How To Connect With Angels

Table Of Contents
  • #1. Who are Angels?
  • #2. Who are Guardian Angels?
  • #3. Who are Archangels?
  • #4. Which Archangel to invoke to resolve which specific issue of our life?
  • #5. What are Chakras? How do we know which of our chakra is balanced and which needs to be balanced?

Are you suffering from negative thoughts, Do you have the feeling of loneliness? Are you facing Issues with your spouse or Issues with your children or with other family members, relatives and friends, Do you have fear of Future Uncertainties and Insecurities or fear of anything which may be known or unknown, Do you have the lack of Self Worthiness or issue of Self Doubt? Do you want to do something in your life but are confused about what to do? Do you have lack of Confidence? Are you suffering from your Past Painful Memory, any court matter, any marital issues? Are you an over-thinker or faced challenges in letting go? Are you facing any financial challenges or any physical, mental, or emotional health issues? Are you suffering from Stress, Anxiety or Depression? Are you a procrastinator and having a pattern of laziness? Are you the one who is working very hard but still not getting results? Are you suffering from weak belief system and lack of self love? Do you feel low energy, no motivation, no life purpose, no clarity – what to do, how to do, when to do or why to do? If your answer is yes of any of the above questions then my suggestion is to take help from Angels. Being A psychologist, Author and Angelic Channel, I am helping millions of people. Be open for learning. Keep your logical mind aside and allow magic to happen in your life. Always Invoke Angels for any kind of help.


In simple words, they are the Messengers of God. In every religion they are mentioned with different names like in Hinduism they are known as Devdoot, in Islam or Muslims call them Farishte and in Christianity, they are called as Angels. Angels don’t follow any specific religion, as we all know God is the supreme force and being the Messengers of God they serve the purpose of divinity. They just need your call for help and they will help you.

In my case, I have students from different religions Sikh, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and they all have experienced connection with Angels. Angels don’t help you without your permission; they won’t intervene in your problems unless they are called. In every situation in which you want their help, you have to invoke them. There is nothing like small or big issues for them. As you are a child for them they act like your protector; they love to help you as a parent. You don’t have to feel regret for asking help from Angels, no matter how small or big the matter is; they will help you.

Don’t make perceptions like am I bothering them, am I disturbing them, will they come to help me and etc. You can call them anytime, any moment for a good surrounding, for investment, for purchasing a car, for moving on from a breakup, for saving the relationship from separation or any small/ big decision; you just call them and leave the rest on them.

Always invoke Angels and take help from them if you are suffering from any challenges in your life. May be you are suffering from negative thoughts, feeling of loneliness, issue with spouse, issue with children, issue with other family members, relatives or friends, fear of future uncertainties and insecurities, Lack of self-worthiness, issue of self-doubts, want to do something but confused, lack of confidence, inner critical voice, suffering from past painful memory, any course matter, any marriage issue, issue in let go, overthinking, any financial issue, any health issues (physical, mental or emotional), anxiety, pattern of laziness, not getting job, not getting promotion, stress, weak belief system, unable to manage time, lack of self-love, low energy all the time, no motivation, no life purpose, no clarity – what to do, how to do, why to do, when to do and much more. You can overcome all the challenges by simply invoking Angels.



We all have at least 2 Guardian Angels with us. Some people may have more than 2 Guardian Angels also but the problem is we are not fully aware of them like what’s their name, how to communicate with them or so. They have a height of 3-4 feet; out of two one is bold and loud like a father and the other is soft, comforting and quieter like a mother. Some people have an illusion like one is good and other is bad, NO! They both work for our highest good but in a different way.

You will be amazed to know that one of my Student, Shobna from Dubai had saved a fine of DHS 39000 (approximately Rs. 6 lakh) which Dubai Police had imposed on her second husband. Moreover Angels helped Shobna from her First husband who sold her to 3 men.

She was suffering from Loneliness and Negative thoughts because of her situations and circumstances, wanted to do something in her life but she was really confused and have no clarity – what to do, how to do, why to do, when to do and where to do, She had no Life Purpose and lack of Self Love too. Moreover she was struggling in her business also.

