Monika Sharma
Angel Therapy, Reiki Healer, Tarot Card Reader, Neurolinguistic Programming, Life Coach

Monika Sharma holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Counselling followed by a diploma as well. She is a counsellor by profession and it has been 2 years since she is in this industry. She has a passion for learning new modalities, which helps her to know about the human mind, emotions, and behaviours.

She is also a spiritual seeker and performs meditation regularly. She feels that she has been blessed with opportunities to help people through and motivating them, which meant that she was born to be a healer and counsellor to help those who are stuck in their journey.

She has not looked back after self-realization and has learned about many healing modalities like Angel Therapy, Reiki Healing, Tarot Card Reading, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Life Coaching.

Her expertise lies in helping people with the help of her experience and learning. She is a compassionate and non-judgemental person, which helps in being aligned with her clients. She has helped people in overcoming issues like anxiety, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, and depression

Monika helps people a lot through her counselling sessions. As of now, she is performing counselling for her friends and families, who feel that she can help them. She even gets feedback that people feel nice after talking to her. People who experience miscarriages, fear of death, patterns of negativity come to her and feel highly motivated and inspired. Because of her, they restore their faith in Angels and god. Due to various problems in life, her vision is to provide at least one healer in every home so that no one is left untreated. She has helped a lot of people who are happy with the results of healings. As a result, they feel motivated and try to break negative patterns of life. Through her learning, she has become the absolute mentor for healers. She is happy that she is able to help her friends and family to free themselves from the clutches of negativity.

Monika has come across people who have a fear of death and were unable to live their life to the fullest. She healed them through her counselling capabilities and filled them with positivity. She looks after some cases of women who have gone through miscarriages. She has even looked at the cases where people had a habit of making suicidal attempts or harm themselves and various doctors had given up. Her counselling and healing sessions proved to be beneficial for them and helped them in giving up those habits. Her mission is to perform more than 1,00,000 confident results of various healings. Though she has not started working in this industry as a profession, soon she will be taking more cases of clients. She has helped many women who were experiencing health and financial issues. She provided them guidance through counselling sessions. She has changed many lives by adding value to their lives.

Through healings, Monika has learned a lot about how to live life in an appropriate manner. She feels that now, her knowledge is complete after learning about healings. Otherwise, she would have missed a lot of things that are there today. She thanks Angels for providing her opportunities to learn and perform healings for helping people. She always wanted to help her friends and family but was unable to find a way. Through healings, she has added to the lives of many and herself as well. She will keep working the same way and remove challenges from people’s life. She is happy to choose healing and counselling as her career because through this she is evolving with lots of positivity within herself.

Further, Monika’s aim is to add abundance and prosperity to the life of healers so that she can make them financially independent and let them generate active income. She is aware of the fact that people need guidance in their life and there are less healers to cater to their needs. That’s why she wants to create more healers who can look after the needs and issues of people. She has experienced an abundance of confidence and emotional strength through healings, which makes her feel the need to let people experience the same. She aims to help as many people as possible and show them the path of uprightness. She herself has changed her a lot and overcame lots of issues in her life.

Monika has changed herself into becoming a helpful person. Though she had learned counselling and other modalities as a degree and certification, her friends and family came to her with the hope that she can provide solutions to them. She never knew that she will be able to help a significant amount of people. Currently, she tries to boost people with confidence and self-worthiness because all those who come to her lack these two things. Before COVID-19, she used to work at institutions for counselling people but lost her job due to the pandemic. Healings provided her a way through which she can utilize counselling for the betterment of the people. She has helped many women who lacked confidence and were going through a lot of health issues. Some were even unable to overcome their painful memories of miscarriages but through her healings, they got positivity to move ahead in life.

In terms of her achievement, Monika has performed many successful healings for her friends and family. In some of the cases, the results were so amazing that people started experiencing the change for which they were waiting. They experience positivity and wellness with minimum issues. She is happy that her knowledge and experience are helping people in fighting serious problems whether they are related to health or mind. Through healings, she has a change in herself from which she is very happy. After recovering from depression, she has found a new life which she will be living to the fullest. Her aim is to make this world a better place to live for all so that no one suffers.

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