Angel healing, Reiki Healing, Numerology, Vastu, Tarot Card Reading

Kajal holds a post-graduation degree from Nagpur University in sociology. She has also done some certificate courses like photoshop, web designing, and autocrat. She started working at the age of 18 at a LIC office where she would do data entry.

After working for one year, she shifted to an automobile company. Then, she worked at a college for the post of assistant accountant. She worked there for 8 years and got the senior post of account manager.

She has experienced a lot in her life like domestic violence and toxic relationship. However, she has been able to come out of all the issues very bravely. She has done a basic foundation course of numerology, Vastu, tarot card reading, Angel healing, Reiki healing, etc.

Her strength lies in the pain that she has suffered in her life and she doesn’t allow any of her weakness to overpower her. She wishes to make every woman in the country strong like her so that no women go through what she has seen.

Kajal has experienced a lot of change after learning different modalities of Angels. She freed herself from her husband’s case of involvement in illegal activities. During that time, it was tough for her even to step out of the house even when she was not involved with her husband. The officers of the crime branch used to disturb her and wanted to prove her the culprit to solve the case. During all this, his husband had left her and she was all alone to face all this with her son. She faced all this for almost 6 years and got financially weak as well. Then she married again and due to family pressure lost her job. Her second marriage also gave her a bad experience as her in-laws would treat her badly. In order to fulfill her basic needs, somehow she started her online business. She had lost her self-confidence, money, and self-worth. Gradually, she felt inclined towards Angels and started doing courses like tarot card reading. People started contacting her for tarot card reading and took help from her. She started extending her service to all those who need it. Her predictions were right and provided guidance to many people.

Kajal makes use of tarot card reading for inviting Angels and helping people. Angel healings have helped her clients in dealing with a lot of issues. She applies healings to her son, husband, and close relatives whenever they get caught up by a problem. The best part is that all of them get good and satisfactory results. She also provides predictions of tarot card reading through social media networks. People drop their query and she predicts after performing tarot card reading. All of her predictions have been right till now and people show gratitude to her. The belief that her clients show in her provides her confidence and she feels motivated to do more in this field. All of her clients and relatives feel her healings and predictions to be effective, which has provided them an outcome. She aims to help many such people so that everyone can lead a happy life. Through Angel healings, she wants to make more life better because she doesn’t want others to experience what she has gone through.

Through Angel healings, Kajal has helped a lot of people and one of them was her sister. Her sister was not able to eat for almost 10 days and even her medical reports were normal. No medicine was working on her and even doctors were confused about what treatment they should give to her. Then, Kajal decided to apply healing for general health issues and got to know that some negative energy had impacted her. So, she applied healing for both the issues and the results were visible after three days. Her sister called and informed her that she had proper food. She applied a total of eleven days of healing and her sister blesses her a lot. Just like her sister, she has helped many people with various health issues and they have experienced a positive change in their health without any medical support from doctors. Today, people rely on her for treating even a small health issue.

Kajal has helped her son in increasing concentration in his studies. The results of healing have been amazing for her child. He was one of those who would not touch his books and now, he himself approaches her and ask to clear all of his doubts. He also has an addiction to mobile and would spend a lot of time on it. She has helped many children like her son who feel difficulty concentrating and scoring good marks. Many parents approach her so that their children can also score good marks and choose the right path of career. All those children who have gone through healing and counseling sessions, feel a drastic change in themselves and feel inclined towards studies. Her target group is those children who want to study but fail to concentrate well. She wants to all such students so that no child goes through depression or stress related to studies.

In terms of achievements, Kajal has achieved a lot for herself. She has freed herself from her husband’s case, improved her financial condition after her second marriage, helped her sister in overcoming her health issue, helped her son in concentrating on studies, and many more. She has worked for many people by helping them in improving their life through Angel healings, tarot card reading, and Reiki healing. She has overcome all of her fears and feels confident enough to manage all the things on her own. She wishes to help more women like her who feel the need to take action but keep delaying it due to some reasons. She has become highly motivated to take her life in the right direction. Through she has already achieved a lot of significant things in her life but aims to achieve more with the help and guidance of Angels.

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