However, she realized the need for divine intervention and guidance and joined Basic Angel course followed by 9 steps process.

As a result, Shobna was able to gain clarity, purpose, guidance & success for a more purpose full life. Today she is confident; know her purpose and having so much self love. Today she teaches people how to remain positive in any situation. She is working towards betterment and be a Successful business woman. Her life has completely transformed with the help of Angels.

To know the full incidence must read: Success Story of Shobna

It is very important to know the name of our Guardian Angels for effective connection and relationships.


They are Angels of high rank, it’s like hierarchy. They are the overseers of humankind and Guardian Angels so that their surveillance can ensure everyone is doing their job honestly. ARCHANGELS are loud, large (6-7 feet) and powerful as compared to Guardian Angels. They don’t have a specific Gender but based on their talent, characteristics and energy we defined them as feminine or masculine, we refer to them him/her. They are pure illuminated beings and carry lights in their aura. You might have encountered different lights in usual time and place, well they are Archangels. Archangels do not belong to any religion and they don’t have any language barrier; you can call them or talk to them in any preferred language with pure intention. You only need to know the process properly so that you can connect with them easily. They are available for limitless help if you are calling them for help or anyone who is calling them for their purpose; Archangels will help you both. They can help uncountable people and creatures.


1. ARCHANGEL ARIEL – Archangel Ariel solves the issue of money (because of business, job, stuck money, loan etc). Archangel Ariel provides you with the basic needs for life like food, clothing and shelter. Archangel Ariel also helps in healing the animals and environment, so if you want to heal your pet you can invoke Archangel Ariel. If you want to pursue your career related to Animal’s healing and Environment you can take help from Archangel Ariel.

Case Study : Meet Gunjan based out of Delhi, 32 years old searching for a job promotion since long. She wanted to get a job but even after so many efforts she was not getting the job promotion.

However, she realized that she is very negative because of her past painful failures. She has conditioned herself in such a manner that her subconscious mind had trained to attract failures only with all the efforts she was doing. After watching my video on Youtube She realized that she needs Angel’s help for this job promotion manifestation. She whatsapp me at 9971400377 and She learnt the process and invoked Angels with due respect, love and from the bottom of her heart, did Angel meditation for getting job promotion and did Angel Healing too.

As a result, She got a 40% hike in her salary and got promoted to Senior post. She also got the leadership role over her competitors and a respectful position.

2. ARCHANGEL AZRAEL – Archangel Azrael is also called the Death Angel. With the help of Archangel Azrael we can connect to our loved ones who have departed and leave us. Archangel Azrael also helps in releasing the soul from the body painlessly. You may have encountered situations where people are in miserable diseases/body from many months but they still fail to leave the body; Archangel Azrael helps in this condition also. Archangel Ariel also helps in grief situations.

My Experience: One day I was at the airport and I received a call from my coordinator that her father had expired and she can’t organize my program. I immediately called the Archangels Azrael for grief counseling of her and her family. It was so unbelievable, that there was not even a single taxi available at that time. After I called Archangel Azrael, a taxi came there. I asked him to drive to Gurgaon (My Coordinator’s address), I went to the funeral and my coordinator started crying even harder. I said ‘if you will cry like this, your father’s soul will hurt more’ and believe me like in 5 minutes the whole presence of the room shifted from grief to prayer. This is the power of blessings from Angels.

3. ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL – When Anything is lost or misplaced, Archangel Chamuel works best. If you are finding a job, a new house, objects or for anything, Archangel Chamuel’s blessings are sufficient.

Case Study 1: My student Pradnya Sapate from Sholapur, Maharashtra, her gold chain was stolen and she invoked Archangel Chamuel, after sometime that thief came back to return her gold chain out of guilt. It was an unbelievable moment of her life that Angels work so magically.

Case Study 2: My other student, Hema Tilak from Gujrat, she is a professional healer now. With the help of Angel Healing she recovered stucked money of 3 people out of 10 only in 14 days of healing. Also her nephew who was in the 145 rank in the waiting list of MBA admission came on the 110th rank after the healing. It was a miraculous outcome for her.

