Homeopathic Consultant, Healer, Social Worker

Shehnaaz is a Homeopathic Consultant by profession and holds a diploma in LCH from Bangalore University and then graduated in BHMS from Pune. Then she went to London for a master’s degree. She bears 15-20 years of experience in this profession.

She helps people to get them rid of their health issues and for that he provides home remedies as well that lead to faster results. Other than being a healer, she is a social worker of her community’s social welfare board.

She has been even working in a women’s portfolio in her community for the past 8-10 years. For many years, she had a habit of working for people and is going to continue in the future as well.

She has utilized her medical skills with healings to provide effective results to people of all ages. Up till now, she has performed successful healings and has brought people to the light of positivity.

Shehnaaz is glad to share that she makes use of her medical knowledge and healings knowledge to treat people who have serious issues like heart issues, paralysis, and many more. Besides providing medication, she performs healing as well with home remedies. As a result, most of her patients start getting positive results within a few days. Her extensive knowledge of both fields is helping her patients in making a speedy recovery. With the help of healings, she is doing very well in her professional life. Being a healer and doctor at the same time is helping her in providing the best treatment to her patients. She is putting her best to come up with the best treatments for her patients. People trust her blindly because they know he is the one who can provide them the best guidance for their health.

Healings have helped Shehnaaz in performing social service very well. As she works for women, healings have added more to what she does for them. Through Angels healings, she boosts them with confidence and encourages them to take action in life because nothing can be done without taking action in life. He also helps women in overcoming their health issues through healings. She invokes Angels whenever he seeks to get the best advice and guidance. She teaches the same to women as well that they need not feel helpless or alone because Angels are always there for help. She teaches and counsels them so that they can take necessary steps in their lives for betterment. She has helped women in all aspects whether it is related to health or personal life. She aims to help more women so that one day each and every woman can stand as a confident lady in society.

Shehnaaz has been able to make a significant contribution to society with the help of healing. Being a member of the welfare association, healings and guidance from Angels have helped her a lot in coming up with important decisions for others. From time to time, she seeks guidance from Angels whenever she feels trouble. Angels have not been less than a mentor to her. Whatever she has achieved till now, she would like to give the credit to Angels. Also, she tries to add more people in the industry of healing so that less people face challenges in their lives. Also, she believes that loneliness is a big problem for many people, which can be handled with the help of Angels. Today, she has solutions for most of the problems that people come up with.

Shehnaaz has brought positive changes in her life with the help of learnings of healing. She has even helped her family in dealing with various issues like health problems and financial issues. She has been successful in making her life better than before. She knows how to break the connection with past painful memories and let things go. For strength, she performs Angel meditation and teaches the same to her patients as well. Though he lives abroad, she has been able to stay in touch with her culture all because of Angels. She has become emotionally stable and is strong enough to act as a support system for others. Earlier, she was not like this but guidance from Angels helped her in bringing out the best version of her. She is thankful to the Angels who helped her in bringing positive changes in her personality.

Shehnaaz also helps people who go through a disturbed or toxic relationship. She applies healings to those people and motivates them to come out of that relationship. Through her work, she has become an inspiration for many people who also wish to work as a healer and change the lives of the people. Other than being a doctor, he is a motivational trainer as well who has even boosted people who had a habit of making suicidal attempts. Also, she has brought many people from depression who was finding it tough. She helps people who experience financial issues or lack of money through healings. She did not know that the aim of her life was to help so many people. Though she has a desire to help people but not had an idea that it will be this way.

In terms of achievements, he has a specialization in treating chronic diseases like arthritis, paralysis, female issues, obesity, and other health issues. She has specialization in performing healing for cases that have epilepsy, paralysis, heart issues. People have seen tremendous results in their health condition and always show gratitude to him. He has changed her life and has been able to break chords from past memories, which were like an obstacle for him. She has achieved a lot for herself in terms of her personality. She knows how to herself and others as well. Angels have helped him in every aspect of life and she wishes to get that guidance in the future as well. She sight to add value to the lives of as many people as possible and for this; he is ready to do her best.

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