Certified Counsellor, Healer, Reiki Healer, Tarot Card Reader

Nayana is a Certified Counsellor, Healer, Reiki Healer, Tarot Card Reader. Besides this, she teaches these courses to her students. Through her skills, she aims to help a large number of people in solving their issues of life..

Her expertise lies in healing people who suffer from pain, past painful memories, and many more. She performs healings to cater to the problems of people and teach them the ways through which they can lead a happy life.

Her mission is to perform thousands of successful healing so that people can live happily and the world can become a better place to live. Also, she wants to bring more people into this healing industry and produce thousands of healers.

She counsels people because millions of people have some or the other issue in their lives and they are looking for guidance. She aims to reach those people by providing guidance in their lives.

Nayana went under depression after the entrance of COVID-19 in the world. To counter this, she started looking for a mentor and found in the form of Nitin sir. Healings and Angel courses brought a drastic change in her after which she became a new person. Angels have helped her in becoming a new person and it feels to her as if she has got a new life after completing the courses. Her life has changed completely and she has left all the painful memories and negativity behind. The way she has changed her life in a positive manner, she aims to bring the same change in the life of others as well. She is thankful to Angels who provided her the right guidance and helped her to bring a new version of herself.

Nayana aims to create thousands of healers because in today’s time people are going through a lot of issues in their lives and the healers are less in comparison. Through her teaching, she wants to create more healers who can help people in getting rid of their problems and start their lives fresh with lots of positivity. She is aware of the fact that people are in need of counsellors and her aim is to give more counsellors to society. She does not want others to go through the same depression that she went through a few months back. She helps people in addressing their issues and tries to provide them beneficial solutions for those issues.

Nayana also helps people in getting rid of their health issues, which are turning out to be common nowadays, and taking people to book appointments with doctors. Today, people are addressing issues like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. She looks forward to lowering the patients of these problems. For such patients, she performs healings and counselling so that they can break their patterns and develop positive thinking. She is taking a large number of people towards the brightness of positivity with the help of Angel healing. She is working to cater to thousands of people through her efforts.

Nayana always had a desire to help women by making them feel confident and full of strength but never got to know about ways to do this. Through healings, she encourages women to take action for themselves and stand strong in front of challenging situations. She believes that women are strong enough, they just need to be encouraged about it. Also, she wants to make women strong, so that a strong girl is raised by a strong mother. She feels that women forget about themselves the more they get involved in their families and the healing industry is the one that allows women to give time to their desires. Till now, she has been successful in changing many lives of women other than herself with the help of healing. Many women come to her who seek to improve the quality of their lives and want to take action. She helps them in becoming financially independent by letting them learn healings.

Nayana aims to let people have their doubts and concerns clear by healers and counsellors. She believes that people need to have the right guidance for taking their lives in the right direction. Those who don’t get the right guidance and solutions in their lives, end up going under depression and develop addictions. Her aim is to prevent as many people as possible from going into such habits. The more healers society will have the less people are expected to go through bad habits. She knows how life changes after going under depression that’s why she wants to prevent others to get into it. She wants everyone to develop a positive and optimistic approach towards life irrespective of failures and challenges in life. The way she got a mentor in her life, the same way she wants to give more mentors to others.

In terms of achievements, up till now, Nayana has changed many lives by providing them the right direction and ways to eliminate problems from life. Her healings have been successful whether they are for relationship issues, depression, or any other. People have benefitted a lot from her healings and have been able to bring a positive change in their lives. She feels blessed that she has been able to help a lot of people through her healings and Angels chose her to help people. Her mission is to bring the maximum number of people into the field of healing so that more people live a peaceful life. Above all, she has been able to boost confidence and self-love in herself for making her life better than before. She has achieved satisfaction in life, which she was missing a lot. Also, she has helped people in getting rid of their financial issues and crises. Healings work like a magic on people, taking them out of their problems to the light and brightness of hope. Lastly, she is happy with her life and adding value to many lives through her healings. She is going to work in the same way in the future as well.

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