Case Study 3: Meet Shreya Shetty based out of UAE and she works as a BANKER.

Shreya always wanted to have better communication skills, interactive social environment and her own house was her dream but she was facing the issues of lack of money. She was very introvert and shy while speaking so she tends to avoid gathering or meeting people.

However, she realized the need for Angel Intervention and she did an online Basic Angel Course followed by a 9 Step Process for attracting her dreams.

As a result, Shreya got her dream house with the help of Angels and cleared her self-created blockages in money and relationships. She feels more confident in speaking and has a good social life.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Ms. Shreya Shetty

4. ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – If you want to be a teacher, Author, Journalist or relatable career; Archangel Gabriel will give you strength and courage for the same. Also if you are facing the problems in conceiving, Archangel Gabriel helps a lot. As in my experience, I never thought I would be an author. I didn’t know how to write books and nothing about it but with the help of Archangel Gabriel, I have written 4 books out of which has been awarded for Amazon best-selling book. Now 2 more books are lined up.

In this Healing industry, if you need name and fame; Invoke Archangel Gabriel for the same.

Case Study 1: Meet Chirasree Bandyopadhyay based out of Kolkata. She is 26 years old and working as an entrepreneur, Coach, and an Author
Chirasree Bandyopadhyay wanted to have a bright career in the healing industry but she faced financial issues & repeated abuse.

However, she realized the need for Angel Intervention in her life and had done so many courses from me. Today She is teaching people how to balance their Chakra, NLP as one of the modality in her quantum master manifestation course, She invoke Angels for Reiki healing and professionally does Quantum Healing too.

As a result, Chirasree Bandyopadhyay was able to manifest her dream partner, her twin flame and is in a steady relationship will soon get married, manifested the fund to afford courses and studies from teachers all across the globe and have had a steady health and do inner healing work and practice gratitude everyday.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Ms. Chirasree

Case Study 2: Meet Suddha based out of Delhi. She is now a professional numerologist, vastu expert and graphologist.

Suddha wanted to become a professional healer and wanted to earn fame in this healing industry. She had no clue that she can be more than a housewife and had no guidance how she can take steps.

However, she realized the need for Angel intervention and joined the Online Basic Angel Course followed by NLP and Life Coach Course. She systematically learned how to design the courses, how to deliver the courses and to target the audience.

As a result, Suddha Babber is a renowned name in the healing industry. She is a confident personality who has taken herself to the top she wanted to. She conducts webinars and seminars and now she is living the best of her life.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Ms. Sudha

5. ARCHANGEL HANIEL – For all the females, Archangel Haniel is the saviour. She is also said to be a gynaecologist. As she has great feminine energy, she handles the emotional and physical aspects very well, especially for women. If you want achievement and good balance in extracurricular activities, she is the best helper.

Case Study: Meet Madhvi based out of Satara, Maharashtra. She is a proud homemaker and a spiritual energy healer.

Madhvi always wanted to know about Angels as she developed interest through some books and youtube videos. she was going through problems in her relationships, health and business.

However, she realized the need for an Online Basic Angel Course followed by Tarot and Reiki Healing. She applied it on her and her child’s health and on the business. The health issues were major that were painful to her and business was in loss for 2 years.

As a result, she recovered from tennis elbow and menstrual disorders just by invoking Angels. Her son is an international skating player and the knee injury was normal to him but after shielding it from angels, he has not faced a single major injury. With the help of Angel healing her business is continuously rising, even in the time of corona the business survived better than it was running in normal conditions.

Her relationship with her husband improved because of good financial security. With the help of tarot card she can easily predict and get guidance on healing , she is doing great in terms of professional and personal healing.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Ms. Madhvi

6. ARCHANGEL JEREMIEL – We all know how important it is to forgive someone who has caused a disturbance in your life. Forgiveness leads to peace and growth, but If not done can give you psychosomatic diseases. Archangel Jeremiel always blesses you to let go.

