Neelam Singh Neelam Singh
Angel Healing, Reiki Healing

Neelam Singh is a makeup artist and skincare consultant who has more than 20 years of experience in it. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Meerut and has also completed some courses related to being a beautician.

Her expertise lies in Angel and Reiki Healing. She has a firm belief in Angels who guide her whenever she performs healing. She belies that Angels remain with us all the time.

Her mission is to become a successful healer so that she can help more and more people in removing problems in their lives. Also, she aims to add value to their lives.

She has helped a lot of people including herself in making their identity. She is satisfied and happy with her life, for this, she gives credit to Angels. She wishes to help as many people as she can.

Neelam was experiencing a lot of issues related to her identity. She was finding her identity to be lost and wanted to get it back. Moreover, she wanted to bring self-love and self-worth to her life. She was unable to do this and everything had failed to do help her with this. She got a ray of hope when she started communicating with Angels. With the help of Angels, she gained her lost identity and started working to establish her identity in society. Angels guided her on how she can gain her lost confidence. After getting guidance from Angels regarding her identity, she felt a lot of change in her life and how people started valuing her more than before. A lot of her family members started showing faith in her that she can provide them solutions for their problems.

Neelam helped her daughter in conceiving which was something that her daughter was desiring for a lot of years. Her daughter has gone through all the latest treatments and procedures but everything failed to give her the happiness of motherhood. Her daughter had lost all the hopes of being a mother and gave up on every treatment. After Neelam got into connection with Angels, she applied healings to her daughter. And it is quite surprising, then her daughter shared the good news with her after a few days. She and her daughter were so happy that they could not believe they really did it. She was so happy to see her daughter in immense happiness. It was all because of Angels that her daughter conceived even after so many failed IVF and other treatments. She is thankful to the Angels who guided her to add to the life of her daughter.

Neelam feels blessed that through healings, she has added value to a lot of lives. She always wanted to help people so that they can live stress-free and healthy life. She has experienced a lot of cases where she helped people in either treating relationship issues or treating issues like depression and anxiety. She has helped many people to get rid of these issues through healings and those people are leading a happy life today. They are so thankful to her that they don’t forget to show her gratitude whenever they get a chance. People have found significant results with the help of healings in a few days which has also been quite unbelievable for them. She helps people in regaining their lost confidence, which has motivated them to take action in their lives.

Neelam has helped a lot of women as well in facing a lot of challenges in their lives. For a very long time, she was looking for a way through which she can help women who need help. Healings provided her a way to do this and she is successful in helping all those women who need help. She motivates other women like her to take action in their lives. She has inspired many to choose healing as their career option through which they can earn their living. Those who were living alone got a chance to live an independent life where they are enough for themselves and don’t need anyone for emotional or financial support. She helps women by taking guidance from Angels and teach them to do the same whenever they find themselves in a challenging situation. She has changed many lives of many and counting is on the way to increase.

Neelam was tired of her migraine issue and wanted to get rid of it. It has been more than 30 years since she was suffering from this health issue. She had visited even some of the best doctors but they also failed to treat her. Due to her health issue, she used to think of giving up her life. A ray of hope came to her when she started communicating with Angels. She performed healings and as a result, she got rid of the topmost issue of her life. She has experienced a lot of positive changes in her health which has enabled her to live a healthy life like others. Now, she is not required to think before stepping outside. She can go freely and does not experience painful headaches due to migraines. She is extremely happy that with the help of Angels she has improved her health condition which was not possible otherwise.

In terms of achievements, Neelam has helped her daughter in conceiving and cured her 30-year old migraine. She has also helped a lot of people in improving their health conditions and bringing positive changes in their lives. Also, she has helped people in getting rid of psychosomatic problems like anxiety and depression. She has been an inspiration for many women who have improved their lives and many have been successful in coming out of a toxic relationship. She is determined to help the maximum number of people with the help of healings and remove problems from their lives. She is happy that through healings, she has been able to establish a strong identity in society and is capable of making a significant contribution to society. She is living her dreams and motivating others as well to do so.

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