Veena Baheti
Reiki Grandmaster, Healer, Meditation Teacher

Veena Baheti is a certified Reiki grandmaster, Healer, Meditation Teacher etc. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in the field of commerce. She is a healer and works to motivate women as well.

She has 6 years of experience in the healing industry. Earlier, she was a housewife but today, she works to provide the right guidance to youth and women. She likes to help children so that they can take their life in the right direction. Today, she performs successful healings, helps people in making positive affirmations, and getting rid of physical problems.

She has also completed the 9-step process which is a flagship program for healers by Dr. Nitin Mohan Lal. Due to this, she has been able to be a successful healer and reiki grandmaster.

Her expertise lies in healing people with physical problems, psychosomatic diseases, and many more. She is highly popular among women and youth due to her capability to guide them in the right direction. Due to her experience in healing, Veena has performed successful healings for dream jobs for youth, desired job, new life partner, life partner for a widow, ideal life partner, and stuck money. In all the healings, she has got amazing results.

Veena stepped into the industry of healing because she wanted to do something not only for herself but for others as well. Also, she wanted to learn a lot in her life. In other words, she wanted to move ahead and had a desire to transform her life for bringing a positive change within herself. Other than this, she had an ardent desire to help out people of all ages whether they are small children or people of old age. From many years, the aim of her life was to help out people so that they can also live a happy and satisfying life. It was almost like a dream to achieve significant success in the field of healing, which she is fulfilling eventually and will accomplish very soon.

Veena even wanted to help youth so that they can lead their life in the right direction. Sometimes she believes that she has been chosen by the healing industry to remove negativity and add positivity to the lives of people. She never had an idea to enter the field of healing, it was the industry that chose her. After learning about healing, she has been able to gain a lot of confidence and strength. Shee wishes to perform many more healings in the future as well and add value to many lives. Her other wish is to teach healing to a large number of people so that the world can become a better place to live for all.

Veena has been able to reach up to this stage of her life because of Angels. She never fails to thank and credit them for this. She feels as if Angels have encouraged her to gain strength and confidence to do well in the healing industry. Earlier, she was a simple housewife, who would do her daily chores. Her life changed after entering the healing industry and did the same with all those who came in contact with her. She wanted to spread the confidence that she has been able to gain through this industry. For this, she wants to add more women to this industry.

Veena does not want to stop and wants to grow more with the help of Angels. She gives all the credit for whatever She is today to Angels because it would have been tough for her and challenging. Currently, she is helping people of various fields with the help of her healings. Today, people approach her whenever they feel they are in trouble. Even those people come who have physical problems like body pains or any other problem. She is happy that she has been able to perform successful healings and help people in getting rid of their physical problems. The most surprising thing is that she has got amazing feedback from people and they feel it to be like magic.

The results of healing are so amazing for Veena and surprising that people start recovering within 2-3 days. Problems like stomach pain vanish within the blink of an eye with the help of healings performed by her. All in all, she helps people a lot in dealing with various health problems easily. To enhance her skills, she continued to learn various new certificate programs of healings. She feels affection from children and aims to help them through my healings. She feels highly comfortable with them and her mission is to make the maximum contribution in making their lives full of positivity. She works towards removing their problems and difficulties. The same thing, she will continue in the future as well.

Veena’s mission is also to help out other women who need proper guidance and don’t raise their voices for themselves whenever they are right. She wants those women to speak and bring a positive change in their lives. With the help of her healings, she aims to encourage women to do whatever they feel like doing and which is right for them as well. For this, she uses healings and spreads the knowledge among other women about how they can solve the day-to-day problems of their family members.

In terms of achievements, Veena has done successful healings for a dream job for youth, desired job, life partners for widows, new life partner, ideal life partner, stuck money. She has successfully performed healings for those who were suffering from psychosomatic diseases like depression and anxiety. Other than this, she has achievements in healing people with physical problems like body pains and stomach aches. Also, she has helped many women who were unable to do something productive in their lives through her healings. In other words, she helps people of all ages and all fields with whatever problem or issues they suffer in their lives. She is glad to share that she has been able to bring the solution for all of them.

In a nutshell, Veena has been able to get achievements in helping people from various fields. Though she has helped a significant amount of people, she aims to increase the number and join others as well in this task of doing welfare for society. Furthermore, she wishes to work for the upliftment of women in society. She is full of strength and confidence, feels the abundance of these two in her life.

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