Smita Ahire Smita Ahire
Angelic Healer, Counsellor

Smita Ahire is a beautician and her professional skills are communication skills. She holds a bachelor’s degree in arts and a postgraduate diploma in beauty, hair, body therapy, and reflexology.

She has 13 years of experience as a beautician and hairdresser. Also, she is an owner of a salon. Her expertise lies in Angel healing and her strength is the focus with hard work.

She helps her customers who share their personal problems through Angel healings. Through this, she has been able to help a lot of her customers and given by permanent solution.

Her mission is to help the maximum number of people so that she can help them by using her knowledge and experience. Also, she wants to spread a lot of positivity within people so that they can overcome challenges in their lives.

Smita was earlier a very different person who wanted to take action in life and wanted to achieve lots of things. There was something that had always stopped her even after having a certain qualification. With the help of Angels, she found a drastic change in her life and her personality. She became what she always wanted to be. Today, she is a confident woman who knows what is right for her and how to fulfill her aims. She has become more productive and utilizes her time in doing valuable things. She has boosted herself with self-confidence and self-esteem. Being a woman, it was tough for her to take action for herself but Angels helped her to do so. Today, she is emotionally independent and doesn’t look at others for providing her support. She wants to see more women like her. These are some of those things that she has been able to do for herself.

Smita has provided a cure to many people who were suffering from different health issues like joint pains, cancers, and diabetes. With the help of Angel healings, she has helped people in dealing with their health issues. As a result, all of them found themselves in better condition and have a ray of hope that they will be fine someday. Those people have found relief more than the amount of relief that their medicines provide. Today, she has become so famous that everyone who suffers from any kind of health issue approaches her to get the solution through Angel healings. Through Angel healings, she has cured many of her family members and friends who are thankful to her today. She has even cured one of her friends who was suffering from COVID-19. She applied healings and the results were visible as she started recovering quickly.

Smita has also helped people in getting rid of psychosomatic diseases like loneliness, depression, anxiety, and many more. Those people were overpowered by these diseases and were unable to free themselves from these issues. Due to this, they were unable to succeed in their professional and academic field. Even after several medications, they got nothing. Angel healings were like magic and people started recovering from these diseases. They felt a positive change within them and felt the need to take further action in their lives. They are thankful to her and the Angels who helped them in getting rid of these issues. Many of them feel like they have got a new birth that is full of happiness and positivity. Some of them had addiction issues and everything had failed to help them in quitting it. Through counseling sessions and Angel healings, they also found a change within themselves and got rid of addiction.

For women, Smita has been a figure who has acted as a motivation for them. She has transformed many lives who were under orthodox thoughts that they can’t do anything or they are not made for success. She has inspired many women and filled them with self-confidence that they can do anything in their lives with the help of Angels. She has been a motivational figure for those who were not financially independent. She teaches Angel healings to many women who have chosen it as their career and are very happy. Furthermore, she wants to fill every woman with the faith that everything is possible for them. She believes that there are lots of women who need courage and motivation; therefore, she wants to reach all of them. She wants to empower every woman so that one day our country becomes full of independent women because they are the foundation of our society.

Smita has also performed successful healings for broken and toxic relationships. She has helped many people in getting rid of their toxic relationships. Many couples have got help from her who were trying to save their marriage and some of them were about to get divorced. The results of Angel healings have been amazing for such couples. Through healings, she has improved her relationship with her family members and friends. Her relations with her husbands were not that good but Angel healings transformed her relationship into an ideal one and this was very surprising for her. Today, she lives with her family happily. She is thankful to Angels who have enabled her to help so many people. While doing healings for this, she always invokes Angels so that they can guide her in the right direction.

In terms of achievements, Smita has performed several successful healings for health issues, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, self-confidence, desired job, etc. She aims to expand her knowledge so that she can help the maximum number of people. Also, she wants more and more people to enter the industry of healing. Whenever she feels difficulty, she invokes Angels for guidance. She has helped people with all types of issues and will continue it in the future as well. She has also achieved a lot of transformation within herself that she wanted to bring. There is a lot more that she aims to achieve in her life with the help of Angels. For that, she is ready to learn all the things that are still left.

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