Nigam Mishra
Certified Healer

Nigam Mishra is a Certified Healer who likes the spiritual field. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Home Science from Bihar. She has worked for LIC, Sahara, RCM. For the past 10 years, she is working at Modi Care. Other than all this, she is a beautician as well.

She is fond of spirituality and wanted to make a career in it. Currently, she is into the Nine-Step process and wishes to learn more about the field of healing. She finds this field to be interesting and suitable for her.

She wants to be multi-talented, perform healing, and become a motivational trainer. She has an ardent desire to solve the problems of people that bother them a lot. She liked helping others and for this, she is ready to do her best. Since her childhood, she has had a dream to become an author and motivational trainer.

With the help of courses that she has completed and will complete in the future, she is going to fulfill her dreams in the coming time. She aims to cherish all the things that she had dreamt.

Nigam had a lot of dreams since her childhood and she wanted to achieve them. Due to some circumstances, her life took a turn and she lost the hope to fulfill her dreams. After stepping into the healing industry, she found a ray of hope. She likes helping people and the healing industry has provided her a way to do so. For a very long time, she wanted to be a motivational training and inspire people in some or another way. Angel course showed her a path to fulfill all that she had desired for a very long time. After stepping into the healing industry, she has found a better career option and a chance to become a motivational instructor. Also, she is able to perform multiple things and become more productive than before. Earlier, this was something next to impossible for her, and today, she is performing very well.

Nigam has a belief in humanity and never misses a chance to help people. but she was looking for an appropriate way through which she can help a large number of people. She found Angel healings a way to do this easily. She helps a large number of people through healings and helps them to get rid of the pain or challenges that bother them. Her main concern is women because they usually don’t speak for themselves. By having all the knowledge of healing, she wants to motivate women to raise their voices. By becoming multi-talented, she wants to encourage them to become like her and there is nothing that they can’t do. She wants to uplift them so that they can do something for themselves. Her motive behind becoming a motivational trainer is to motivate women. Her aim is to support them so that no women are left supportless. She wants to bring them to a position where they can take a stand for themselves.

Nigam thought of getting into the field of healing because she is in love with spirituality. After connecting with Angels, she feels less inclined towards materialistic things. They guide her in making necessary decisions in life and provide her with eternal peace. Through Angel meditation and healings, she has boosted herself with self-confidence and self-love. She is emotionally independent and wants other women to be the same. Also, she wants to bring more women into the healing industry so that they can find a suitable career option for them. She feels blessed that she got an opportunity to get into the healing industry. Without entering into this industry, things would have been quite challenging and difficult for her.

Nigam has transformed herself into a very positive person. Earlier, she was a woman who had lost all the hopes for living her dreams and used to get worried about all the things. With the help of the Nine-Step Process, she has tied to bring out a better version of herself. Also, she was not much outspoken and lacked in expressing herself. Her connection with Angels helped her encountering this issue and speaking loud about what she feels. She has worked a lot on her personality and has the courage to stand for the right thing. She is strong enough to look after herself and doesn’t need any support. Today, people come to her and ask her the reason behind such an amazing change.

Nigam has been successful in helping people who were experiencing a toxic relationship. She helps them by encouraging them to come out of that relationship. Healings have terrific results for those who have a bad relationship with any of their family member. She is happy that her healing capabilities are successful in saving a lot of families. She helps those women who feel unable to come out of a toxic and abused relationship. She helps in solving other family issues as well. All in all, she is happy that she is doing all those things, which she had wanted to do for a long time. She spreads positivity and happiness to her clients. From time to time, she invokes Angels and asks for help whenever she finds herself in a dilemma.

In terms of her achievement, she is successful in bringing many lives on a positive note. People get inspired by her and get motivated to take action in life. She has been successful in having mastery over her emotions and becoming an emotionally independent person. Other than this, she gets positive results for all the healings that she performs and her clients get satisfactory results. With her efforts, she has become a motivation for many women who want to become like her. She is glad that soon she will be living all her dreams. Though there is not much that she has achieved, but on the way to achieve them soon. She is thankful to Angels for providing her the right guidance for herself and her clients.

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