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Topics That We Cover:

  • What are the responsibilities of being Life Coach / Motivational Speaker?
  • What are the 5 strong pillars of being successful Life Coach / Motivational Speaker?
  • What are the 6 strong behavior of being successful Life Coach / Motivational Speaker?
  • How to choose your Niche?
  • How to generate income from Various Resources?
  • What are the qualities to increase your income?
  • How to know the target audience for your product?
  • What type of Product you want to Create?
  • How to pick the right product?
  • How to validate that the choosen product is correct?
  • Why your audience will buy your product?
  • How to design online course / books / Audio Courses / workshops?
  • What should be the duration of the products?
  • How to decide the price of your product?
  • How to write a book and create your courses?
  • How to promote your product?
  • How to make Goals to promote your products?
  • What are the basic requirements to design seminar / webinar?
  • How to Connect with Audience?
  • Where to Stand and how to Stand on Stage?
  • How to use your hands and legs effectively on Stage?
  • How to overcome Stage Fears?
  • How to Create effective content for your seminar / webinar?
  • How to design your story to sale your product?
  • How to sale your product in seminar / webinar?
  • How to encourage your audience to purchase your product in seminar / webinar?
  • How to close your webinar / seminar?
  • How to engage your audience?
  • How to get maximum Appreciation and standing ovations from your Audience?
  • How to analyse your audience?
  • How to handle different type of audience?
  • What are the technical and psychological aspect needs to follow before going to stage?
  • What are the 12 powerful formula of successful Lifecoach / Trainer / Speaker?
  • What are the mistakes to avoid in seminar / webinar?
  • What are the 20 secrets of success of successful lifecoach / Trainer / Speaker?
  • What are the 20 Effective qualities of successful Lifecoach / Trainer / Speaker?

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Benefits of Choosing This Online Course

I always want to help healers, trainers, people who want to come in training industry and wish that they should grow in their life. This online course of How To Become Life Coach is the blueprint of achieving 7 figure income. I design this course whole heartedly with the intention to give them the strategy to gain the trust of their audience and generate income by making and selling their workshops, books, online courses, and audio courses.

Major challenges with Healers and trainers is that they had done so many courses from one or different masters but they are stuck as they don’t know what to do next, how to generate income, they have so many clients who want their services free of cost but when they approach their client for their paid services or courses they disappear. Their major challenge is that they don’t know how to generate income even after doing so many courses. We do courses to enhance knowledge but to enhance your income you should know the strategy and how to generate income from various resources. They don’t know how to promote themselves, how to make themselves as a brand, how to market themselves, how to close the deals, how to encourage people so that they take their services and products.

In this course I have explained healers, trainers, would be healers and would be trainers how to grow in this healing, coaching and training industry.

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