Ritu Batra
Angel & Reiki Healer, Tarot Card Reader

Ritu Batra is a certified healer, Angel Reiki Healer, Angel Healer, Tarot Card Reader and bears a post-graduation degree in the field of Economics. She chose the right mentor for her to start her journey. and bears a post-graduation degree in the field of Economics. She chose the right mentor for her to start her journey.

She has a few years of experience in the healing industry through which she has been able to change her life. She wants to change a lot of lives and bring them towards brightness. Right now, she is on the way to learn more about the healing industry and doing other courses as well. She wishes to positively turn many lives for better change.
She has completed a few courses and doing the remaining ones. With the amount of knowledge that she has gained up till now, she has helped her friends in coming out of challenging situations. Her aim is to bring such transformation into the life of others as well.

Though she did not know much about the healing industry, with the help of Nitin sir, she has been able to get valuable knowledge. She wants to use this knowledge for the betterment of society so that people can lead happy and healthy lives.

Ritu was leading a simple life, somewhere she has a desire to do something for people who have health issues, relationship issues, health issues, and many more. As a result, she started looking for a mentor and found Nitin sir to be ideal for her. Then, she collaborated with him and finally stepped into the industry of healing. She learned about various techniques and ways to apply healings. She learned different types of healings like healing for health issues, relationships, confidence, etc. After learning, she started applying those healings to people who need them. People started experiencing positive results from those healings and were benefitted a lot. Healings have proved to be a blessing for them in bringing positive solutions for them.

Ritu is glad to see that through her learning, she has been able to assist people in overcoming challenges in their lives. Her friends got a lot of help from her and she successfully addressed many issues. She helps children as well in addressing concentration issues for better results in studies. She takes guidance from Angels before taking crucial steps in her life and performing healings. She is thankful to Angels for being there at every step of her life. With the help of healings and courses, she has been able to bring positive and important changes in her life, which were due for many years. Through Angel courses, she has been to collect her confidence, self-esteem, and self-worthiness. These courses have provided exactly what she wanted from her life. Today, she can manifest things not for herself, for others as well.

Being a woman, Ritu wanted to do something for women like her as well. She wanted to have a way through which she can make women independent and emotionally strong. She has applied healings to those women who lacked self-confidence and self-worthiness. She taught how they can enter the field of healing and make their career in it. She guides women about how to perform healings and many more. She has found healing to be the right career option for her and women like her. Today, she has changed a lot of lives of women and they show gratitude to her. She feels blessed that Angels chose her to help out so many women and boosting them with confidence and self-love.

Ritu has helped many couples in saving their relationship from getting broken. Many couples approached her and discussed how they were unable to get their relationship back to normal. She helped them by applying healings for relationships. The happiest thing for her is that she can even apply healings for treating people who have anxiety and depression. Within a few days, people start getting desirable results. This way, she has got popular in her society. and all those who experience conflict or issues in their relationship come to her for help. In some cases, the relationship was about to get ended, healings did the magic and it got better than before. She experiences a lot of cases where only Angels can do something and those who invoke them experience positive results.

The life that Ritu is living is not less than a dream for her because there were many things that had brought disturbance in her life. After entering the industry of healing, she has been able to successfully address all the issues and bring solutions to them. There were things like anxiety and other health issues that used to bother her, with the help of Angels, she has tackled them all. She cannot even believe that she has been able to do so many things not only for herself, for others as well. Through healings, she has been able to live her dreams and bring out the best version of herself. She has transformed into a totally new person who knows to let go of things and invoke Angels whenever needs help.

In terms of achievements, Ritu has been able to cure people with a lot of health issues like migraine, arthritis, and some serious health issues. In some cases, even doctors had said that nothing was possible, after applying healings, patients were showing results of recovery. She has become an agent of happiness for families, bringing a smile to their faces. All in all, she is happy with her life and loves helping people through healings. She wishes to do the same in the future as well with better knowledge and advanced knowledge. Though it is just the starting of her journey, she has achieved a significant amount of things in a short span. Further, she aims to inspire and encourage women to enter the industry of healing for helping themselves. Today, she has turned out to be a great example for those women who think they can’t do anything. She has stepped into her journey with Angels and is ready to embrace a lot of happiness.

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