Case Study: Meet Mrunali Gupta based out of New Delhi. She is 48 years old and working as a Lecturer. Mrunali always wanted to overcome issues with her relatives but she used to get hurt with even very small things which made her feel very miserable and disturbed. She always had doubts about herself whether she would be able to complete and justify a particular task, and so always tried to avoid taking any decisions. She wanted to let go of the negative people and situations but she used to very deeply get entangled to a negative situation and people and had to struggle a lot to come out of it. She always believed in giving. She rarely cared about herself and actually did not know the meaning of self-love and had no life purpose.

However she realised the need for an Online Basic Angel Course in which she learnt the process of shielding herself from unwanted energies of people, to let go toxic relations, and to protect her positive energies, which made her feel very good and a better person.

She discovered an author in herself, and wrote her first book “CHAKRAS: A Gateway To Abundance”. She took the help from Angels in reprogramming her mind that a task may be difficult but not impossible, now I never doubt my capabilities for achieving any goal, the pace may be slow but will definitely accomplish what I want to.

Moreover she learnt it’s ok to say “no”, it’s perfectly fine to let go the things and people from your life who are not serving any constructive purpose in our lives. She learnt the meaning and importance of self-love and placing herself before other.

Today she heals and guides so many people and serves to lessen the sufferings of the society.

To know more about Mrunali how she transformed her life with the help of Angels and now how she is helping millions of people.

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7. ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL – She adds the Beauty on the level of your physical and energy body, she can change the state of space (home/office) into positive easily. She also helps in the career of Vastu shastra and feng shui. Also, if you have the problem of indecisiveness because of a cluttered mind, Archangel Jophiel helps to declutter the mind and increase the decision making power.

Case Study 1: My student Amita from Andhra Pradesh, after connecting with Angels the most powerful change in her was improved decision making power. She can take wise actions now and all the chattering has diminished in mind. She has become in a positive state after doing an online basic angel course.

Case Study 2: Meet Shantini Verma based out of Thiruvananthapuram. She has been working as a spiritual and energy healer since 1998. She has mastered 200 different energy modalities till now.

Shantini always wanted to add the value in the life of her students and clients. She wanted to generate to different solutions as per situation but she faced the problem till she has not learnt Angel Healing

However, she realized the need for angel intervention and done online basic angel course followed by 9 step process

As a result, she became more positive. She was able to understand the different mind-sets and personalities. Her income raised tremendously to reach the right people. She feels stronger and confident now.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Ms. Shantini

8. ARCHANGEL METATRON – Always Invoke Archangel Metatron to take the help for Children suffering from ADHD,
Dyslexia or any mental / Physical disorders. Archangel Metatron releases the stress, anxiety and depression; People who suffer from suicidal thoughts can be relieved by Invoking Archangel Metatron.

Case Study 1: My student Sonal Puri from Delhi is a model. She was in clinical depression and was failing at what she always wanted to do. Her relationship with her husband started getting hamper because of mental stress. She also used to have suicidal thoughts. With the help of Archangel Metatron she recovered in really less time and persuaded career.

Case Study 2: Another student, Krishna she was suffering from anxiety and depression. She was unable to find the reasons to live the life and when she got connected with Angels she is able to align with guidance and positivity, her life has been changed.

Case Study 3: Meet Upasna based out of delhi, working primarily as a housewife and now she is a professional healer.

Upasna wanted to do something good in life but she was clueless. Even she had attempted to suicide as she was facing Anxiety and Anger issues too.

However, she realized the need for an Online Basic Angel Course followed by a 9 Step Process. she applied the healing modalities on herself and took it to a point where she can think with clarity and use the knowledge to grow.

As a result, Upasna is the live example for the women who think there are no hopes for them. She has an excellent client approach and results in healing. She counsels the people who go through emotional and mental pain. As a life coach she has inspired hundreds of people to overcome their fears and take a new step towards life.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Ms. Upasna

9. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Archangel Michael resembles Lord Hanuman. Whenever you need the courage and to remove any insecurity and negativity; Archangel Michael serves the purpose best. Archangel Michael is the loudest Archangel, it means Archangel Michael’s presence is easily identifiable. Archangel Michael guides you to life purpose. Archangel Michael can solve any issue related to your electronic items, car, home, loved ones, other assets or so.

