Dolly Khurana
Certified Healer and Life Coach

Dolly Khurana is a certified healer and a life coach. She does not possess any experience in a profession. She is a graduate and has completed courses till Life coach. She has also completed the Tarot Card reading. She is on the way to learn more courses like Nine-Step Process.

Currently, she is doing one-two-one counselling. She did a tarot card reading for two clients and the reading that she did was right. For her daily tasks, she performs tarot reading and gets answers for them. The answers that she gets are usually right and things get well for her.

She is applying healing for various issues and is getting desirable results as well. With the help of healings, she has been able to help a significant amount of people. Though she is at the initial stage, she has helped many people

Further, she aims to help more people with the help of healings and courses that she is completing. Her mission is to complete more courses and add value to the lives of many people.

Dolly applied healings of relationship for her relationship with her husband. They had a very disturbing and conflicting relationship, which was not getting better by the time. She had lost all the hopes for betterment but thought to give it a try with the help of healing. As a result, she started applying healing and the relationship started turning out to be better. They started doing fewer fights and more love started developing in their relationship. The results were visible in a few days and she was surprised to see them. Her husband surprisingly became a sweet and loving one for her. Today, she enjoys a cordial relationship with her husband and is happy in her marriage.

Dolly applied healings for the business of her husband because he was not getting many clients and things were going down. She applied healings for the business and as a result, her husband started getting many clients. The results were visible after a few days and her husband started getting more profit as well. The condition of business improved a lot and today, it is in a very good condition. Her husband asks for healings whenever he faces challenges in his business. The results of business healings were just mind-blowing for her. She performs such healings for her clients as well who get the same results within a few days.

Dolly applies successful healing for her health issue as well. Due to healings, she has experienced a lot of improvement in her health issues. Earlier, she was very disappointed and wanted to get rid of her health issues. Even several doctors had given up on her health issue. She was leading a disturbed life because of her health. They were healings that brought her relief from her health issues. Even the best medicines had failed to work on her issues. Finally, she got better with the help of healings. Today, she has successfully encountered her health issues and is completely fine. Whenever she experiences issues related to her health, she applies healings. Her healings are helping her a lot in encountering health-related problems and she performs the same to her family members as well.

As of now, Dolly is applying healing for herself and her family members. There are a few clients for whom she applies healing because she is at the initial stage and is still learning. She wants to start complete healings for clients after completing all the courses. She is finding these courses to be interesting and beneficial in solving day-to-day problems. With the help of Angels, she gets guidance for taking necessary decisions in her life. Till now, she has got the correct guidance from them and never fails to thank them. With the help of tarot card reading and other courses, she has gained valuable knowledge for leading her life happily. She wants to help those who seriously need help through healings such as women, people with health issues and psychosomatic diseases. Like any other healer, she wants to reduce the pain of several people and bring them to light from the darkness.

After going through the course of becoming a life coach, Dolly has found a direction in her life. Earlier, she did not have much to do and today, she has become highly productive for her family. He husband asks her before taking any decision related to business. Whenever any problem occurs, she asks for help from Angels. She always wanted to have a mentor in her life and in the form of Angels her wish got fulfilled. She has transformed a lot after doing a few courses and aims to help as many people as possible after completing all the courses. She is extremely happy that she has taken action in her life due to which she is satisfied with her life. She has learned to live in the present and leave the rest on Angels.

In terms of her achievements, Dolly has performed healings for herself and her husband and is happy with the results. She has also got success in tarot card reading and the client for whom she did this said exactly what she had depicted. Up till now, she has got positive results for all the healings that she has performed. Though she has achieved success in her healings, soon she will be doing this for others as well. She has improved her relationship with her husband and helped him in getting more clients. She has brought her life on a positive note and is on the way to do this for others as well. She has become like an asset to her family because whenever someone faces a problem, they come to her and she asks for guidance from Angels. She is thankful to Angels for making her life better than before. She is determined to do something for other women as well and transform their lives in the same way she did with herself.

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