Lalita Khatri Lalita Khatri
Angel Healing, Tarot Card Reading, Counseling

Lalita Khatri is a principal at the government senior secondary school and bears 15 years of experience in the education department. She holds a master’s degree in English and a bachelor’s degree in education. Her process of learning is still going on, she is good at tarot card reading, Angel healings, and counseling as well. Her predictions are working very well in tarot card reading.

Her process of learning is still going on, she is good at tarot card reading, Angel healings, and counseling as well. Her predictions are working very well in tarot card reading.

As a result, she is applying healing to many people for various issues who are getting good results. She performs healing for health issues and people have got the desired results as well.

Her aim is to do something which is beneficial for the education system and students. Because she resides in Kota, which is a hub of education, her target group is students and she will continue to help them through her learnings. Her second target audience is women and wants to make their life easier.

Lalita always wanted to help out students and help them in preparing well for their studies. Through Angel healings and counseling, she has been able to do so easily. She has seen how children suffer through depression and anxiety issues while preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Angel healings have become a tool for her through which she helps them. She also conducts counseling sessions for such students and helps them in achieving success in their studies. She also helps them by giving them the right guidance so that they can take better decisions in life. Being a principal she is well aware of all the problems that students go through. That’s why she chose Angel healings for helping them and make sure that they don’t experience depression or anxiety issues. Many parents of students have shown gratitude for helping their children when they were unable to help their children. Counseling sessions have been not less than magic for many students who were unable to concentrate on their studies and get the desired aim.

Lalita’s second target group has been women. Because she herself has gone through a lot, she understands well what all a woman has to go through in every stage of her life. Through Angel healings and counseling sessions she is determined to make the life of all the women easier. She has helped many women who were going through a lot of challenges in their lives and wanted to overpower them. Also, she has helped them in becoming financially independent through Angel healings. She does her best in whatever way she can help them and provide guidance to them. Due to this, many women are thankful to her and never forget to show gratitude for her. She is happy that with the help of Angels, she has been able to help a lot of women and will continue to do this in the future as well. She has inspired many women who got the courage to take action in their lives because of her. She has motivated many women to take a stand for themselves and bring a positive change in their lives.

Lalita has been a helping hand for those who were suffering from various health issues. Some were tired of their arthritis pain, some had a stomach problem, and some had a migraine. All of them have got the desired results and are experiencing betterment in their health. Some were so tired of their health issues that they had lost all the hopes of getting back to normal but her Angel healings provided them a lot of relief. In some cases, even the best doctors had given up and stated that nothing could be done but Angel healings did magic on them and brought improvement in their health. Angel healings and tarot card reading has been beneficial for many people and now, more people come to her for getting solutions to their health problems. She has even performed healings on herself for getting rid of certain health issues. Today, she is the reason due to which people of her contact are leading a healthy life.

Lalita has been able to bring a lot of positive change in her life and in others’ life. She has experienced a significant change in her personality after stepping into the healing industry. She is able to achieve all those things which she was unable to get before. She has overcome a lot of fears and limitations in her life. For this, she is thankful to Angels and never forgets to pray to them. Today, she is very confident and helps others as well in becoming the same. Day by day, she is enhancing her knowledge and learning new things through which she can help the maximum number of people. She is thankful to Angels who chose her to enter the healing industry and bring solutions for various problems that people suffer. Also, she has been able to break connections with her past painful memories, which has helped her in moving ahead in her life.

In terms of achievements, Lalita has performed various successful healings and counseling sessions that have helped many people in getting the desired results. She has been a helping hand for many children who were finding it quite tough to clear exams like JEE. She has been successful in making those children clear about their careers and coming out of depression. She has helped many women in bringing change in their lives and become emotionally independent. Today, she has become an inspiration for many and many people wish to enter the industry of healing doing something productive in their lives. She has added value to many lives, which is a tough task. She will continue to learn as much as possible for achieving perfection in the industry of healing. Also, she is determined to not stop and have more achievements in life with the help of healings. Today, whatever she has achieved she would like to give all the credit to Angels. With the help of healings, soon she will be adding more to the list of her achievements.

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