My Experience with Archangel Michael: Let me share my experience with all of you, some years back like my routine I went to the temple carrying my bag which carries all the important documents. By mistake, I left the bag in the temple and came to my spiritual centre, by the time I remembered where my bag was, I called Archangel Michael to help me. That was the first time I encountered him, I saw his signs and felt the presence of his energy. Through his guidance I called one of my students who used to live near the temple, she made the collection of my bag and her mother was coming to me regarding some course, so handed over the bag to her. It is so unbelievable that my bag reached so safely to me otherwise it had high chances of being stolen.

Watch Video to know more about this incidence

Case Study 1: One of my students Sahana from Delhi, her mind used to wander a lot because of the missing life purpose, by connecting with Archangel Michael, she got connected with Reiki expert, Ms. Maithai. Maithali is the big name in the spiritual healing industry, she is also my student. Sahana has learned many modalities and now enjoying her life purpose with having a career in the healing industry.

Case Study 2: One of another student YATIN from Haryana, he has the business of transportation and petroleum. His containers were stucked in the way of MUNDRA port and his transporter said that the delivery cannot be made by any chance because of unavailability of trucks. But when he prayed to Archangel Michael, the same person contacted him and assured the delivery by confirming the vehicle’s support.

Case Study 3: My another student Mrunali, her daughter were coming late to the hostel because of college work. She contacted her as it was dark and foggy. Mrunali was on continuous call with her daughter while invoking the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, after a few minutes an auto rickshaw arrived and dropped her daughter safely to the hostel.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Ms. Mrunali

Case Study 4: Meet Dr. Tazyn Rehman and his son Irfan based out of Ghaziabad. She is a professor in the ITS Management organization.

DR Tazyn wanted to take a new job as she was forced to resign from her previous job. But she had no opportunity or a way to have a new job. His son was also facing some mental and emotional issues by which his studies were suffering.

However, she realized the need for an Online Basic Angel Course. She invoked Angels for a new job offer.

As a result, Dr. Tazyn got the call for an interview on the same day of healing for the job. She got her job place five minutes far from her home with a better salary. Her son also passed the board exam with double marks that he was used to scoring. It was a miraculous experience for them.

Watch Exclusive Interview of Dr. Tazyn along with her Son, Irfan

10. ARCHANGEL RAGUEL – For Healing any problem in relationship Archangel Raguel is the best. The relationship can be of any type and with anyone (but genuine). If you are facing divorce, extramarital affair, separation, emotional or mental abuse, parent-child relationship etc. Invoke Archangel Raguel for the same.

Case Study 1: My student Priyanka from Mumbai, she has applied Angel healing for her married life. She has shared that the husband who used to ignore me the most and didn’t even care about my presence is now the person who loves me the most. She did the Angel Healing for 30 days and the miracle showed up.

Case Study 2: Meet Manmeet kaur based out of Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. She is 49 years old and working as a teacher in Guru Harkrishan Public School, Nanak Piao, Rana Pratap Bagh.

Manmeet kaur wanted to make sound relations with her siblings and colleagues and also remove negativity but she faced a toxic external and internal environment. They (her Siblings and Colleagues) didn’t make an effort to help her get out in her negative emotions. They wanted to compete with her, even if she was not competing with them. Even though she was completely in a different field, they wanted the same things she should do. They had tried to steal her identity. Not only friends, same thing she felt about her Brother and sister also.

Because of this environment, she had number of issues she was facing in her life like feeling of loneliness, fear of future uncertainties and insecurities, lack of self worthiness, issue of self doubts, wanted to do something but confused, suffering from so much negative thoughts, lack of confidence, suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, weak belief system, lack of self Love, Low energy all the time, no motivation, no life purpose and many more.

However, she realized the need for Basic Angel Course followed by 9 step process through online

As a result, Manmeet kaur was able to heal relationships with her siblings and colleagues, she overcame the depressive state of mind, she was able to create her own identity, her own path & now she is adding value in the other’s life and keen to accomplish the rest of her goals.

To know more about Manmeet how Angels helped Manmeet in making good relationship with her sibblings, how Angels helped Manmeet in her job transfer and how Angels helped Manmeet in getting her stuck salary.

