How To Attract Law Of Attraction In Your Life


Content Of The Course:

  1. Introduction
  2. How to build your inner self-image?
  3. How to attract health in your life?
  4. How to attract money in your life?
  5. How to manifest desired relationships in your life?

How To Attract Law Of Attraction in Your Life

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions." - Albert Einstein.

Law of Attraction is not something new it's the reality, it is a science just like the Law of Gravity whether you believe it or not. It is continuously working and is all around you at all times. The human mind is a magnet. What we think, speak and feel we become and at the same time we attract the same people and events in our lives. These days most of the people have lost their control over themselves, they have wavering thoughts, procrastination, uncontrolled behaviours, actions and words. Universal force is neutral energy. It gives you exactly what you think and speak the most. In day to day life, we have opted for a very negative way of thinking and language which we consider to be very normal; it's directly affecting our destiny. Once Buddha said " what you are now is because of your past thoughts and what you will become will be because of your present thoughts"

There is a simple chain of how your destiny is created -

Thoughts➡️ feelings ➡️behaviour ➡️action➡️ habit ➡️destiny.

Through visualization, affirmations and kinesthetic, it is possible to reprogram on our subconscious mind, just by working on the thought level to attract better health, money and beautiful relationships.


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