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Topics That We Cover:

  • The meaning of switch words and how to use them?
  • How do switch words work?
  • How to make switch phrases from switch-words?
  • What are defusing words and how to use them?
  • What are animal spirits and how to take help from them?
  • How to control negative emotions?
  • How to use switch words to clear thought process?
  • What are the Divine healing codes and how to use it?
  • What are chakras and how to heal them with use of switch words and healing codes?
  • How to chant switch words for others?
  • What is energy circle and how to create and use it?
  • What are sigils and how do we create it?

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Call: +91 99714 00377

Benefits of Choosing This Online Course

SWITCH WORDS is the fastest and the easiest remedial course working instantly and magically with excellent results. Anybody can avail these simple magical tools and live a confident life. Switchwords doesn’t have any side effects. It is a remedial course even for Tarot card readers, counselors or advisors to give solutions to their clients.

Switch words are simple English language words which directly hit the subconscious mind. Similarly like NLP, Switch-words are also used for programming the subconscious mind and like any other energy modalities, it works on belief and faith.

Since, the subconscious mind is the powerhouse of manifestation, switch words are used for fulfilling your desires.

Switch words are Divine words to make our life simple. They almost help to manifest everything, in every area of our life. It may be your health, relationship, money or anything.

What Switch words are not?

These words are not black-magic, witchcrafts or any other spells. Switch words are pure, beautiful and sensible words chanted for making the manifestations.

Switch words manifest more quickly as they go directly into the subconscious mind. You can use switch words for others also, it is called as proxy chanting.

When you have problem of un-obedient children, addiction of loved ones, loss of business of husband etc. it can be used for anything for the same. Switch-words is the solution of any issue of your life.

Here is the list, in brief the switch words can play roles.

  1. Helps to mend and attract beautiful relationships.
  2. Saviour in married life.
  3. Attract client for your business.
  4. Helps to leave addiction.
  5. Helps in concentration and study.
  6. To find new jobs and promotion.
  7. Success in legal matter.
  8. Helps in repaying loans.
  9. Protect from negative people.
  10. Helps to recover stuck money.
  11. Remove or attract particular person in your life.
  12. Heals general or critical health issues.
  13. Purchase and sale of property.
  14. Charging food and water with Divine energy- Dr Mosami Emoto has done an experiment with the water, he took 2 glasses of water. On one glass he wrote Love and on the other, Hate. The glass with love had a very clear water after few days and the other got spoiled. Our body is 75 percent of water wrong emotions can make our inner world spoil.
  15. Cleans negative energy from home and office.
  16. Safe delivery of baby.
  17. Solve conflicts between couple.
  18. To settle abroad.
  19. Procrastination.
  20. Chakra healing
  21. And many more.

Switch word is a complete course, without any basic or advance categorisation. This course can be learnt by anyone; a housewife, student, businessmen etc. Everyone desires to make his/her life best. This course is for the people who want to make their life magical. This course will add value in other professions such as tarot card reading, Reiki healing, Angel healing, astrology, for better, faster and miraculous results. You can learn switch words and teach others also. It can be a separate profession too.

Always remember, Magic happens in the life of people who believe in the magic. This is the easiest course. I have developed these courses so that I can create at least one person, a Divine channel in every house.

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