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11. ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL – When you have any kind of discomfort, pain or disease in body or mind you invoke Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael also brings your soulmate for a happy marriage and makes your travelling happy and safe. If you are Reiki healer, Pranic healer or you practice Lama Fera or any other modality, if you associate Angels with you, your energy can uplift up to 100 times.

Case Study 1: My Student, Mrs. Manisha from LUCKNOW, she had a bad stomach ache and in emergency she called ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL for help and she got immediate results, she was fearful that pain will reoccur but it never happened like that. She said she actually felt Archangel Raphael’s presence.

Case Study 2: My student, Mrs. JIGNA LALIT SHAH, MUMBAI had an excellent experience. In the rising time of corona her family got infected from it, and Dr. said it will take at least 2 weeks but she applied Angel healing and they all recovered in 1 week and doctors were so surprised. They all came back from the hospital from a very short period.

Case Study 3: One of My Students, Mrs. Savita from Indirapuram was suffering from arthritis and I remember when I met her for the first time she was not able to sit without sofa but after healing with RAPHAEL, she recovered sufficiently only in six months. She is a healer now and helps other people. Her interview is also on the channel.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Savita

Case Study 4: Meet Jyoti Khutal based out of Mumbai. She is 35 years old. Jyoti always wanted to overcome her lack of confidence, fear of future uncertainties, lack of self-love, repeated negative thoughts and Lack of Self worthiness. However she realized the need for divine intervention and mentorship to overcome her issues. In the lockdown period she lost her job, her salary was stuck. One day she was surfing the law of attraction youtube videos to manifest good job and marriage during Covid Period. She saw my video on Youtube about how to invoke Angels for help and registered herself for the Free Angel Introductory Program followed by Online Basic Angel Course.

As a result she has received her stuck salary and successfully breaks the pattern of future uncertainties, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Self worthiness, Lack of Self Love and her negative thinking with the help of Angels. Today she is helping people with Angel healing.

Read Success Story of Jyoti, Mumbai to know how she changed her life after Online Basic Angel Course. Must Read Success Story of Jyoti Khutal

12. ARCHANGEL RAZIEL – Any Healing modality needs good Intuition and psychic powers. Archangel Raziel is best for it.

Case Study: Meet Meenu Sharma based out of Jaipur and working as a psychologist, tobacco rehabilitate specialist and past life regression therapist.

Psychologist Meenu wanted to increase the efficiency in professional and personal life. As she is a clairvoyant, she always wanted to explore the deeper dimensions.

However, she realized the need for angel intervention. She did the basic angel course followed by an advanced angel course and she started applying it on their clients.

As a result, she invokes Angels before any session. She has experienced that whenever the patient/ client is about to say something, it flashes on her mental screen. This is the power of Archangel Raziel.

She has shared another incident where she slept after taking Angel protection and at midnight she felt someone is suffocating her throat. She woke up and saw the main gate was still open and that was Angel who informed about it. She closed the door and thanked the Angel for protecting her house from any mishappening.

Also she has witnessed unexpected results in her healing and counselling sessions, she was able to deal with her most difficult case of 19 years old girl addiction in her psychology field with the help of Angels.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Meenu

13. ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON – When you need to get safe from Anger, either self-generated anger or from others; Archangel Sandalphon is the best.

My Experience with Archangel Sandalphon: I have my self-experience of this. There was a time when I was quitting my job, I called Archangel Sandalphon before going to my manager’s cabin because he was such an angry man and everything happened so calmly. It was unbelievable to me.

Case Study: Meet Madhuri based out of Bangalore. She has been working as a software engineer for 9 years.

Madhuri had Anger issues like she used to throw things in anger and she was suffering from depression because she was facing the financial constraints and family limitations. At work and personal life she was not able to express herself which was starting to become a blockage in life.

However, she realized the need for an Online Basic Angel course followed by several other modalities.

