How To Become Confident In Your Life


Content Of The Course:

This will awaken your power to feel naturally confident and to know your wisdom and clarity.

  1. Circle of confidence.
  2. As if I am confident.
  3. Protect yourself from the hurt.
  4. Know your life purpose.
  5. How to release your anger.

There are many reasons a person suffers from low confidence and self-esteem. Generally, it happens. Because of childhood wounds, past painful experiences, exploitative relationships, negative emotions, toxic environment, physical, mental or emotional abuse, ridiculing, etc.it can result in low confidence of a person for the rest of life.

Confidence issues also get triggered when you have to represent yourself on important days or event, it may be your competition, presentations, speech days etc. It is very important to break certain patterns as soon as possible which indicate low self-esteem or confidence. These audio commands have visualisation and meditative techniques, which will help you to overcome any obstacle that hampers your self-confidence. These audio commands should be used repetitively until you recover fully and then use them on regular intervals of time. They are highly effective, as many people have shared their experiences as testimonials on my YouTube channel too.


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