Shweta Saxena
Healer, Teacher and RJ

Shweta Saxena is a teacher and RJ. She has 5 years of experience in teaching and 2 years of being an RJ. She loves both of her professions because both include expressing. She holds a master’s degree in English and Bachelor’s degree in Education. Her process of learning is going on as she is going to complete other courses as well.

She feels highly connected to Angels and that’s why she thought of starting her journey with Angels. She has completed a few courses like tarot reading, chakra healing, and reiki healing. She has also done a few courses like how to develop intuition, how to find a life partner, how to heal health issues, how to do chord cutting with someone, ancestral healing, and karma healing.

She is at an initial stage of learning about healings, aims to use it for the betterment of mankind. She wishes to do a lot for women and for that she is learning more. She finds her strength in talking and expressing. Through healings, she has been able to get rid of a toxic relationship. After that, she is living a happy life with the help of Angels.

Also, she aims to do something for our education system as well so that our children, who are the foundation of your future can do well. She believes her learnings are going to be fruitful for the field of education as well. She sight to make children stronger. Karmic cleansing has contributed to changing her life.

Shweta has been able to come out of a toxic relationship with the help of Angel healings. The relationship was something that has disturbed her a lot and left an indelible print on her mind. She has changed her life by bringing positive changes and leading a satisfactory life. She has learned a few courses for relationships and is helping others as well. Her target group is children and she wants to help them out through her learning. Also, she wants to make a contribution to bring betterment to the education system. She has a firm belief that because children are our foundation, we need to empower them with valuable knowledge so that they can contribute to the development of the country. For this, she has not made a plan but soon she will be in a position to take steps in that direction.

Another target group for Shweta is women. Though she wants to do something for mankind, her focus is more on women. She wants to make them feel that they have a voice, which needs to be raised when required. Other than this, she wants to make them feel empowered. For this, she doesn’t have much idea but is on the way to do something soon. She feels bad about the condition of some women and this motivated her to take a step towards their betterment. Being a woman she knows what other women go through and wants to make their life easier. Through healings, she is going to change as many lives as possible and motivate them to take a step for themselves. She finds women to be a section of our society that needs to be considered for betterment. With her small steps, she is determined to make all those women stronger who are in her contact or will come in contact with her.

Shweta aims to turn a mentor for others through her talks. Right now, she is helping people through healings as well. Healings provide her energy and strength to be a mentor for others and show them the right path. She discusses different topics with people for giving them the knowledge that she has. For this, she shares her videos on her Youtube channel and on the platform where she sings. Through this, she is helping people to enhance their knowledge and have a strong point of view. She knows that she has to play the role of mentor for many so, she keeps having insights into valuable knowledge. She has learned a lot of lessons of life, which help her in guiding others. Even for small things, she asks from Angels. She gives all the credit to them for whatever she has been able to do up till now.

Because Shweta is in the initial stage of learning, she has not made many plans about what all must be done. She knows her focus areas and after some time she will have the exact map of what needs to be done. Her aim is to help as many people as possible and for this, she is ready to expand her knowledge. Angel healings are a way for her to bringing all the changes that she feels. She has performed a few healings and their results are amazing. She feels positive and full of confidence all because of Angels. They have guided her and are guiding her in taking necessary decisions. She never fails to thank them for this and feels a strong connection with them. Now, she doesn’t need someone else for mental and emotional support because she is enough for herself. She is motivated enough to do something for herself and other people like her.

In terms of achievement, Shweta has not done much because as mentioned above, she is at an initial stage. There are a significant amount of things that need to be learned by her for fulfilling her aims. Up till now, she has been successful in changing her life by getting out of a toxic relationship. She has learned to stay happy and positive. She spreads the same to all those whom she meets. She utilizes other channels as well for spreading all that she has learned. She aims to make many lives better than before and especially for women. She has dedicated her life to the betterment of others and become their mentor. By doing this, she gets real happiness and peace. Earlier, she was a different person but today, she has become a better version of herself.

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