Shereen Khan
Professional Healer and Beautician

Shereen Khan is a professional healer and beautician, who has extensive knowledge of hair and skin treatments. Also, she is a licensed beautician with all kinds of significant knowledge. She completed her senior secondary education at Scindia School. She has attained a Master’s degree in law from Jiwaji University. In terms of skills, she bears an associate degree in cosmetology and makeup artistry. Also, she is equipped with extensive knowledge of salon products and services, proficient in handling staff recruitment, a team player, and many more.

It has been more than 10 years since Shereen is in the industry of healing. Though she is a well to so businesswoman but felt the need to enter the industry of healing to help out people who have no one to offer help. Currently, she has enrolled herself in the Nine-Step Process and I am on the way to serve more people. With the help of healings, she has been able to address issues of people like obstacles, concentration, relationships, and many more.

Shereen is glad to share that she is successfully performing healings for various problems. She is thankful to Angels who showed her the path to enter this industry because she always wanted to help people. The best part is that she is getting good results for all. People are eliminating issues from their lives with the help of healings provided by me.
Shereens expertise lies in addressing people who had lots of relationship issues. Some had broken relationships and some were trying to improve their relationships.

Shereen applied healings as per the requirements and as a result, all of them are experiencing a happy relationship with their loved ones. Relationship issues are something that needs to be handled carefully and she has provided the right guidance to many people. Her healings have been effective in dealing with all kinds of relationship issues. The results were visible in not more than a few weeks. Even those relationships have got better, which were in a very bad condition. Healings have been just like a blessing in disguise for them.

Shereen has experienced people with concentration issues as they had a problem concentrating on their tasks. Some of them were students who were struggling with their studies. Some were adults who has serious issues in concentrating on their work. They thought that they need to deal with this issue for their entire lives. But she came as a magician in their lives. She has helped them in dealing with concentration issues. As a result, they have vanished their problem and are able to concentrate on their studies and professional work. They have realized that they are able to concentrate much better and perform their tasks with complete dedication.Others were facing a lot of obstacles in their accomplishing various important tasks. Some were unable to expand their businesses, some wanted to have a promotion, and some were unable to start something new. I have been able to help those people successfully and they even got desirable results.

Shereen’s healings have helped them in overcoming various challenges, which were acting as an obstacle in their lives. Many times people dont get the right guidance due to which they feel disability in fulfilling their tasks. Healings have provided them the right guidance and they have successfully completed their tasks. Some even did not know what they need to do to accomplish their task and through healings, they got an insight into what must be done.

Being a woman, Shereen had an aim to work for the betterment of women as well but was not getting a way for that. Through healings, she has been able to support other women as well. She provides them useful guidance due to which many women have got the right direction in their lives. She teachesthem ways through healings that help them in dealing with day-to-day problems. Many women have been able to change their lives and take a stand in their lives for betterment. Even some women have entered the industry of healing and have made a brilliant career in it. She has faith in her ideology that women can help women better. Thats why she works in the direction to bring a positive change in their lives.

Also, Shereen is equipped with extensive knowledge of salon products and services, proficient in handling staff recruitment, a team player, and many more. She has experience in all aspects of the salon, business formation, finance, and management. She is an enthusiast who loves to help her customers in whatever way I can.

In Shereen’s achievements, she has recruited 3 award-winning stylists and makeup artists from across states with whom she has collaborated for the creation of a program on one on one coaching of current stylists. She has exceeded monthly quotas by 50% with the help ofher aggressive approach to social media marketing. Also, she has prepared monthly reports of payrolls, supplies, the performance of the staff, and many more tasks.With herdedication to herwork, she has been able to reach heights of success. She is the director of Beauty Secrets Salon, which has a chain of premium salons in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

All in all, Shereen has served several people who were facing some or the other issue in their lives. Other than being a professional beautician, sheis a successful healer who is on the way to enhance her capabilities. With the help of her healing, she has been able to bring significant changes in many lives. Today, she has changed her life in a positive way and doing the same with others as well. Her aim is to help as many people as she can and for that,she is ready to learn the maximum of it. She has done a lot of effort for helping out women. She is a hard-working person who likes to go extra mile for helping people. Though she hasnot reached the top of learning of healing, she isworking to spread her learning whatever she has learned up till now.

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