Surbhi Yadav Surbhi Yadav
Angel Healing, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Tarot Card Reading, Switchword Consultancy

Surbhi is a professional animator and web designer. She completed her certificate course in system management and did a diploma in web engineering. She has completed her graduation in science and post-graduation in English. At present, she is pursuing MA in Computer Application.

She has learned a few modalities like the Nine-Step Process. She is good at Tarot Card Reading and Angel healing. She also performs crystal therapies and her strength lies in connecting with her clients for working in multiple aspects of their life. She is determined to help as many people as possible.

Her strength is to give her best and never leaving hope. Today, she provides services like Tarot Card Reading, Angel Healing, Reiki Healing, Switchword Consultancy, and Crystal Healing. She also takes counseling sessions. Her mission is to help people across the world with the help of modalities that she has learned.

Being a healer, Surbhi has helped a lot of people in coming out from their problems. She feels extremely happy about the fact that she can help people for solving issues whose solutions are not easy to get. One of her clients was facing issues at her workplace due to no support from her colleagues and seniors. She was going through a lot of mental stress due to this and wanted to get rid of this issue. After she started taking Angel healings her problem got resolved within 21 days of the healing session. Today, she has turned out to be a very confident person at her workplace. In one case, she helped a couple in finding their only son within 24 hours who left his home due to some issues with his parents.

Surbhi also performs healings for health issues. One of her clients got infected by COVID-19 and was in ICU. That person’s condition was so serious that even doctors also stated that things have gone beyond their hands and the family members were very tensed about the health condition. After applying Angel healings, the results were just amazing because that person started recovering which was not less than a miracle for doctors. She has also helped many people in recovering from other health issues like paralysis, headache, stomach problems, etc. Angel healings have worked like magic on health issues and all of them who had this healing are leading a healthy life without any complaint from their health. Her other client had issues with his prostate that got solved in only two sessions of healing. He feels as if there was nothing with his health and he is perfectly fine today. She treats the health issues of her family members through healings and the results are always amazing for her.

Surbhi has helped people in addressing mental issues as well like anxiety, stress, and depression. One of her clients was under depression because he was in debt. He even wondered whether he will be able to free himself from the debt or not. He took two sessions of Angel healing and was able to clear his debt of 25 lakhs. He was so happy from the results of healings that after that he started taking more healings like for abundance in his life. She experiences various clients with incurable health problems that have become better with the help of Angle healings and counseling sessions. People find it tough to solve these issues because they need emotional support that only Angels can provide to them. Her counseling sessions have been so effective that her clients no more take medicines prescribed by their doctors. They believe in Angels and take healing sessions.

Surbhi herself has manifested a lot of things in her life like her home with the help of Angel healing and positive affirmations. She has made her life better than before and wishes to do the same with others. By Tarot card reading, Surbhi has helped a lot of people in taking the right decisions and having clarity in their lives. She wants to help people across the globe and make their lives better. She has been a guide for young people as she helps them in improving their relationship issues. She has played the role of mentor for many and for that she has taken guidance from Angels. Before addressing any issue of a client, she performs tarot card reading so that she can provide suitable solutions and know about upcoming problems.

Surbhi’s help has also reached a large number of women who have changed their lives and take help from Angels whenever they feel stuck in a situation. She has motivated a lot of women due to which they work with confidence at their workplaces and don’t hesitate to move ahead in their lives. All of them feel a drastic change in their lives and show gratitude to her for helping them. Her aim is to do more for them so that they can live peaceful and confident life like any other person.

In terms of her achievements, she has achieved a lot of successful healings, improved health conditions of many, released stress from the mind of people, helped many in clearing debts, provided the right guidance in their lives, and worked for improving relationships of young people. She is determined to achieve a lot more things. In her personal life, she has achieved happiness, her dream home, and healthy life. She feels happy that she is able to help such a large number of people through her learning and wishes to continue in the future as well. Due to her help, many women have been able to become confident about themselves. Her mission is to educate needy children and those who are orphans by collecting money from the services that she provides, which she will be going to achieve soon with the help of Angels.

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