

My book ” Discover The Power Of Affirmation” has been awarded for Amazon
Bestseller. Also, I have written many other influential books like
“Walk With The Gratitude”, “Iconic Parenting” and “Attract Money like a Super Magnet”.

I have the experience of excellence in changing the lives of people; I teach online and I have students
students across the World. I Have been in this industry for almost 15 years and
I firmly believe a successful life is when we are balanced and growing in all areas of our lives and I am working in only that direction. I am continuously awarding people and giving instruments through which they can live a better being through my webinars, seminars and different courses.

If you want to know more about what I do, visit my website

Why you should have a better knowledge of my business?

My business motive is to help people if they are suffering in the area of their life (health, relationship, finance, career, spirituality etc) or they want to start and establish their business in healing and training services to an optimum level or they want to become life coach, I have customised solutions for all.
I am passionate about creating solutions for every problem and change the lives of people.

I put many valuable contents on my different social media platforms so that I can address those issues that most people are sufferings and they get a solution for the same.

So, follow me to get inspired and change your mindset for better living.

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