As a result, Madhuri was able to feel self-sufficient and she felt a sense of achievement after becoming a lightworker. Her ability to perform in professional life and ability to express herself has increased. She has aligned herself with the universe and her relationship with husband and in-laws has been uplifted.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Ms. Madhuri

14. ARCHANGEL URIEL – Many of you may have listened ‘an idea can change your life’, that’s so true. Archangel Uriel gives you the power of innovation, creativity, new ideas and opportunities. A whole new road map is prepared by invoking Arhchangel Uriel and the feeling of loss will convert into a new journey. Any problem will be solved easily with Archangel Uriel.

Case Study: Meet Shubhra Narang based out of Delhi. She is a Tarot Card Reader and a Healer.

Shubhra wanted to excel in her field by giving the solutions and healing that works for everyone. But as a reader she doesn’t know about the feasible solutions that can help people who can’t afford the expensive healing.

However, she realized the need for the Angel Intervention and did an Online Basic Angel Course followed by a 9 Step Process.

As a result, Shubhra got really appreciated by the clients. Angel Healings have brought tremendous changes in the life of her clients. Chakra Healing for which she was aspiring has become a handy tool for her to heal others as she is a master in that.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Shubhra

15. ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL – For enhancing memory, retention and focus Archangel Zadkiel is perfect. Archangel Zadkiel also clears your traumatic events and painful memories.

My Experience with Archangel Zadkiel: One day I came home from my work and I need to contact the man who handles my portfolio and funds. Somehow I forgot his name and because of so many contacts on my phone, I was not able to find his number. I asked the help from Archangel Zadkiel but nothing happened. I slept and the next morning when I was freshen up the name suddenly hit the flash in my mind and I checked the phone it was there. I asked the Archangel Zadkiel why you didn’t help me in the night and I received the guidance that the man (portfolio assistant) slept. So this is all miracles you experience with Archangel Zadkiel.

Case Study: Meet Dr. R G Kumawat and his son pushpendra. Dr. Kumawat has been a homeopathic doctor since 18 years. He belongs to Jaipur. Dr. Kumawat has the main goal to increase the success rates in his treatments and his son was aiming to get better results in exams and pursue his goals in life. Dr. Kumawat was facing struggle to treat some clients even after giving them the best medicines. Pushpendra had very blurred thoughts and confusion in taking decisions related to his studies and career.

However, Dr. Kumawat realized the need for Angel Intervention. He persuaded Basic Angel Course followed by Advance Angel Course with his son. He applied the NLP techniques with the clients for better recovery along with the Angel healing. He tried changing the mind-set of the people. Pushpendra invoked Angels for increasing memory and focus in studies.

As a result, Dr. Kumawat is healing the patients of chronic diseases in a short span. He is able to know the thought process of patients and worked on the mind-set. His patient recover from the AUTOIMMUNE diseases like diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis and etc

His Son, Pushpendra had scored 92 percent in his 10th board with Angel Healing. Also his fear of indecisiveness has gone. He has chosen a field for his own and has confidence in what he is doing because of divine guidance. Even after taking coaching from renowned institutes he never felt this clear for his career, he has witnessed answers coming from within which he was used to forget.

Watch Exclusive Interview with Dr. Kumawat and his Son, Pushpender

Only one person can change your life and that is you. You don’t have to fear what others think and believe, you need to experiment and experience for your life. Not only you but Angels also choose you. They come in your life at the right and divine time. Everyone’s Divine time is different, you have to go through some life lessons. Earlier, I also used to not believe all this but that Divine time changed the whole game. Now I am leading to awareness of others in the same direction because everyone deserves a good life. Today what I am is only because of Angels and even my continuous success is all because of them.



This is not something new but the natural form of our existence. It is also in our Vedas, our yogis and rishi munis used to sit the whole day in Meditation to know more about it and to balance them. But in the modern era, we need to have a proper yet simple and shortcut method to balance them.

Chakras are energy circles in our body that handle a different aspect of our lives. Though there are many chakras in our body mainly we have categorised them in 7 main Chakras. We will discuss it from bottom to top. With the learning of each chakra give the genuine ranking to yourself if you have a BALANCED or IMBALANCED chakra.

1) ROOT/MULADHARA CHAKRA – This is our first chakra. It has the red colour, the beej mantra of this chakra is LUM and it is located at the bottom of the spine showing the element water. In the males, it is located near the male reproductive part. Its element is Earth.
It controls our legs, hips, sexual organs of male and lower back.


1. The Basic function of Root Chakra is to hold the basic need for survival, security and safety like food, shelter, clothing.

2. It ensures success in the monetary terms like in business and job.

3. It provides sufficient energy in the Physical body.


Insecurities, fear, anxiety and frustration. Also, Physical imbalances like obesity, Arthritis, joint pains, anorexia nervosa will be there.

2) SACRAL/SWADISTHAN CHAKRA – It is of orange colour with the beej Mantra is VUM. It is located 2 inches below the navel. It controls the kidney, urinary bladder, large intestine, fallopian tube and female sexual organ.


1. It governs friendly and sweet relationships in your life in a different aspect.

2. It is responsible for creativity and confidence.

3. It decides Emotional health whether you remain expressive or depressive

4. Sexual pleasures in life.

5. The feeling of self-worth.


emotional imbalances like feeling manipulative, exploitive, explosive, lack of energy and obsessed with the thoughts of sex, and feeling of lack of self-worth.

It also challenges Physical problems like kidney disorders, constipation, disorders in sexual health of women, PCOD, urinary bladder, large intestine, and stiff lower back.

3) SOLAR PLEXUS/ MANIPURA CHAKRA – With the yellow colour and element fire, this chakra is placed 2 inches above the navel. Its beej mantra is RUM. It accesses the liver, stomach, gallbladder, small intestine, pancreas and spleen, basically the whole digestive system.


1) Centre of self-power to achieve goals.

2) Centre of ego and attitude.

3) Centre of passion, impulsiveness, anger and strength.


Lack of self-confidence, worrying about others opinion, lack of focus and concentration, depression, feel burdened and controlled. It also gives Physical health issues like digestive problems, food allergies, diabetes, stomach problems, skin diseases, liver problems, aches and obesity.

4) HEART/ANAHATA CHAKRA – Containing the air element with green colour this chakra is placed exactly at the centre of the chest and its beej mantra is YUM. It assists the body parts like heart lungs, blood, shoulder upper back, Arms, circulatory system (blood and oxygen).


1. Provides the ability to experience unconditional and universal love with self and others.

2. It connects and balances body, mind and spirit.

3. It is the centre of compassion and spirituality.


You may feel victim, sorry for yourself, afraid of letting go and hurt, feel paranoid, indecisive and unable to Love. On a physical level, you face heart disorders, blood pressure fluctuations, insomnia and difficulty in breathing, lungs infection.

5) THROAT/ VISHUDDHI CHAKRA – With the element of the sky, this blue coloured chakra has the beej mantra HUM. It is placed in the throat and assists body parts like throat, ears, neck, teeth, vocal apparatus and alimentary canal.


1. Centre of communication and sound.
2. Supports expression through thought, writing and speech.


It disturbs the expression of thoughts, feeling of holding back and weakness. Also, it causes thyroid, ear infections, skin irritation, information, tonsils, sore throat, shoulder and back pain.

6) 3RD EYE/ AGNA/ AAGYA CHAKRA – It has a royal blue/ Indigo colour and is placed on the forehead between the eyebrows. It contains all the 5 elements and has beej mantra AUM. Assist body parts like lower brain, eyes.


1. Responsible for psychic ability and Intuition power.

2. Centre of spirit Energies and light.


You will not feel assertive, go opposite of the highest good, become egoistic and fear success. It also causes headache, blurred vision, Blindness and eye strain.

7) Crown/Sahasrara Chakra – It is placed on the upper brain and controls it. With violet colour and beej mantra OM, it regulates the soul.


1. Centre of spirituality and enlightenment.

2. Centre of dynamic thoughts and energies.

3. Centre of connection of God.


You will feel constantly frustrated and destructive and no spark of joy. Migraine, severe depression and headaches are a common sign of imbalances.

I am sure that now you can easily evaluate which of your chakra is balanced and which needs to be balanced. The right action can heal you totally from in and out so that you can lead your life successfully.

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With Lots of Gratitude
Blessing Always

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